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Naruto - Survival Arena v5.2.1

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This is an arena with obstructed visibility. There are neutrals. Neutrals sometimes drop items. You can buy different items. The point of the game is to score a set number of points. It is installed by the 1st player. Neutrals – 1, heroes – 10, death of your hero – (-5). When a hero dies, you do not lose gold. After the death of a hero, you can change abilities. This is done mainly to adapt to different situations. Or just for fun. Abilities do not improve, they are already realized as they are. Your hero can grow up to level 15. This is done to increase your health, mana and armor. There are 2 game modes: 1) every man for himself; 2) team play. In the first mode, a common fountain is installed in the middle of the map for all players. In the second mode, each team has its own fountain at its bases, which can attack. The greatest emphasis is placed on the “every man for himself” mode. Basically, players are required to be vigilant and able to scout the territory. Duels are held at certain times. Opponents are selected randomly. You can also call the card for fun, since there is partial randomness. We don’t quite know the enemy’s abilities, we don’t know the opponent who will be caught in a duel. Therefore, vigilance and caution are required here. The card also implements the “EITHER OR” idea. That is, you are not given all the abilities at once. You will never be perfect. You are always faced with a choice.

1. Tsunade download model
2. Kisame's Shark download model
3. Explode seal download model
4. Water prison download model
5. Gaara download model
6. Gamabunta download model
7. Deidara's bird download model
8. Smoke when creating a Clone download model
9. Zabuza download model
10. Itachi Mangekyu Sharingan download model
11. Katsuya download model
12. Kisame download model
13. Kisame merging with semehada download model
14. Manda download model
15. Naruto young download model
16. Orotimaru download model
17. Pakkun download model
18. Different eyes download model
19. C-3 download model
20. Sasuke young download model
21. Sasuke Cursed seal download model
22. Tobi download model

23. Shukaku download model

1. Atom Shield download model
2. Dragon's Face download model
3. Blink download model
4. Impale download model
5. Explosion effect download model
6. Nuclear missile explosion download model
7. Mine explosion download model
8. Exposure to sand download model
9. Sand Trap download model
10. Sand Explosion download model
11. Sand Wave download model
12. Sand aura download model
13. Light wave download model
14. Protection of Darkness download model
15. Black Hole effect download model
16. Ice Nova download model

If I missed any model or special effect that is on this map, you can find it on the website: click

1. Byakugan youtube

2. Obito kamui youtube or youtube
3. Kakasi kamui youtube
4. Chidori youtube
5. Rasengan youtube
6. Kawarami no Jutsu youtube
7. Tsukiemi youtube
8. Jutsu youtube
9. Amaterasu youtube

v2.5.1 from 07.09.2023
*removed unnecessary items
*fixed some bugs

v2.5.2 from 07.09.2023
*fixed bugs naruto

v3.0 from 11.09.2023
*Fixed Orochimaru bug - Dash with kusanagi
*Enhanced Tobi - Submission ability
*The landscape has been changed. Now the village
*Experience is no longer awarded for killing neutral mobs
*Overview of all units and heroes is always 1800 (both day and night)

v3.0.1 from 11.09.2023
* Fixed bug Orochimaru-Dash with kusanagi
* Fixed the Obito - immaterial bug

v3.0.2 from 12.09.2023
*Fixed audio issues

v3.0.3 from 13.09.2023
*Some shortcomings have been corrected

v3.0.4 from 17.09.2023
*Fixed visibility issues
*Enhanced Kisame - Water barrier ability
*Added soundtrack to the duel
*Minor changes in abilities

v3.1 from 09/09/2023
*Added a new hero - Kimimaro
*Fixed Naruto - Page bug
*Neutral mobs now appear from the beginning of the game

v3.3 from 29/09/2023
*Added a new hero - Haku

v3.4 from 05/10/2023
*Heroes' health increased by 400
*Multiple items added
*Minor changes

v3.5 from 11.10.2023
*Added items
*Now the level can be raised for neutrals
*Minor changes

v3.5.2 from 14.10.2023
*Fixed the infinite caton bug

v3.5.3 from 16.10.2023
*Improved smoothness of Rasengan, Push, Fisure
*Optimized Samehada and Neji - SilencePassive

v3.6 from 21.10.2023
*Added a new hero - Ino
*Replaced Obito - FireBall ability with Izanagi
*Changed the ability of Kakashi - Suiton
*Other changes in abilities, cooldowns

v3.6.3 from 22.10.2023
*Fixed a bug with Itachi
*Fixed a bug with Eno

v3.7 from 04.11.2023
*Added a new hero - Minato

v3.8 from 17.11.2023
*Now after the death of the hero, the cooldown of abilities is reset
*Added prefabricated items
*Replaced the ability of Kakashi - Wall, with CopyJutsu
*Fixed the Minato - Dash bug
*Fixed the bug of Neji - Protective Vortex
*Changed the ability of Tsunade - Push
*Abilities are arranged in the selected order

v3.8.3 from 22.11.2023
**Fixed some bugs
*Reduced prices for items
*Minor changes

v3.8.7 from 07.12.2023
*Fixed bugs with the duel zone
*Fixed a bug with sharingan
*Minor changes in abilities
*Fixed a bug with the ninjutsu mastery-2 item

v4 from 12.13.2023
*The landscape has been changed to winter

v4.0.4 from 18.12.2023
*Fixed the Deidara Morph bug
*Fixed the Minato Omnislash bug

