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Terraining Contest #1 - Gloomy

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The Hiveworkshop's Terraining Contest

Gloomy terraining contest

Each contestant must create a gloomy terrain before the deadline.

Contest Rules And Conditions
  1. No submission may violate any Hive Workshop site rules.
  2. No team work is allowed.
  3. Map must based on UTM.
  4. No additional importing is allowed into already existing and most up-to-date UTM map.
  5. No contestant may use his/her old works, submisson must be made exclusivelly for this contest.
  6. Completed submissions must be physically attached to this thread.

Prizes And Winnings
  • First Place: 30 reputation points
  • Second Place: 20 reputation points
  • Third Place: 10 reputation points

Contest Judging And Voting
  • 30 % of the winner shall be determined by the contest's appointed judge(s).

  • 70 % of the winner shall be determined by the results of a public poll.

Contest Dates And Deadline

All submissions must be complete and submitted 4 weeks after the contest begins.
The contest shall begin on 18th of February 2008 and conclude on

18 of march 2008 0:00 AM, GMT

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Contest deadline extended until:

21 of march 2008 0:00 AM, GMT
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Level 17
Nov 26, 2007
I might join. And Bel, way too much light streaming into there. It looks overly exaggerated.

When will we have a terraining contest, that DOES NOT allow ANY custom imports. Not UTM, not Anything. Meaning just In game things. Now THAT would be an actual challange, improvision.
Level 36
Jul 1, 2007
Said too much already :p
Anyway, I started on it. Anyone got a good idea for a concrete hatch? ATM, I'm using tilted banks, but they aren't too great.
'Nd so anyway, I'm nearly finished or maybe I am, attached scween.

Yeah belgarath it looks more like a lazer cannon than a concreet hatch. You shouldn't add any light from above doodads or anything there, just make the whole thing waaayyy darker and put a sized-down to REALLY small white light or glow doodad there. Should work.

And as far as judging goes, I guess I could...
Oh, I wrote nearly finished or maybe I am. That's wrong, what I did was a quick thing I mashed up in 10 minutes. I'll work on it today. But anyway, the hatch goes light-boom before glowing down.

Anyway, HT, Void and Madsen or Jaakko judging? If Jaakko and Madsen are even active.

Got another shot. Added some things, edited the hatch and I like my light, TYVM.


  • Contest Terrain.jpg
    Contest Terrain.jpg
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Level 18
May 27, 2007
Alrighty, worked on my entry, and here are a couple WIP's cus I wasn't able to get on after I took the different pics. I'd like to see what you people think.


  • WC3ScrnShot_021908_190249_06.jpg
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Level 6
Aug 19, 2007
My Terrain for contest

Hello all, I have spent many days doing this terrain. Although im pretty sure it will be last place, I have many reasons as to why I am posting it:
1:Might have a miniscule chance of getting 3rd.
2:Show my terraining skills
3:Enhancing how I terrain
4:Getting feedback
5:Entering a contest, which I have never done before.
6:This site is for pros and noobs alike, I don't want the contest dominated by pros so I am showing us noob terrainers we can try too! :grin:

This once rich and powerful land has been ripped of its soul by the evil within the ponds. Fires burn forevermore and little leaves hang by threads onto shrubs as does the soul of the forest hang onto dear life.

I am wondering if we are allowed to write a ^ description ^ of our terrain. If not please tell me. I have used UTM.


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Level 4
Feb 10, 2008
Here is my entry it's just about done (minor tweaking and so on). Constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated.


  • Gloom (1).jpg
    Gloom (1).jpg
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  • Gloom (2).jpg
    Gloom (2).jpg
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  • Gloom (3).jpg
    Gloom (3).jpg
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Level 5
Dec 12, 2006
Hmm Well i think that i have mine ready. It's really small though... Based on any normal map.

Constructive critisim wanted. :)
Also I like the end of the world theme.
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Level 36
Jul 1, 2007
Troubadour I really like yours, but two suggestions--

First, get a better camera angle (looking more up than down) so we can see the entire room.
Second, make a dim light from above angled doodad coming from the top of the stairs to make it look like a door is there, or even better, make a shot looking at the door and have a light from above doodad sneaking out from under it! :D
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