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Last Activity:
Jul 7, 2012
Jan 16, 2008
student, for now


Schoolpwnt, from Croatia

Volvox was last seen:
Jul 7, 2012
    1. nickel510
      Hello! I was reading your Fog tutorial, and I had a question about fog that I ask you please answer :). It is this: does fog cause a lot of lag? My map uses fog and to me it seems to cause lag, from what people who play it are telling me. IE when I look at this area with fog I lag, if I look somewhere else I don't lag. The area with fog also has few doodads, so it further makes me wonder, is fog worth it? Is there any way to get around fog-causing lag? And if not, are there any other tools that cause little-to-no-lag that could create an effect similar to what fog does?

      Thanks for tutorial and for any help! +rep for tutorial
    2. 04gusigo
      Oi. Me and dcomplex are reviving the team at 3xvirtual.net
    3. RaijinSpark
    4. 04gusigo
      Yo volvox! long time no see man... what would you say if I was to show your artwork on my website? (yeah... I've made a new one :D) Also, if you have any terraining maps that you've made for warcraft, could I upload them there to?
    5. Paladon
      Your new icon is funny somehow.
      Do you have a larger version, the one you worked with?
      I´m just curious, i don´t think you stole it ;)
    6. bounty hunter2
    7. bounty hunter2
      bounty hunter2
      You made a mistake reping me for "awesome" icons, since I haven't made any, I jsut voted. Try reping the person you really intended to :P
    8. Dr Super Good
      Dr Super Good
      Currently I do believe your signature is being cropped due to its height. I would recommend restructuring it to be wider or else reducing its height.
    9. Paladon
    10. Paladon
      Heyho, are you going to update this icon sometime soon?

      BTNBoonOfUndead - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site
    11. Misha
      check my albums for squiggy paint-ups or just peek into anime group
    12. Misha
      nice pics in ur galery =3 altho you need to work on manga moar xD
    13. Elfsilver Lord
    14. Elfsilver Lord
    15. LiOneSS
      yes, I love it!
    16. Paladon
      Would you like to hide your reputation for some time? ( User CP / Edit Options)
      Most of our group´s members do that for some time now.
    17. spiwn
      Well, I think I can do all 3 :D
      But they all depend on the rest of the map(or at least some part of it).
      I am just trying to say I know very little of the project, for now.
    18. spiwn
      Nice :)
      Though this is a bad time :D
      The S&S mini contest and 4 exams. But I am good to go, heck I am willing to even drop the last :P
      The 3 systems you described do not sound too complicated(rating the buildings one the most troublesome, but it should be doable).
    19. Eccho
      :D Yaaay. Well, as soon as Thursday is over I will be pretty much available. I have some English for next week tho, but other than that...

      Then I am also entering the triggers and scripts mini-contest;) but its only a 13 days competition and doesn't bother me that much if I miss it. But I'm glad you are back on track!

      Darn I just slept away 2hours of the afternoon. It's gonna get tough to sleep now :/
    20. Eccho
      Yeah, I saw that, damn great : )
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  • About

    student, for now
    Current Project:
    hommw3 (heroes of might and magic w3) - 20% complete
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Night Elf
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Well i was born and i'm gonna die, everything in between is irrelevant.

    Astronomy, gaming, tiny shiny objects, medieval weaponry, archery, programming etc.


    Heroes of might and magic W3
    Terrain: oooooooooo
    Spells: oooooooooo
    Races: oooooooooo
    Storyline: ooooooo
    Meh art gallery
    [​IMG] <-- Click me for a free cookie
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