v5.1.1 from 04.04.2024
* Added "Every man for himself" mode
* The maximum number of players is 10
* A game for points. Hero: (+10), Neutral: (+1), death: (-5)
* Landscape "Summer Lorderon"
* Neutral mobs are enhanced
* The mana of the heroes has been reduced
* In the "Team Game" mode, fountains are located on the bases of the teams
* In the "Every man for himself" mode, there is a fountain in the middle of the map
* Some heroes have lost their abilities. So not everyone has all 8 abilities.
* Recipes for items have been removed. Now you can just buy an item
* Some item characteristics are removed, items are weakened
* Added runes: damage, speed, clone, invisibility, regeneration, coin
* The Explosive Seals item and the Mines ability can only be broken with Suriken Demon Air or with a ranged attack

v5.2 from 20.04.2024
* Balance changes

If you find a bug or an error, you can write to the mail: [email protected]

Naruto - Survival Arena v5.2.1_b (Map)

Heroes have no descriptions. How are players to decide which to choose simply by the hero names alone? Not much going on other than brawl and repeat. Nice scripted abilities and items, though. Not sure about the gameplay balance. Approved.


Map Reviewer
Level 70
Jun 4, 2009
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Level 2
Oct 5, 2023
This map is great but there are a few issues. Firstly, The health and mana in my opinion needs to be nerfed. Also the idea of instantly unlocking all of the abilities is too overpowered. Instead with dropping items the neutral enemies should give exp with which the abilities can be unlocked. Overall however,this map is pretty solid.
Level 13
Oct 18, 2013
Got around to playing the map. It actually has quite a few novel effects, namely;
- Genjustu being a conditional ability based on enemies facing towards you
- Neji's ramping attack speed
- Summons that chase targets gaining ramping movespeed until killed!

As far as balance, looking at each heroes' kit kind of revealed a glaring problem in this game: that each hero either counters or is HARD countered by the enemy. Rock < Paper < Scissors gameplay isn't bad in itself, but there needs to be countermeasures in a game like this. As it stands, if my enemy doesn't have a transformation to reduce my spell damage by half, I can just burst them down with spells and items. If they don't have anything for protection from auto-attacks, I can stunlock them with 65% Bash. I suppose the current version of this doesn't let you change abilities so if you are greedy it can bite back. This is also less of an issue if you have full teams, but in 2v2/3v3 it can lead to games won on ability select.

- Maybe some basic abilities like Kunai, Kawarimi, etc. being available to all heroes? Possibly, you get to pick 1 of them in addition to your 4 hero abilities?
- A way of upgrading abilities (I like the above user's solution)
- A way of paying some cost to swap out abilities (maybe you get 2 points each hero level, swapping out costs 5?)

More specific suggestions:
- Explosive Kunai explodes at target point instead of max distance (minimum 450) Increase the effect's animation speed when it explodes too, model would look less janky
- Offensive items share cooldown.
- Cooldown on Haku's passive.
- Nerf item damage, maybe it scales with hero level though?
- An item for %Spell Resistance.
- Increase cost per second of Byakugan and Sharingan
- You can leap into the duel arena and rig where the opponent zones in with explosive notes. Hilarious, but should probably fix that ;)
- Deidara has Sleep and Siphon Mana? Guessing that wasn't intended (=
- After using Deidara's suicide, he was unselectable.
- The armor debuffs on abilities lasts 20s, I'd probably cut that down. I'll actually just make a sublist of some of the stuff that seems too good.
* 50% MR from transformations
* The attack damage buffs on a few abilities (iirc Gaara's is like 200, and Orochimaru's 350!?)
* I'd take a look at most of the passives. 7s silence onhit, 65% bash for 2s. stuff like this leads to degenerate play patterns.
(Nerfing these abilities will let you do compensation buffs, like reducing Cooldown/Cost for more fluid and less binary gameplay.)
- Maybe some of the %move slow abilities are too strong too. There are a good few mobility abilities, but 80% slow when you didn't pick any of these will feel bad.

Overall, looks fun! might play with friends sometime after an update.
Level 2
Sep 2, 2023
Thank you for viewing the map.
Yes, indeed, the balance here is lame.
Yes, I specifically do not add items such as increasing resistance to magic or increasing the health reserve, as I want magic to always be relevant both at the beginning and at the end of the game. The only way is to raise the hero's level, thereby increasing survivability. At about level 10, the hero's life becomes 2 times more.
I wanted to make a game where you need to be able to quickly dodge abilities, through blink or kawarami, for example.
I agree with the explosive kunai, it would be necessary to make the effect wider)))
Level 13
Oct 18, 2013
To be fair, I don't think the balance is lame. For broader appeal, I think the ability to swap abilities would be helpful for a more casual audience. But being hardlocked into your build does have a charm to it!

Some ways to soften how hard some builds counter others is to reduce their effectiveness (well duh). If you insist on no spell resist itemization (even something with like 10% + some other effect would suffice btw), then you could and do one of the following;
1.) Push down HP growth, Reduce base spell damage and add scaling to abilities. OR
2.) Increase movespeed of heroes and spell cast times across the board to make dodges easier

Nejis bash having diminishing returns would be nice too (either the duration or the %proc going down on targets for each time they've been hit by it recently would work).