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  • Returning after years to this board, I'm pretty curious if my old vJass sensei is still alive o_O - I'm not even sure if you ever will read this message, but I'm hoping everything is fine at your side of life :)
    The action you posted alone is not enough to help you.
    What's the rest of the trigger?
    Also, you should know that adding the peon classfication to units with triggers does not make them have a worker idle icon, it'll just prevent them from acquiring targets. You can refer to here for more info.
    Nope... Add a peon classification then kill the unit then revive it to add worker icons.
    Reputation (+1):
    (Post) tHANK you for an AI System, however could I use it in AoS type of Maps? it is really GREAT THANK YOU!
    Man you won't believe it anyway... I just started with Wc3 coding again :eek:
    Actually it's just for wasting the little free time I have left! I code a bit n jass and vJass and how should it be: It's a catastrophe! *lol*. It's the normal way:

    1) I code a script, sounds very logical for me but it wont work in any way!!
    2) I ask someone for help (in the last time ap0calypse had to suffer a bit :p), he just change a bit here and a bit there = works perfectly!!

    In reallife? No nothing changed so far.. I'm still too lazy to clean my room, my girlfriend keeps thinking about future-plans where I usually fall a sleep and we still have no little child - all in all the life goes on like it always be :D

    Greetings and Peace
    Dr. Boom
    Moin moin =)

    Just wanna hear how my vJass master is doing =)
    I remember you wanted to code something big - any plans or success so far? :)
    Thank you :D

    Well I am kinda similiar to you. Have some spell ideas but uni started and I lost motivation =P

    And yeah, I am also lurking here.

    So I decided to improve the energy gather effect together with fixing two minor bugs with the spell :)

    Thank you for your feedback and suggestions once again :)
    I still have much to learn :D

    Btw, I just notice that Nestharus' dummy lib doesn't remove attached effect or dummy vertex coloring/time scale/etc. Guess I will have to use my DDR then D:
    Yeah thanks for all suggestions but I guess I won't make any more changes. I did so much work for this spell already xD

    Thank you for all your feedback and help :)
    Thanks :D

    Now for the comments.

    I really want to do the fade-in but Dirac's Missile lib doesn't offer a chance for us to play with the missiles :<

    I also want to make the orb collision happens smoother in the middle but well, can't help it.

    Yes I have made it configurable now :D

    The slow effect is now removed :)
    Wow, that's cool that you work directly with someone you know in WC3. Everyone around me doesn't play it all. XD
    Good luck on your projects!
    Haha, yeah. It is nice. My irl friends used to play wc3 a few years ago, but they stopped and switched to LoL and Sc2. :(

    Maybe I'll send you a vid of our map later on, since I haven't showed anyone--but I really want to. :p

    There is something mildly entertaining about watching units kill each other without having to do anything. :p It seems so cute when the AI tries to do something more intelligently than auto-attacking.
    Exactly. :p

    Anyway, I think I would end up preferring the chocolate ones more.
    I think I failed in living up to the expectations of my username.
    It is ok, I'd probably prefer the choc ones too. I'll give you a chance to redeem yourself later.
    It indeed is. I threw in lightning exploding glaives just for the sake of coolness but I guess it doesn't work out >_<

    Stay tuned for the next update :D
    Oh nice, is it WC3-related or not?
    Two of them are. One is a map/campaign I'm working on with my sister, for fun/our own toying around. The other project is a tool to fix scripts written before 1.24 (in case they have two returns or return the wrong type, or if they use local handle vars). I think JASSHelper has a feature to do something similar, but I felt like writing my own. It is good practice + it is coming along well (code is a mess, but functionality is above all else for now ;P)

    I've been stuck in the limbo of wanting to do something and end up not doing it. :\
    If I ever do anything more for WC3, it would probably just be script-related. Like implementing random hero ideas just to see them in action or toying with AI. :p
    Ah, I feel that too. You should really make more AI stuff though. Not enough people do it + they make the best test maps! lol

    Haha, yeah the fruit is delicious! XD
    I heard there is something called watermelon oreos (second thing that came up as a suggestion when I looked up an image of a watermelon). What do you think...?
    Yeah, JNGP was a godsend for being more usable. I've seen that you've been working on improving it with 2.0 which is cool. :D
    Yeah, I was trying to help moyack a bit. I kind of stopped doing that recently, though. I'm messing around with personal projects.

    Thanks, most people probably don't know who I am and vice versa. :p
    It's interesting to see how a lot of things have changed since I've last visited.
    Yeah :( Everyone should know watermelon.
    But a lot of things have changed, for sure. Most of it for the better. The monthly news batches are always fun to look at--and there are a lot of awesome projects in map dev. at the moment.

    Are you working on a map or any thing WE-related? Or are you just stopping by?
    Programing outside of Wc3? Yea, I tried this too once with C language, but to be serious, it's darn boring *yawn* so all in all I didn't continue it. And you play to program a game or similar? Sounds interesting, already some good plans or so far just an idea?

