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Nov 10, 2009
Aug 19, 2007

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Nov 10, 2009
    1. rightous
      Hey - what're the chances this account is still linked to your email? would love a catchup - Miaow567 (terrible username in retrospect)
    2. gangu
      hey can you unprotect the map ? i want to continue your work for TBOS! It's so cool , or maybe you can improve it?
      lol *big woops*, well ive had a LOT on my hands these past weeks and also still have. Exams nearing so i have like absolutely no time to dble check or pay attention to this D:. soz lol
    4. varsaigen
      in contests you need to a post picture (s) of your work.
      lol, :D "I Understand that there are several balance issues which I need to iron out" is what i meant though. ok then, your a negative guy but im positive. :D also...AOE dmg doesnt fix it lol, ima read JASS tutorials cya :D
    6. Ash
      Fancy continuing it via User Pages? If it doesn't seem it, I do want to help people in their maps ;)

      I didn't really get the first part, the map pages are critique for the map creator, other people may take heed of my critique, but I wouldn't say that -- at the moment -- I have that much 'swing' with The Hives public.

      The second paragraph doesn't really make sense.

      And as for the third; this is from your original reply.

      'The different weapons ARE balanced as they all relate to Assault Rifle, i.e. From the Assault rifle as a base I either added/took away Damage from the weapon but increased/decreased the attack speed that same amount either way. I Understand that there are several balance issues which I need to iron out, but "scrap"(ing) the different modes and seemingly the whole map as you made it look, is a overstatement.'

      You didn't say that there are balance issues, you said the opposite

      As for the next paragraph (single shot, etc) if there are options for different guns that do exactly the same thing, is there any real need for that ability?

      And no, I don't aim to appease people. If I find things that I think can be improved, I'll say so. And I say exactly the same for dota. If you look over here (its a link to the Hive Tutorial I wrote) then you'll see how I review maps, and at the bottom I left a review for dota.

      Also, you say you have an issue with making JASS triggers, why not just create an attack that is AoE? It'll have the same effect, it just won't look as good.

      I hope this clears things up a bit more :P

      '"Unacceptible as it is"-To you maybe, however in by posting that comment you have made others think that this map "sucks" when they ould play it for themselves and give their own opinion. Discrediting my map eh?

      Also, its called "constructive critisism". not "Negative feedback".

      As i said in my previous reply, """I understand that there ae sveral balance issues""" or didnt you read that?

      Minigun can have burst fire or single-shot. This is when the gunner puls the trigger-then lets go-and pulls again. Maybe its not the weapon that does the burst firing but the gunner?

      Ty, lol, dont aim to please people eh? well maybe i map isnt top notch but in the process of? DOTA didnt start out as the Top notch map it is now did it?

      Lol JASS...theres a spanner in the works. Ill try read it again but im pretty sure i still wont get it.

      1:i accept that
      2:You could try to be honest and positive at the same time? e.g. "Your map doesnt have a something...but just make sure you add it"-instead of "this is severely screwed"
      3:Try to appease the "majority" maybe?
      4:Lol, got that right. SFX is no one of my strong points, Animations? i cant even model, and i do not understand the "Backswing point" and those kinds of fields in the model editor. Help would be appreciated.
      5:i didnt say 5/5 i said not 1/5 at least...Plus those testers were complete strangers who had joined the map and i encouraged them to tell me what they really thought.

      Btw the "Good Luck" at the end is what i am looking for ^_^. Positive talk.
      Kk, i would like to end this conversation so others hav a chance to reply on this page lol. Ty for your advice!'
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