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  1. N4R3N

    Define/Change unit properties via vJass during initialization

    Hello I did TD things through GUI. I´m trying to learn little bit of Jass coding because of flexibility and clarity. I read tutorials and did researches but i can´t figure out some stuff. Now i transfer some triggers to Jass in current state of map because its "hard" to maintenance and do...
  2. Art of War - Blood Elf Army

    Art of War - Blood Elf Army

  3. Altruistic Anduin

    [HD/Modeling] Adding a Slam animation to this custom Infernal model

    I'm not keen with adding animations, or transferring existing animation to a different model. Since I think any golem unit could have a slam attack/spell animation, I was wondering if anyone could transfer that animation to a similar-looking unit, the Infernal. But the compressed ZIP file...
  4. Dord96

    [SD/Texturing] need icons for these models

    hello i want totry to do a blood elf race map (i know not that origenel but i like them) so i need icons for these models blood knight and blood elf swordsman pleass and thank you
  5. Dord96

    [HD/Modeling] Arcanists Pyromancers Cryomancers for humans and elves

    hello i need units and spells effects missiles and buffs models that embody the specializeion of fire ,ice and arcane spells like in WOW for humans and elves pleass help🙏 and by awsome
  6. Dord96

    [HD/Modeling] mages for humans and blood/high elves

    hello i request models of heros and units for humans and elves to fill more roles in the roster like say pyromancer arcaniestand hydromancer plus spell buffs and effects for the blood/high elves and for the humans not just kul tiras thankes in advance
  7. Dord96

    [HD/Modeling] mages for humans and elves reforged

    hello everyone if you can and willing to help i ask if anyone can mages both hero and units for the reaces the use magic such as humans high/blood elf and so on in reforged becuas the creep wizerds units look to evil ro renaged to by as still part of the kirin tor or any lewfull way and and...
  8. Screenshot_3.png


    -Greetings im Lord Admiral Jaina Proudmoore. Credits to Blizzard , tillinghast , Asssssvi , Ujimasa Hojo ,Explobomb
  9. gore23

    Attack Move in straight line? Units curving...

    Is there some way to actually make units move in a straight line? I am making a aos style lane system, but the units curve WAAAAAY off the path... Just need them to flipping move in the center of lane... I tried making much shorter distance points to move to, but still they curve. I tried making...
  10. Varimathras(Portrait)


    Portrait of a dreadlord. Changed the camera position, also added teeth and fangs. They can be seen when the demon opens his mouth during a response to a command or dialogue scenes
  11. Varimathras(Complete)


    The final version of Varimathras. Replaced wings and changed hands
  12. guardian90

    How to recovery war3map.w3u after lost it?

    Hi guys, I made a custom map in world editor. I try to protect my map by removing war3map.w3u follow the guide. I do copy a map before remove war3map.w3u and store it long long time ago. Now I can not find my original map anymore, maybe I lost it when I fix my PC or something happens. I just...
  13. EmnoS

    [Spell] Copying and Pasting Units/Spells

    So I'm doing a learning with custom abilities and up until now everything went great the tutorials here are god damn amazing. But I just copied a "buff" and just pasted it to copy all its properties without having to redo everything if I want a variation of it but only change one thing. And my...
  14. Dispatcher

    Problem with Unit Spawn and move

    Hello guys i have a problem here in my WE i have created a Unit - Spawn in my map i learned it on youtube and when i tested it works! But i have a few problem related to that No.1 when my units go to the region where they attack which the region is in the middle of my base they sometimes just...
  15. Dispatcher

    Making AI use Skill points

    Helloo i have made a custom hero with custom abilities but when the ai hero Levels up i noticed that the ai hero won't spend the skill points thus he cannot use other abilities how do i fix this?
  16. Dispatcher

    Controlling my AI

    Hello guys can anyone pls tell me how do i make a defensive AI? Meaning to say i want my AI to defend Thier and My base at the same time and also not to make them attack just stay in thier base and defend and also how do i limit the units my ai trains? Like i want my ai to train only four...
  17. CAAentertainment

    Reducing World Editor Lag (Trigger Editor GUI)

    Hello, I'm currently working on the classic World Editor for 1.30.1 Warcraft 3. I do not wish to switch to the Reforged Editor at the time. My map is quite large, I've been working on it for close to ten years now. As it has grown, the editor has become slower and slower to work with that it has...
  18. ravellani

    Hero Siege Hero Ideas

    I am making a hero siege and I want to make all the normal melee units into heroes with 3 ability's and 1 ultimate each. I also want the ability's to go with the unit they are for, so for instance the footman might have defend. I would like ideas for the footman, elf archer, grunt, and the...
  19. Shima Yamagoto

    Make Units Stop Fleeing, when at health threshholds.

