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  • Within updating my melee maps as well as (6)SilverCoast. Since the AI was not able to get across the water by ships, there is now also located 2 goblin laboratories so computers are able to get Goblin Zeppelins. You can reload it if you wish to do so.
    Problem is that it's /much/ slower than T32 because:

    // ...
    // ...
    call TriggerEvaluate(trigger)
    // ...
    // ...
    Anything cool to discuss ?
    This shows me that I am effing bored.
    Maybe you can enlighten me on using vJASS instead GUI ?
    Okay so good luck :)
    I lost my Missiles latest version.
    Happily for me the CustomAttack version I made open source (not working) included the latest Missile version.
    I had way too many test-maps :p I had one for pretty much everything. I did have a lot of models/textures as well though, all put into nice categories. Not that I use them often, I just wanted to have them because they looked cool :D

    Yeah, you could call it Reloaded. I like that. Make the file name "MAR 1.0" btw, otherwise it may not show up in the maps list :)
    Aww man, you lost those files too? Sucks. I love how you keep calling it plank though :D
    PC? What? No, I use plank.

    DID THEY NOW? Maybe your map was just really good? So you decided not to make it open-source anymore? :( I like open-source very much.
    not just standarts, but the idea that they FORCE you to use indexers and hashtables and shit.. its not just normal..
    and not just that.. people uploading stuff calling it system... its fucking ridiculous how bad it has turned from the last 2 years
    I don't even know what files you're talking about because I never tried to see what was registering as a false-positive. I just thought "screw it, entire folder to the exception list!".
    That works for me.

    Oh, by the way. So I got my SSD and I thought that would be a great time to clean up my other hard drive (filled with junk).
    So I moved all important stuff to my USB (like all my maps, my notepad files and my warcraft stuff).
    Then I just cleaned my drive entirely and wanted to move all files back. I moved the maps, the notepad files, other junk.
    But my warcraft stuff (that was the name of the folder I had: "Warcraft Stuff" - it contained all models, scripts, textures, systems I ever downloaded/made) was not there.
    Man that was a terrible feeling. I got way more emotional than I thought I would over something silly like that.
    Nice :D My old PC was decent, but I decided it was time for an upgrade! Besides, I always wanted an SSD. My PC boots up in like 15 seconds now and shuts down in 1-2 seconds.
    That's just an awesome feeling :p

    Yeah, AVG has a bit of a crappy interface, but it does the job :D
    The exception list in AVG worked fine for me though :/ (I just put the entire folder in that exception list). Normally it's just in the Advanced Settings in the Shield something tab or whatever, but if you've already added it there I believe you!
    It's fun as long as you're not missing any screws. I'm missing one, searched a long time for it to no avail and decided that I'd just go with 1 screw less, it seemed stable enough.

    Really? That sucks. What antivirus do you use (I actually only have experience with Avast! and AVG).
    Though I did have some problems in the past when I was using BitDefender, but I only used that program like 1 week or so.
    Well, my friend sort-of helped me building it, but it's mostly just connecting cables and checking if everything is where it should be.

    Do you mean they have trouble setting up JNGP (which is just downloading a file, extracting it and adding it to the antivirus exception list), or have trouble using it? :p
    With vJass you can have such nice API's that are far beyond the crappy interface GUI offers you, yet people can still manage to fuck that up.
    Usually it even says "EDIT BELOW!" and with comments for each variable to tell you what it does.
    I just got my new PC set up and ready to go (still have a hard drive I need to install, but it was shipped late and I'm too lazy to open my case right now).
    Aside from that... well, mostly... nothing? :p I've been helping some people with problems here and there, but I find it annoying that every time I try to create a system I automatically start using JASS/vJass.
    Like someone has a request for a system (person cannot read JASS), so I'm like "that's great! I'll make a nice GUI-system for you!" and it turns out to be 90% custom scripts.
    Haha, I've seen a few threads where you replied with some semi-intelligent to intelligent things.
    what? THW already turned into nothing... people upload useless stuff while others try to make something worthwhile
    You really have to remind me of that time do you ._.

    Well, I remember this time too and after learning Jass and vJass, I see how much better it is, not too use GUI. Well as I said I'm no vjass pro! When I see the Jass submissions these days, I don't think "what a bull****" only, I also think "wtf that's complicated". I have my own vJass way, it's isn't the best, but its good and I'm still open for some new knowledge as long I still can go my own way you know =)
    Is my reply really that "rofl"? ._.

    First I learned jass. I started with converting GUI triggers to custom text and tried to use the JassHelper to make the Jass better. Also ap0calypse helped me a lot for better understanding and using Jass.
    After that I read something about vJass and "watermelon1234" helped me by coding my first spell in it. And about this ZINC? Hell, I don't even know what this is >_>
    I am working on your suggestions now! I find it kinda complicated to eradicate the dublicate code issue in the looping trigger though, but i will figure it out eventually. Thanks!
    Answer to your previous message, i believe there is no problem in creating a variable for that and setting it at spell cast trigger.
    Now you are talking! I believe there is no problem setting it into the cast trigger cause its a static number.
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