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Level 6
Nov 14, 2010
Hello I got a request for a few signatures for my map.
Type of Request :Signature
Name :Asip
Background :Have it like this
Deathwing coming at you with flaming wings and on the sides of him make a mage(From WoW) and a Warrior(From WoW) on the sides of him)
Other details :I'd like to have it Say World of Warmasters Dev Team on it
And on top of that could I get another one EXACTLY like this but instead of World of Warmasters Dev Team I want it to say World of Warmasters Supporter

Type of Request :Loading Screen
Name :Asip
Background :Mind making 1 orc warrior, a tauren hunter, and human warrior and a dwarven shaman, well looking like they were fighting but make them be looking up to the sky and make the sky all red and in the sky put Deathwing there and down at the bottom like how Blizzard makes there loading screens but instead of having it at the top make something like that but all fancy saying World of Warmasters once again at the bottom.(If you need help with me explaining this what I want please PM me and I will help you)
Other details : Mind making a miniature version of this for the minimap? Thanks. Also where would I put text in like saying the description like a text box on it or something how would it work. Thanks :D

Type of Request :Avatar
Name : Asip
Background : Dont need a background for a avatar
Other details : This is what I want basically, The Lich King looking down at one hand raised up that looks like hes holding fire.
So to basically say. The Lich King's head looking down at hand while hand is raised up with a fire-ball in that hand. Please make a neat avatar pic, thank you so much.

Thanks alot :D
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