Music Contest #1 - Races

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Contestants will choose a race from warcraft lore and develop a musical piece around that race. Though the piece does not have to be used as background music for WC3, it should be related to the race in a way that makes sense.
(Example: If I chose trolls as my race, I can include a percussion part that includes tribal drums. I can explain that by saying trolls live a shamanistic life style so they would use tribal drums. But if I included some thrash metal guitar riffs, I can't say "they are awesome just like trolls". It must make sense.)

Blood Elf
Night Elf
Elemental (Water Elementals, Reef Elementals, Fire Lord, etc.)

(Though it doesn't matter if two contestants choose the same race, we have a nice wide selection here, lets get a variety)


  • No submission may violate any of the site rules.
  • If a submission does not follow the Rules of the contest the creator will be disqualified.
  • All submissions must follow the current theme. If any musical piece does not fit, a moderator will tell you as soon as possible as to avoid confusion.
  • Your submission must be posted before the deadline. Your post must include the music in an accepted file Format (MP3, OGG, or MIDI) and an accompanying explanation of the song (i.e. explain how it fits into the theme).
  • Your submission may not be started/made before the official launch of the contest.
  • Judges and/or hosts may not participate.
  • Your final submission must be finished and logically conclude and start.
  • Teamwork is not allowed.
  • You may not include long periods of silence in your song - rests are allowed but using 30 seconds of continuous silence simply to fill up space is not allowed.
  • Your song must include at least 2 parts(You basically can't have an entire song containing only a single instrument soloing)
  • You must post at least 1 WiP before the deadline so your final work can be verified as your own.
  • Minimum length is 1 minute, there is no maximum length (please keep it reasonable, 20 minute entries may create the necessity for a maximum length).
  • Any method of music production is allowed, including using Sequencers, Virtual Instruments, Sound Samples (granted you provide the source of the original sound sample) and standard recording.
  • Contestants may use any program to create their music. Essentially, the only part that is judged or limited is the final product.
  • No former works can be submitted, the piece must be new and created to fit the theme.
  • All entries must be accompanied by an explanation of how the song fits into the theme and the chosen race. The Race that you have chosen must be clearly indicated in the final entry post.
  • Vocals can be used, though the part being judged is the overall sound. Essentially the Vocals are being treated as if they were Instruments. Since this is a music contest, the sound is the product being judged, not the lyrics.
  • Though Sampling is allowed, it must be within reason:
    1. If you use an instrument sound sample for a Sampling VSI (basically if you just use the sound for the instrument, and make it play your music) you must provide the source of the sound, be it a website or an individual.
    3. You may use Royalty free sound samples - but you must provide the source of the sample.
    4. The final song must be at least 75% of your writing - In essence, you can use a royalty free drum loop (or other form of sampled material) in your song, but if you chose to you must create enough of the other material or use in such a way that it can be said that YOU wrote 75% of the song. Samples of instruments simply to be used for a sequencer (like building a drum line out of specific drums or using a pitch altering sampler to make a melody out of a sound sample from an instrument) are exempt from the 75% rule.


  • First Place: 40 reputation points and your entry on an award icon
  • Second Place: 25 reputation points and an award icon
  • Third Place: 15 reputation points and an award icon


  • Army-of-Pandas
  • Spectre4802
  • Tell us if you want to judge!


How well does it fit in with the theme and your selected race?/30

How original is the piece? How creative are you with the theme/instruments/etc./20

Basically, how well does it flow? Are accents used to good effect? Do overall levels make sense? etc. /20

How well is it composed? Do the key changes make sense?/30

75% of the final score shall be determined by the contest's appointed judges.
25% of the final score shall be determined by a public poll.​


  • The contest shall begin on January 17th and conclude on March 3rd, 11:59 PM, GMT

Current Contestants - please notify me or one of the judges if you drop out, a post in this thread is fine - more are still welcome to join
  • HappyTauren
  • Dentothor
  • naitsirk
  • Watchman
  • CoBrA b - Final Entry - Final Entry
  • Fanny.Shaver Final Entry
  • Teuncreemers
  • DudeSpirit
  • Xarwin
  • CloudWolf
  • Nara-shikamaru
  • Just_Spectating
  • HappyCockroach
  • Darkgamma
  • EMPerror
  • EvilKnight
  • havard1993
  • Drenferalis Final Entry
  • KeLeNoR


