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Nov 18, 2007

Awarded Medals 1

    1. Dr. Boom
      Dr. Boom
      Another year of silence passed by; hope ya doing well :)
    2. Dr. Boom
      Dr. Boom
      Guess you will never read this, but I still hope you're doing fine :)
    3. Dr. Boom
      Dr. Boom
      Returning after years to this board, I'm pretty curious if my old vJass sensei is still alive o_O - I'm not even sure if you ever will read this message, but I'm hoping everything is fine at your side of life :)
    4. Dat-C3
      The action you posted alone is not enough to help you.
      What's the rest of the trigger?
      Also, you should know that adding the peon classfication to units with triggers does not make them have a worker idle icon, it'll just prevent them from acquiring targets. You can refer to here for more info.
      Nope... Add a peon classification then kill the unit then revive it to add worker icons.
    5. DEAD FiSH
      DEAD FiSH
      aaaa oosaka!!!
    6. Dr. Boom
      Dr. Boom

      Well it's okay since I don't log on often either. Actually bad since I liked the hive so much in the past - but well everything changes right?

      Btw how's your coding going? I remember your big plans to conquer the world =D
    7. Dr. Boom
      Dr. Boom
    8. Dr. Boom
      Dr. Boom
      Man you won't believe it anyway... I just started with Wc3 coding again :o
      Actually it's just for wasting the little free time I have left! I code a bit n jass and vJass and how should it be: It's a catastrophe! *lol*. It's the normal way:

      1) I code a script, sounds very logical for me but it wont work in any way!!
      2) I ask someone for help (in the last time ap0calypse had to suffer a bit :p), he just change a bit here and a bit there = works perfectly!!

      In reallife? No nothing changed so far.. I'm still too lazy to clean my room, my girlfriend keeps thinking about future-plans where I usually fall a sleep and we still have no little child - all in all the life goes on like it always be :D

      Greetings and Peace
      Dr. Boom
    9. Doomlord
      Right. The only group with no discussion whatsoever x)
    10. Dr. Boom
      Dr. Boom
      Moin moin =)

      Just wanna hear how my vJass master is doing =)
      I remember you wanted to code something big - any plans or success so far? :)
    11. Doomlord
      Thank you :D

      Well I am kinda similiar to you. Have some spell ideas but uni started and I lost motivation =P

      And yeah, I am also lurking here.
    12. Doomlord
      Hey :D

      How are you doing?

      Oh and...


    13. Doomlord
      I am just OCD I guess :3
    14. Doomlord

      So I decided to improve the energy gather effect together with fixing two minor bugs with the spell :)

      Thank you for your feedback and suggestions once again :)
    15. Doomlord
      I don't know really xD
    16. Doomlord
      I still have much to learn :D

      Btw, I just notice that Nestharus' dummy lib doesn't remove attached effect or dummy vertex coloring/time scale/etc. Guess I will have to use my DDR then D:
    17. Doomlord
      Yeah thanks for all suggestions but I guess I won't make any more changes. I did so much work for this spell already xD

      Thank you for all your feedback and help :)
    18. UndeadImmortal
      Hey, you remember what anime where your avatar came from? I forgot the name, planning to watch it again xD
    19. Doomlord
    20. Doomlord
      Thanks :D

      Now for the comments.

      I really want to do the fade-in but Dirac's Missile lib doesn't offer a chance for us to play with the missiles :<

      I also want to make the orb collision happens smoother in the middle but well, can't help it.

      Yes I have made it configurable now :D

      The slow effect is now removed :)
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