    Talking about games, you played AntiChamber? If not you really should try it, it's a really good and weird game which is really worth to play.
    Else ye it was pretty warm here the last days like up to 35° in shade and one day we had "the highest weather warning", so like heavy storm, tons of rain and this stuff. Very strange, one day cold next days sun next day storm and now its 30° again, it's really bah!
    To be honest, currently I do not have the time for anything. It's like reallife eats me up. Got a new (what's the English word?) "flat" and there are so many things to do. On top of this I want spend a lot of time with my current girlfriend, had to extend some of my russian language skills for this and yes the usual things you know.

    Else there is nothing to do anyway, I left more or less the Wc3 scene, I never got into the Sc2 scene, also currently there is no other game or programing which could be interesting.

    Anyway good to see you are still alive, I guess I would miss my vJass-master too much ;) and hope to hear something from you soon again and in this case:

    Greetings and Peace
    Dr. Boom
    Hey my friend =)

    Long time now see, never hearing a word from you =(
    How are ya doing? :D
    Well the thing is: I want create a spell .. a circle and around this circle some flowers should be created. Problem is it looks a bit bad, when you only see 1 variation, so I thought about creating them in a random variation =S
    Dude I just have another question please: How can I create doodads by trigger= As I see I only can create destructible, but when I create a new destructible (a tree or whatever) and change the model to a flower for example, then I always get an error, that the object cannot be shown (this green-black box). Same with units..
    You know a good way to handle this? :eek:
    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!! that's my man I always knew you can handle it =D *highfive*

    Finally it works .. after so long time of thinking and trying = HERE WE GO =D
    Alright I tried it once more again but sure it doesn't work, so please show me what the hell is wrong.. seems to be I'm just to stupid -_-

    library Move initializer init

    private constant integer SPELL_ID = 'A000'
    private constant integer DUMMY_ID = 'dum1'

    // \\

    private constant hashtable HASH = InitHashtable()

    struct Move
    unit caster = null
    unit dummy = null
    real x = 0.
    real y = 0.
    real f = 0.

    static method periodic takes nothing returns nothing
    local timer t = GetExpiredTimer()
    local thistype this = LoadInteger(HASH,GetHandleId(t),0)
    local real x = GetUnitX(.dummy)
    local real y = GetUnitY(.dummy)
    local real dx = .x - x
    local real dy = .y - y

    if dx * dx + dy * dy > 100 then // speed * speed \\
    set x = x + 10. * Cos(.f)
    set y = y + 10. * Sin(.f)
    call SetUnitX(.dummy,x)
    call SetUnitY(.dummy,y)
    call DestroyEffect(AddSpecialEffect("Abilities\\Spells\\Other\\HowlOfTerror\\HowlCaster.mdl",.x,.y))
    call RemoveUnit(.dummy)
    call PauseTimer(t)
    call DestroyTimer(t)
    call .destroy()

    set t = null

    static method create takes unit caster,real x,real y returns thistype
    local thistype this = .allocate()
    local timer t = CreateTimer()

    set .caster = caster
    set .x = x
    set .y = y
    set .f = bj_RADTODEG * Atan2(.y - GetUnitY(.caster),.x - GetUnitX(.caster))
    set .dummy = CreateUnit(GetOwningPlayer(.caster),DUMMY_ID,GetUnitX(.caster),GetUnitY(.caster),.f)

    call SaveInteger(HASH,GetHandleId(t),0,this)
    call TimerStart(t,0.03125,true,function thistype.periodic)
    set t = null
    return this

    private function cond takes nothing returns boolean
    if GetSpellAbilityId() == SPELL_ID then
    call Move.create(GetTriggerUnit(),GetSpellTargetX(),GetSpellTargetY())
    return false

    private function init takes nothing returns nothing
    local trigger t = CreateTrigger()
    local integer i = 0

    exitwhen i == 11
    call TriggerRegisterPlayerUnitEvent(t,Player(i),EVENT_PLAYER_UNIT_SPELL_EFFECT,null)
    set i = i + 1
    call TriggerAddCondition(t,function cond)

    set t = null

    Well sure it is a bit different from the Deathball one, but the deathball was based on the thunderball missile which has no facing, thats why I didn't use bj_RADTODEG and also there didn't use a distance check.
    Wondering how many people write on their own visitor tab to answer some other post, like you did now =D

    Well for now I have enough of coding .. bah it really stresses me out, so thanks for help maybe I'll take that later someday =D

    About Downhill .. well dude what you think I thought the first time, standing at the top of the hill, looked down and thought "damn I should take this way with bike". First time I used the break more then anything else, every 2nd thought was "shit" and every 3rd thought was "I die", but you get use to it after some time, even if you hurt yourself or something, you are full of adrenaline so you don't noticed it at all. Maybe it's a bad feeling after, but hey it's just something broken or whatever.. this heals - at all people shouldn't thing about something that unimportant :eek:

    "Normal is good", well it depends what "normal" is I think. When your live becomes a routine (if thats the correct word) and you do it your whole live so it's normal for you .. it's bad but else normal is good yes =D
    Oh wow, DownHill sounds too extreme for me. XD (I'm already scared enough of colliding with someone going down normal hills, even though it's fun.)

    Heh, sorry. :p
    I'm kind of curious as to why it wouldn't work so if you still have the spell, feel free to send it to me.

    Normal is good, right? ^_^
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