Zephyr Competition #8 - Illusion

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Contestants must create a spell that has the conjuration of illusions incorporated, with the ultimate aim of tricking enemies. The illusion is free to be defined by the contestant.


• No submission may violate any of the site rules.
• If a submission does not follow the spell submission rules, the creator will be disqualified.
• Your submission must be posted before the deadline. The post containing your final submission must also contain the following:
- An in game screenshot showing your submission in action.
- The file in the appropriate format.
• Your submission may not be started/made before the official launch of the contest.
• The spell can be of any type, active/passive/toggle/single target/area of effect (and any of the previous combined).
• Judges may not participate.
• Teamwork is not allowed; however, finding testers to help you with your submission is not considered teamwork.
• Imports may be used in the map, however they must all be credited.
• Either GUI or JASS may be used to create your spell; you will not be penalized if you use GUI over JASS.
• Convenience over effort won't be an excuse to make use of third party programs (exception: Jass New Gen Pack). GUI actions that do not exist in the vanilla editor's database may lead to disqualification. WEU (World Editor Unlimited) and UMSWE fall into this category.
• All spells must have documentation, concerning the use of each variable and/or actions (if needed). This will ensure readability and easier configuration for testing purposes.
• You can use any enhancing system (xe, IsDestructableTree, Damage detection systems, etc.), as long as the judge(s) and/or host give(s) consent to its usage.


  • First Place: 40 reputation points and a special award icon
  • Second Place: 25 reputation points
  • Third Place: 10 reputation points


Appointed judges must be experienced in the coding area and/or should at least have 1 spell or system approved in the Spells section.


How creative and unique the spell is?/10

Is the spell bug free, leakless? Does it support multiple instances?/20

How does the spell look? Is it too overloaded with special effects? How explanatory is the tooltip of the spell's functionality?/10

Final Score/40

• 70% of the winner shall be determined by the contest's appointed judge(s).
• 30% of the winner shall be determined by the results of a public poll.


All submissions must be complete and submitted within 4 (four) weeks, after the launch of the contest, which begins on September 18th, 2011 and concludes on October 18th, 11:59 PM, 2011 UTC.


http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/2023186-post92.html (scorpion182)
http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/2013923-post50.html (-Derp-)
http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/2026002-post104.html (mckill2009)
http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/2016153-post70.html (drkninja)
http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/2016741-post74.html (watermelon_1234)
http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/2029453-post114.html (wolfman)
http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/2028402-post107.html (Creed Angelus)
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Level 16
Apr 4, 2011
Gogo Zephyr Competition. I like the idea, furthermore I was thinking about pming you with spell contest idea about illusions. I see, I don't have to do that since you read in my mind.

Spell contests must catch up the modeling ones (I'm talking about numbers here), there have been about ~20 texturing/modeling condtests already, and we can't say so about coding ones.

We've had 20 spell contests, just not big Zephyr ones. I competed in S&SC#20 myself.
Level 17
Nov 11, 2010
This seems difficult due to my small imagination.
I will be watching.
I may even post something useful, I may even compete.



Code Reviewer
Level 26
Mar 19, 2008
Thats the problem, find a judge ;) Meaby Spell contests should be approved after finding decent judges, not before? xD

@Pharaoh_ What a response. :p

Don't you think that kinda of fsjal disease corrupts too many ppl? I don't wanna be here when any of spell mods changes his avatar into fsjal. Maker, Pharaoh_.. Bribe? I can't even imagen that xD
Level 17
Apr 3, 2010
Ooh looking forward to seeing the results. Creativity will the hardest part i think

:ogre_hurrhurr: Jassnewgenpack comes with both UMSWE and WEU already implemented :ogre_hurrhurr:


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Level 49
Sep 26, 2009
Level 17
Apr 3, 2010

My feeling is still, however, that GUI resources should be coded for normal World Editor and that vJass resources should be coded for JNGP, but requiring GUI to use third party software is just a pain.

:ogre_hurrhurr: Jass NewGen Pack v5d

This distribution includes:

- Grimoire (1.5)
- JassHelper (0.9.I.2)
- Grim Extension Pack (1.0b)
- PJass (1.0k)
- TESH (Unofficial update by Van Damm and Zoxc)
- Risc's Colorizer FINAL
- UMSWE (5.0)
- Reinventing the Craft (0.20)
http://www.wc3c.net/showthread.php?t=90999 :ogre_hurrhurr:

Sorry now but since "Integrating WEU" links to V5D which already has Umswe integreated with WEU doesn't that make that whole tutorial a waste of time?
Any ability can be MUI (except for effects that only rely on upgrades to function as intended); even if you change the fog state or game aspects (e.g. time of day), you can use some sort of a stack, to sum the duration of every instance in effect. Oh well, you know that already, the question is, why do you ask? :]

It can be MPI, but it will definitely affect the score.
Level 16
Apr 4, 2011
I'll start working on my submission this weekend (got my computer taken away :mad:)

Buuuuuut anyways, here's my idea; Illusionary Shackles

Summons three illusions of the caster around the targetted unit. One of the illusions will cast a shackling spell, as long as it is alive, the targetted unit will be unable to move/take any kind of action. The other two illusions shall APPEAR to also be channeling the spell. Any allies around the illusions must guess as to which one they must kill in order to free their buddy.
Level 5
Aug 16, 2010
I knew it was such a silly question... but seriously can I or not?
Also if your spell can have the same functionality as vJass spells while NOT being complicated like them, I guess it'll get an even higher score. The simpler it is coded, the better.
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I knew it was such a silly question... but seriously can I or not?
Also if your spell can have the same functionality as vJass spells while NOT being complicated like them, I guess it'll get an even higher score. The simpler it is coded, the better.

Of course you can, but, just so you know, it will not be reviewed, until the results come up.

Make sure you label it as "Contest material", in red, for better noticing.
Level 2
Sep 17, 2011
What, a contest, gonna join it =D
gonna be my first one, but i already have an idea for the task
Good Luck for everyone, i wanna see alot awesome skills xD
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