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Elfsilver's Skinning Workshop

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Ok, I decided that the Hive needs a skinning workshop, like it did in the old days. I don't know if I can live up to Pins, Hueter, or Afroknight, but Ill try.

Ok, so here is my beautiful skinning workshop. I will only fulfill requests that are unlame. Unlame means no Naruto, no Anime, and no n00bz b3gg1ng for sk1n5. Also, you must at least have say 5 rep and 10 posts as a minimum to request. I will do one request at a time, so please, dont try to stack them on top of me. I can usually get you a skin in 1-2 weeks.

OK, so please use this request form.

Unit to Skin:
What is it for:
*Concept Art:
*Fine Details:

*Not required.

So I hope to get some of you guys some decent skins.

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Level 22
Jun 23, 2007
(Choose either one, does not matter which one. pick the one thats the easiest for you)
Name:Bloody Cryptlord
Base unit:Cryptlord
Project:Its for my project,Rivers of War
Armor:Sort of reddish black Cryptlord armor. Similar to Genobee in Desert of Exile
Weapons:Bloodied claws
Skin/Flesh:BLACK body, so you can see the armor
Fine Details: If possible, make another skin for the Crypt Beetles
If possible, make the eyes sort of fiery, and hero glow should be included
Place the same Chaos star down below onto his armor somehow.

Base Unit:Undead Acolyte
Project:same as above
Armor: no armor, just a dark robe,
Weapons:no weapons, its a worker unit
Skin/Flesh: The eyes of the cultist should be red, the flesh color of the acolyte is fine, keep the tattoos, but add some scars.
Fine Details: During its work anim, make the Glow on his hands a deep red.
Also, if you could put this star on the back of his robe it would be excellent.

Rep for each skin done. Remember, you dont have to do both.
Credits will be given of course. Please try to keep the filesize at a minimum aswell.
Villager & Peasant Barbarian skins:
brownish hair
blue face tattoos
White wolf fur clothing (gloves, boots, jacket (open)
Leather shirt
Brown fur pants
More detailed pickaxe & wood
Simple grey/black recolor of gold bag.

Same details as Peasant, older hair, black with hints of grey/white
Spirit Wolf fur replacing White Wolf furs
Faded blue tattoos of a different style

I've got alot to do atm, but I can work on the second skin if you finish the first, though both would be appreciated.
Level 5
Mar 6, 2008
i'm not requesting anything until i get the sufficient rep or you say otherwise.
but do you do model edits (e.g making the demon hunters blade be a single blade rather than a double ended one.) or custom model skins if the creator of the model is the requestee?

btw i think it is great that you are doing this.

Level 12
Apr 18, 2007
Hmm. I'd like to help. I don't have the rep, because I just got a bunch of neg rep cause I accidently double posted once, oh well =\

I tried skinning one time and it was a complete failure, because: I used paint, eww, and my converters were corrupted. However, now I use irfanview and wc3viewer so it all works. I can do some sample skins if ya want.
Level 12
Apr 18, 2007
Yeah, I'm sorry, I just can't. Paint is being an ass to me, I can't make things like icons cartoony. XD

Reason I'm using paint is because I prefer it to my other stuff when using something that doesn't need alpha channels/TC
Level 10
Jun 21, 2007
can you do futuristic skins? A lot of people have been bugging me to release my resources however I ripped the skin from Unreal so there's no way I'm releasing it, however if you could re-make the skin as an original it would be greatly appreciated. I'll post this to jaijaibinx aswell. +rep will be given if you want it :) plus full credit on the resource submission.
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