    I have a map, in which I have one section that is like a tower defense. As such, I have a maze, from where units spawn in Region A, and walk to Region B. Obviously, along this path, they will take damage from towers. Upon reaching around 55% health, I would estimate, these units begin walking...
  20. GrimmReefer

    How do I get custom units to show in palette?

    Basically the title. I made hero's and units through the custom data tab of the campaign editor. Is that not the correct place? They never show up. Only to place into buildings, but then the buildings are still the vanilla ones when I test the map. I watched youtube videos and everything...
  21. zxxzyyz

    Edit all unit's property at once

    is there a way to edit all standard unit's property at once by any chance? I think there could be one. I would like make all units' name, armor type, attack type, etc.. to one specific value. I could not find standard units in war3map.w3u file.
  22. Gorgrond

    [Request] Some model edits please.

    Hello! I'm kind of new here, I used to visit HIVE long time ago and soon has I returned I noticed some of the Threads that I used to ask for getting help don't allow me to post anymore (Doodad Creators Thread and Simple Model Workshop Thread) sadly, so I saw myself forced to create this thread...
  23. Xero

    Issue with the movement of units

    Hello! This is my first time posting here but I was hoping to reach out to other map creators in regards of an issue that I am facing with a map I have been working on. To make a long story short, the map is like a 1v1 MoBA-styled battleground where you select from a varied of heroes each with...
  24. Yours Truly

    [Solved] Ability projectile won't pass through corpses.

    Hey all. I'm using kawas11's Breath of Fire spell and it seems to be working fine. However, despite being told to only damage Alive units, the spell seems to try and damage dead units as the projectiles won't go pass their corpses. Here's the boolean that specifies it to only damage alive...
  25. Bubo

    Help Rotating Spawned Units

    Im looking for help regarding rotating units from one area to an other where they need to keep their position but be able to rotate how they are positioned. I've looked around on the internet and haven't found a solution and I've also experimented around for a long time now and cant figure it...
  26. Nanaki772

    Unit spawn trigger

    Hello, so I'm making a 1v1 TD kind of map and I'm trying to make it so units upgrade when a player researches an upgrade! So basically I have a trigger which spawns 2 Grunts and 2 Headhunters, and there is an upgrade that upgrades the amount of Headhunters spawned to 4. Now here comes the...
  27. Voljin

    Disabling health/mana regeneration temporarily

    Hello Hive, I'm trying to make a survival type game where, if you go too long without eating food, you get a hunger debuff and 20% of your hero's health knocked off. Problem is... it just regenerates before the next timer finishes, which doesn't really go with the theme... Is there some way to...
  28. D

    Unit icon request (Completed)

    Need icons for these units. Only requirement is that they fit the warcraft 3 style. Butcher Betrayed.blp
  29. Dord96

    worgen models

    hello i need worgen models spellcasters units and heros mages healers druids whathever but i need them at worgen form there humen form is optionel pleass help . p.s. can some one a good model for genn greymane thenks
  30. EggPooPoo

    How to get your imports for all maps in Campaign?

    Ah not sure how to best word the title with the limited character space. Basically I used to always see in people's campaigns as a kid back in 2005, they would have say a campaign called Joe's Quest or Return of the Dragons, and they had say 15 maps to the campaign. BUT, here's the rub. I...
  31. Tasyen

    CheckOut Units

    This is an idea I recently had, it allows to show/Access the ability Card of units one selects without shared control nor ownership. 1. By giving Units a clone of 'Ane2' ("select unit" unit seller have that skill without range) any player can see and use the abilities also move and use the...
  32. Quel'thalas


    Models you can find on 'Ujimasa Hojo's Resources Discussion'
  33. Council Of Three Hammers

    Council Of Three Hammers

  34. Risk™Master

    Unit-type Queue detection

    I just would like to know if it is possible to detect every single unit in a building queue. So, if somebody trained a footman, a rifleman, a knight, 2 more footmen, another knight, and a second rifleman in that order, could I use triggers to detect all of them? I need help because a building...
  35. JackAcorda


