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Last Activity:
Aug 5, 2014
Jun 21, 2007


Makes... Stuff.

madcd was last seen:
Aug 5, 2014
    1. nickel510
      So you stopped working on the LotR Risk map? Too bad, it looked like it could be really good :(. I'm actually working on WoW Risk (Priwin gave me permission) and I was wondering if it would be OK to work on your version of LotR, the terrain looked a lot better then the current ones.
      My email is theschoolmasterd@hotmail.com, of course I would give you full credit for everything you've done.
    2. Dr. House
      Dr. House
      ehm you say you sended it but i cant find it anywhere :s
    3. madcd
      not really lol if you want the whole map to build into your own project thats fine with me as long as i'm credited for it but you'll have to try and finish the map theres a few bits to do
    4. Dr. House
      Dr. House
      Do you still work on the lotr risk map?
    5. madcd
      err that was my brother useing my acount becuase i have rep and he dosnt . . . . and i'm sorry but i got uni in less than a week and i'm already bogged down with my own projects i cant say weather i can do it till i've settled in at uni

      MadCD (not whitehawksan who posted that)
    6. Raziel_br
      *rolls around on the floor for a while killing himself laughing*

      Ok.. back to the point at hand, it takes me anywhere form 1-2 days to make something simple like a gun or doodad see the hellsing alucard post for some stuff I did there. and 2-3weeks for a humanoid model.

      So, if I were to spend maybe 2 months building models for your map and then it turned out to be suxxorzlol or you got bored and never finished I'd be pretty annoyed at my wasted effort.

      So, complete your map with stand-in models, release a beta and then bump this post with a link ot the map and chances are a few people might do some of the classes or recomend existing models that fit them.


      you have the alucard model?
    7. madcd
      kinda . . . lol
    8. Archangel_Tidusx
      you've returned?
    9. manstie
      Lol I dunno...? I can make maps? Lol...
    10. Skullclaimer
      request: Play supcom with me :P
    11. madcd
      bombard me with requests again
    12. madcd
      I am back now
    13. Artins the Great
    14. Jaijaibinx
      I have finished ur retexture (i think) see that thread i hope u like it
    15. mikoulis
      hi,because i need too the code geass model that u have convert the 3ds file,if you want to give a try and help me too :)
    16. madcd
      Erm no-idea, my little brothers been away with his band for a while... also I'm moving house on saturday so pot luck ^^ however he was pretty happy with doing it so it will get done :)
    17. Artins the Great
    18. Artins the Great
      Artins the Great
      When do you think the "reterraining" will be done? People are asking questions.
    19. Ghost765
      you get rep like everyday =.=
    20. HeretoDLstuff
      Hi. I'm the guy you made donut models for.

      Could you make a box of donuts? Maybe one with the lid open, and one with the lid closed.

      I think it would be pretty easy for you too. If it isn't too hard I would still like a donut model with a bite in it... but I don't really NEED that.
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