Pew Pew Arena BETA 0.9.1

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This map combines Arena style combat, heavily reliant on skillshot mechanics, with Capture the flag elements.
2-6 players fight over the Red, Green and Blue Orbs which bring victory to the team that captures them all.
This was made on a patch 1.27b client
There are issues with memory leaks at the moment. It might take a while to exit the game if you've played for a long time and used the -rmk command a lot.

Wind System
Inspired by the Worms games, this map features a Wind System which will affect the various projectiles fired by the different players.
Every so often, the wind will change strength and direction, forcing players to adapt and maneuvre in order to improve their position.

Pseudo Physics Projectile Simulation
Different projectiles have different physical properties, affecting how much damage they deal and how they interact with gravity and the wind.

Remake System
Did your teammate leave? Want a remake? This map features a full remake system, allowing you to reset from the very start of the game.
During the game, type -rmk to cast your vote to remake the game. If you change your mind, type -rmk again to toggle your vote back to "no". If more than half the players AND Player 1 vote yes, the game is instantly restarted.
After a team has won, the Remake option is open to Player 1, allowing him to type -rmk to instantly remake.

Dynamic Player Index System
Players are automatically indexed after their actual number amongst the player group. Therefore, if only Blue, Yellow and Orange (normally players 2, 5 and 6) are playing, they are automatically indexed as players 1, 2 and 3.
No Player 1(Red) necessary. This allows any combination of player slots to be occupied, and the map will nevertheless run.

Choose Game Modes
The first thing that happens is that Player 1 is prompted to choose game modes; Team Mode or Free-for-All. If the number of players is 2,3 or 5, there is only one viable option, which is forced. On 6 players, you can choose between the team modes 2v2v2 and 3v3, and of course Free-for-All. The choosing player is led through the process step-by-step by the game.

Pick an Archer Type
Once game modes are decided upon, it's time for each player to choose their Archer. If you're quick to pick, you have some time to test the wind system with your arrows before the game starts. When you've picked, your Archer is given a Bow with +6 Agility and a Quiver with +4 Agility.

Purchase Options
Players now have a chance ton spend their own starting gold to select extra game options that affect ALL players. For example turning off friendly fire.

After the picking and option phases, the players' heroes are teleported to their respective home bases in the arena, where the battling happens.
Battling is done by shooing projectiles at each other. Projectiles have an inital speed, which gradually tapers off. Increase your Agility, or make sure to shoot in the direction of the wind to boost your firepower!
The other stats, strength and intelligence, increase health and health regeneration, and mana respectively. Mana is used to fire special projectiles, or use other abilities.

The game is won by collecting all three of the Orbs (Red, Green and Blue) and bringing them home to your base.
The Orbs spawn around the middle of the map at the start of the game. Orbs reduce your move speed when you carry them and are dropped upon death.
Orbs can be thrown in a chosen direction. You do this the way you use any item. Thrown Orbs have physical properties and are affected by wind, just like any projectile.

Killing and Dying
Killing another player gives you increased map control, upping your chances to win, but it also gives you a chance to put your hands on their items, as all items, except the 2 you start out with, drop on death.

A short duration after you die a Ghost unit appears at your corpse. Use its "Ressurrect" ability on one of the two Graveyards placed on the map in order to revive your Archer!

There are quite a few items in the game other than the 2 you start out with. These items drop to the ground when you die!

Gear increases different stats; agility, strenght, intellect, Move Speed.

Consumables are items that can be used, such as wards and potions.

Arcane Items
Currently there are only 2 Arcane Items in the game; Tome of Experience and the Staff of the Enchanted Wind, which changes the strength and direction of the wind to the user's desire.

Every once in a while a powerup will spawn in the central area of the arena. Examples of powerups are runes of healing and coins, which give you gold.

When the game is over, or during it if enough people vote, the game can be remade fully from the start.

There may be lag and take a long time to exit if the map has been running for a while with a lot of players. This is most likely due to memory leaks. I'm having some trouble identifying them though.
I'm unhappy with how the core game loop feels. It's sometimes easy for one player to bombard another with projectiles, killing them very easily. But at the same time it might be necessary for players to die fairly quickly, or it would be too easy to capture all the orbs. But then again, sometimes the wind makes it extremely hard to damage someone who is about to capture.

A big thank you to everyone who has helped on the forums. I'm always amazed by how active the community is after so many years. But the biggest thanks goes to GIMLI_2 for providing me with lots of help on PMs, and the Unit Indexer I'm using! It was a long time ago, but I remember :)

P.S. I lost my previous account, this is a new one.

Pew Pew Arena BETA (0.9.1) (Map)

No improvements yet, sadly. Substandard.


Map Reviewer
Level 61
Jun 4, 2009
No information in the quest log.
There should be commands, game modes and stuff.

Right now, it's just one game mode that doesn't even have a self restart as in deathmach mode. Once the enemy dies, the survivor can just move the orbs without issues and then the game has to be manually restarted.

Awaiting Update.

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Shar Dundred
Level 3
Jun 23, 2020
Right now, it's just one game mode that doesn't even have a self restart as in deathmach mode. Once the enemy dies, the survivor can just move the orbs without issues and then the game has to be manually restarted.
When you die you turn into a ghost unit, which can ressurect at one of the two Graveyards. The game can be restarted ingame with the -rmk command, either by a majority vote or single handedly by player #1 when one team/player has won. No offense, but shouldn't you know this as an official map reviewer?
Level 3
Sep 25, 2015
- " -c " command doesnt work after remaking
- abilities kind of underwhelming for pure pvp arena type of map considering you control only one unit
- i think default movement should higher, feels bit slow-paced for an action arena