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Last Activity:
Jun 19, 2017
Nov 26, 2007


Well-Known Member

Steel_Stallion was last seen:
Jun 19, 2017
    1. Saken
      I don't get the this site... my map still hasn't been approved but altered melee maps where the editor didn't even add much to the map gets approved. Maps where people can't even make a proper ramp using cliffs get approved too.
    2. Saken
      You da realest
    3. Saken
    4. Directive255
      Steel_Stallion, [IMG]
    5. The_wand_mirror
      Yeah i've read mistborn and elantris already. But what's up with that elantris sequal it's just a 200 page side story?
    6. The_wand_mirror
      Stormlight is my new thing after finishing wheel of time ;p

      I actually think it's already better...
    7. Rui
      Nice to see ya posting =)
    8. TehJarl
      Norse_Jarl? I think I knew you under that alias. Anyway I recall you introduced me to San Andreas RP where we had Irish characters with our shenanigans. Ill def look up NW2 and I do know narks as well.
    9. TehJarl
      Hey dude, It's Eucadia, from waaaaay back in Wc3. Been lurking around the remnants of Wc3 RP. Not sure if you remember me heh, but what you've been up to?
    10. GhostThruster
    11. Avex
      I tried SC2 but it's editor is so overly complicated and obnoxious that I can't use it. The terrain editor lags like shit no matter what settings I use (and I have a good PC), and I don't like how it's a free-moving mouse for terrain unlike Sc1/Wc3's editors.
    12. Avex
      Boo, that's a shame. I've been searching for unprot'd SotDRPs for years and haven't gotten any luck because Anarki likes to hog them for himself (which is.. stupid).
    13. Avex
      So what exactly happened to RaRP, SotDRP, XRP, RotRP, etc, are there are any unprotected versions floating around? I'd love to make terrain for some.
    14. AwzomeWulfzz
      Do you have any other updated RP maps other than your DnD map?
    15. AwzomeWulfzz
      Steel, are you still goin' on the hive (see what I did there)? I'd like to see your RARP Crusade map and other RP maps, me and my friends are actually getting tired of RotRP, XRP, Sotdrp, Titan Land, etc. Would be a pleasure if you do.
    16. May90
      Thank you for suggestion, but, unfortunately, Neverwinter Nights 2 does not work on my laptop for some reason. I've never had a chance to play the game due to this.

      WoW and SWTOR look like the best ways to go for RP, but unfortunately roleplaying community in SWTOR is too thin to do any roleplaying outside small guilds, so my hopes are for WoW right now...
    17. Childeric
      Steel it's your ol' boy Cham. What channel you hangout in nowadays on US East?
    18. Alukard-
      Get on skype plz
    19. Estus
      I think its fantastic setting, please finish it and make the FINAL version, players must play! Hahaha, I await a response.
    20. Rakaesa
      Steel, Could I have an unprotected version of the map? I'd like to build roleplay/story setups in advance since a lot of people are impatient, and maybe even change the terrain (I wouldn't make it an official version, I'd give credit of the original to you and just say I edited it.) I might even add unit shops, new heroes, that sort of thing.
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    WarCraft 3 Account:
    Steel_Stallion, MadManic
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    US East
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    Kirin Tor
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