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Wizard's Tower 1.1

Submitted by McZero
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Wizard's Tower is a "free for all" game.

It was ment to be simple, so there will be no imported spells and stuff. Just spells, items and mechanics that are typically for Warcraft 3 maps.

Defend your Wizard Tower against hordes of enemies!
You can buy items and consumables, upgrade your tower or summon units to increase your defense.
Dont forget to put enemy wizards under pressure and increase your income by sending units!

As your "attacking units" will attack every single enemy wizard, the game experience will differ with the number of total players.

Suggested Players: 2-9

Win the game by being the last wizard alive! Your Wizard Tower must not be destroyed.
Send water and fire elementals and infernals to destroy the enemy wizard towers!

Upgrade your Wizard Tower to a new tier.
If your Wizard Tower would be destroyed, instead its tier is reduced by one. If its already at the lowest you will loose the game!
By upgrading your tower to a new tier you will have access to new hero abilities and new defense- and attack- damage upgrades.
Your wizard's level is always equal to your tower's tier, so it also will downgrade when your tier is decreased.



You get access to new abilities by upgrading your Wizard Tower.
You can choose between different spells.
There is also a shop that allows you to learn different passive abilities and auras. You also need that shop to increase the level of your abilities during the late game.
When your tower's tier is downgraded, you may loose levels of your abilities or even certain abilities at all until you upgrade the Wizard Tower again.





Make sure to increase your wizard's power with items and consumables.
Consumables will stack, but there are no reciepes to craft.
The game was ment to be simple, so just sell old items and re- buy better items instead.



Your income is increased by sending attacking units like water- and fire- elementals or infernals.
The greater your Wizard Tower's tier, the greater the tier of attacking elements and infernals you will send.
There are some creep waves that will attack your tower as well. So its not only units other players have sent you must be aware of!


1. Update
Version WizardsTower 1.2
on 18th April 2019

- Changed the icon and name of "Infernal Cloak of Flames"
- Changed the tooltips of the skulls of necromancy
- Added a short map description to the quest log

Wizard's Tower 1.1 (Map)

Cloak of Flames and of Infernal Flames have the same icon. Make change the hue? You could with these programs among others: Button Manager v1.8.2 BLP Lab v0.5.0 Absolutely everything is based on gold, maybe some things like the spell upgrades on...
  1. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    1. Cloak of Flames and of Infernal Flames have the same icon. Make change the hue? You could with these programs among others:
      Button Manager v1.8.2
      BLP Lab v0.5.0
    2. Absolutely everything is based on gold, maybe some things like the spell upgrades on lumber?
    3. Seems pretty lame to write made by you two times in the Quest Log without actually putting the real/important information there about the gameplay and so on...
    4. The skulls of necromancy have the same description. What's the difference between them? The Rod too. Learn about tooltips/descriptions:
      Tooltip Tutorial
      Creating Good Descriptions

    Honestly, it makes me wonder, seeing your other map with its descriptions and stuff, did you actually make them (both maps I mean)?

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    Daffa the Mage
  2. McZero


    Dec 28, 2018
    Thanks for your review.

    1. i will change it.
    2. well i thought about that but i wanted to keep this simple.
    The idea of this map was not to be similar to "line tower wars" or "line hero wars" but as i worked it out the play principle appered to be similar to those maps in some points. Like in those maps i wanted to limit the currency on gold. The players part is just to prioritize what to buy next.
    3. Yeah i will do that youre right. For now as i did not protect that map i wanted to hide the "made by McZero" a little in the triggers and the object editor so that someone that re-upload that map not just simply change the author of the map but has a little work to do removing my little hints... It also will make it clear that someone really tried to "steal" that map or not as he needs to change many things...
    4. I will change that, too

    Yes i did both maps and i will upload my 3rd map in a few days that might will make you wonder again.
    For example i did not do that good tooltips for RPG Hero Arena spells because i think everybody knows what that spells are supposed to do as well as upgrading a spell just makes it stronger.

    Wizards Tower was created while i worked on my other maps for a long time so i already knew what i need to do right from the beginning.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2019