    I have set my each of my unit's priority as follows: Archer = 15 Soldier = 15 Hero = 5 However, the archer and soldier is attacking the hero first even if the hero is late to enter the battlefield. Am I doing something wrong? Should the priority of the Hero be higher than the others so that the...
  36. Nemesis_

    Ordering multiple units to train units to attack

    I've am making a survival type of map where I would want unit production structures to train units which would then seek out enemies to attack. If possible, I would want the production structures to randomly create different units as well. I have no idea where to start to make the trigger work.
  37. TheCourier

    Making units invulnerable

    Hello, is there a way to make all units owned by a certain player invulnerable? Or do I have to make them all invulnerable one by one? Thanks for answers.
  38. JackAcorda

    No Fleeing

    I'm sorry if there is already a thread about this one But does anyone know how to make an enemy unit attack a moving specific unit without returning to its original position?
  39. BrothForMyPeople

    Question about WC3 models

    Hi I own only Wings of Liberty. I didn't buy next expansion because I don't like playing Zerg, especially rpg Rexxar campaign-style as it is. With time I forgot about SC2 and I skipped Protoss campaign as well. As for the question: can I use WC3 units in Starcraft editor having just WoL?
  40. PrinceOfThaWest

    Percentage based damage?

    I am in the process of messing around with the editor, and from time to time working on my long term custom campaign project. Overall with everything in it made from scratch, I tend to keep my style of making that campaign more simplified than the usual ones. Perfect example would be units...
  41. Tutko

    Model request

    Hi, I'm currently making a tropical/jungle-theme based map and I would need a couple of unit models: 1̶)̶ ̶o̶r̶c̶ ̶s̶h̶a̶m̶a̶n̶ ̶-̶ ̶b̶u̶t̶ ̶h̶u̶m̶a̶n̶ ̶i̶n̶s̶t̶e̶a̶d̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶a̶n̶ ̶o̶r̶c̶ - DONE by MiniMage (Human Shaman) 2) Rexxar - but more human-ish, with a big shield instead of axe in one...
  42. mrisump

    Spawning Separate Wave Units for 4 Players

    Hello, thank you for taking the time to look at my question. I'm trying to create an arena map, similar to Custom Hero Survival—I want every player's enemies to spawn as they click "enter arena" instead of spawning simultaneously, however. I can't quite figure out how to spawn the same unit for...
  43. Mr.Rious

    How do I hide units in an cutscene?

    How do I hide units in an cutscene? I mean, units which are trained during mission.
  44. Jeff91

    Custom Unit Techtree

    Hello, I am having problems with the "Scenario - Techtree properties"; it doesn't show my custom made units only the melee ones, I am trying to make them unavailable to certain players. If anyone can please help.
  45. Rykon-V73

    A way to improve gameplay

    In the Melee Initialization trigger, there's the code that makes the CPU play as a custom race. I'm wondering if there's a way to improve it, by making the CPU train the new 4 units I made of the Human, Orc and Night Elf races and 5 for the Undead race and then use them to attack me or the...
  46. Dord96

    Special Units

    can some one plaess make special units models for some of the races based on WOW such as blood knights, death knights, paladins, priests of elune, shadow priests and if anyone heve more ideas plaess shere them it will benefit every one p.s. can some one plaess make a footman skin with the...
  47. Yours Truly

    [General] Thorns Aura for Ranged Units?

    Basically, I want the thorns aura to reflect damage to ranged units also. I tried to trigger it but it doesn't work as planned. WIII generic Thorns aura ability only affects melee enemy units, as said in its description. Thanks,in advance.
  48. Generalaring

    [Solved] Custom Unit Animation Problem

    Hello all! I created a custom unit from scratch and the one problem i'm having is the walk animation for my unit. In the actor for my unit, i used GenericStandardUnit as the parent. The unit is a ghost and i applied the ghost.anims in the model category. I also cannot figure out how to...
  49. Goregoose

    Merging TTOR resources(units/abilities) with the latest version of Wc3 World Editor

    Hi guys, I've noticed a topic that has cropped up on the forums more than a few occasions with not many people replying and that's about utilizing the resources from the TTOR mod and putting into regular Wc3 for use. I myself mentioned this a couple times in my other two threads. Well, I'm...
  50. Goregoose

    Labyrinth and Dark Crystal models and some other stuff

    Hey I was wondering if anyone ever thought of making models of creatures from these movies? I'm specifically looking for a Skeksis model, not just something sort of similar. Besides that I'd be interested to see Labyrinth style goblin units. I kind of wanted to use these two franchises and...