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Last Activity:
Jul 17, 2016
Aug 16, 2010


Ashes to Ashes

Dr.Killer was last seen:
Jul 17, 2016
    1. Hell_Master
      I am in HELL!
    2. Almia
      Currently coding my submission. in vjass as well :D
    3. Almia
      Y u no join Zeph?
    4. Almia
      Ashes to Ashes
      Dust to Dust.

      Amun'Ra's classic quote.
    5. Ralle
      Thanks a lot Doctor.
    6. Imadori
      No problem, it's just a few clicks anyways, I'll spread to you until you reach the green :]
    7. -Kobas-
      Yeap, thanks :)
    8. ShadowFlare
    9. Fiend_68
      I can't test it at the moment because the newest version of my map isn't in me, but I will tell you if I find any bugs.
    10. Magtheridon96
      I need more information :D
    11. Magtheridon96
      Which hacker?
    12. Pharaoh_
      Battle.net will most probably going to change.
      Templates will not be given or any list of systems. If you feel unsure of how to proceed with coding, just send your idea application and it will be made by myself or Maker.
    13. defskull
      Not at all, I'm currently freaking busy, if you have any friends more, you can invite them too to finish off those requests :)
      After all, my Spell Workshop has Public Policy in which anyone can help anyone.
    14. Magtheridon96
      Thanks bro :D
    15. Pharaoh_
      That's sad to hear. Thanks and good luck in your future participation!
    16. Nestharus
      It's design is wretched and it can be done 500x better in a much more simpler fashion using modules.

      Most everything on wc3c is what I regard as trash code ;p.

      If you want to use it, that's your business, but know that all you need is a stack handling system for buffs with priorities and what not, that is it. It does way more than that, hence it's horrendous design. It's almost as bad as AutoIndex, but I'd have to say that AutoIndex and AutEvent are among the worst designs of all vjass libs.
    17. Nestharus
      That is absolute garbage. I have seen it. I guess there were actually 2 (I forgot about the one you linked), but they are both trash.

      It and J4L's do exactly what I said not to do for a Buff system.

      I'll say this again, there are currently no cores like the one I mentioned.
    18. Nestharus
      I don't. I do have an aura system though ; ).

      You cant have a good general catch all buff system. The best you can have is a core that handles the stacking of buffs, which is a complicated task in itself. I do think that a core like that would be a good system, but no such system exists at the moment. It might be something smart to code and submit to the JASS resource section =). Then AuraStruct could use it instead of handle its own stacking etc.
    19. Magtheridon96
      I'm going to check out the map and edit this message when I'm done.
      I bet it's going to be an uninitialized variable lookup ^_^

      It runs perfectly for me :L
      Your code reminds me of how I used to code about 1 year ago ^_^
      By the way SpellEffectEvent by Bribe is recommended here, as you only need SpellEffect events and nothing more :p
      Anitarf's SpellEvent is decent, but it uses Table by Vexorian, which is not bad, but worse than Table by Bribe.
      It also stores spell data when that's really unnecessary and can easily be done by the user.
    20. Magtheridon96
      Actually, my family is all Islamic, but I happen to be an Atheist, but they don't know.

      And I really don't care about Israel, they haven't touched us in a while in any major way :p

      Oh, and I don't use ABuff, I use AuraStruct by Nestharus :D
      It's cleaner, more efficient, and for me, easier to use ^_^

      Oh, and could you upload that map to the Pastebin on this site?
      It's incredibly convenient because all you need to do is select a file to upload, press Submit, and there you have it. It's just like using imgur.com for image sharing :p
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