Here are some free to use resources that can get you started:​
  • Audacity: Free Audio recording program - though you have to start a new track every time you record (cut and paste across tracks to deal with this), this handy audio program has nearly no latency (non-noticeable) and is a great start for people recording actual instruments.
  • ModPlug Tracker: A tracker composing program. Pretty easy to use and powerful. Doesn't come with very many instruments although more are easy to get.
  • NoteWorthy Composer: Another composing program that relies heavily on sheet music.
  • FL Studio (formerly known as Fruity Loops): Another powerful composer. Has a bit of a steep learning curve and also is not free but there is a trial version you can use.
  • Switch Audio Converter: Free audio file changing program - can convert to less commenly used audio file types like RAW's and Orggis Vorbis along with the big ones like MP3's (Can convert iTunes locked format too).
  • Psycle: A free sequencer type program - similar to Mod Plug. Has a bit of a learning curve, though it's pretty powerful when used correctly.
  • Mp3 Direct Cut: Simplistic audio editing program that allows you to edit Mp3 directly, from their original file (don't forget to back up the original).
  • Krystal Audio Engine: Similar to Audacity, though this program is tooled more towards people editing or mixing music - recording can generate some terrible latency. (Essentially its more powerful then Audacity, but much more difficult to record a sound directly to it)
  • Hammerhead Rythm Station: A free drum machine that has built in sounds geared towards Electronica and Dance music. Also supports importing your own drum sounds via userbanks (some userbanks are provided on the site) and the entire sound library can be edited if you get more advanced with it - Drum parts can be exported as wav's and then used in your music. You will want to use Switch Audio engine if you plan on importing your own sounds as it only supports the RAW format.
  • Guitar Pro 5 - A popular Tab program that is capable of producing MIDI works. When used with the RSE plugins it can produce some realistic guitar/bass/drum parts. There is a trial version that allows for 15 days free - RSE can't be used in the trial version
  • Acoustica Beatcraft a drum machine that works similarly to Hammerhead but with more power (like the ability to use triplets). The free trial can be downloaded multiple times
  • FamiTracker: Sequencer for producing old school Nes/Famicon music. Music made from this can be played on an actual NES or Famicon (if you happen to know how to transfer such works to a game cartridge)
  • Suggest some more!
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Nov 29, 2008
Awesome! I'm in for sure. I'm already thinking of doing something with the Tauren.

GL to everyone. I hope to see many epic compositions.
When it says that teamwork is not allowed, does that mean I can't include my band? I can only play guitar and bass so I can't really make a song all on my own even if I write it on my own. Though it won't be possible to know if I really did write it on my own.

Well if your the only one on THW and you come up with the parts I don't see why not - I don't see a difference between having a band play music and having VST instruments play it.

can i be a judge?

If you have knowledge in music theory then yes you can judge.

It's good to see so many people are interested in this contest - gl to all who join
You totally misunderstood the meaning of that rule.

Recreating music from Wc2 isn't essentially meaning you are the original creator, nor is it created to fit the theme - It was already written at a time to fit a certain theme, even if it was the races from the last game. We want original pieces here - if you want to remake the Wc2 music fine, it just can't be entered into the contest (making a request for music would be more suited for the music or request forums anyways.)

If perhaps you meant to recreate the style, but not specific pieces, from Wc2 then that is fine - as long as the music is also meant to fit the theme of a race.
You aren't paying attention - the rule refers to any previous work made by the user. Hell, you can reproduce anything, but it will flunk on originality and fail the 75% minimum, but you can't post something you or anybody else made a while ago as an entry.

Long story short: the rule means you can't post something you made before the contest.
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Dec 28, 2009
Awesome competition!

Isn't music like totally subjectif shit?
How'd you judge that?

They will probably judge it by the piece of music that best suits the race and is good to listen to. Also they would judge it by the piece of music that wouldn't get boring after 2 seconds of listening regarding people to mute the warcraft 3 sounds and start there itunes up or something.

Anyhowz good luck to the musicians and may the best musician win,

PS: Can't wait to listen to them all :D, and people stop begging for JUDGE position if they want you to be a JUDGE they will choose you, you don't have to beg.
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Oct 12, 2007
I made 3 pieces so far.
One is a bit like an african tribe, I would call it for the Forest Troll race.
The other one is with alot of horns and trumpets, more like lord of the rings music so would call it for humans or high elves or something.
The 3rd one is with viols and is a bit like Irish pub music like you usually hear in dwarven pubs in nearly any rpg like WoW, Warhammer. So I could connect that to dwarves.

Still wips while I dont know which one to chose.
Am I able to add multiple pieces to a post on hive and see what most people seem to like so I know which one to submit?:)
I'm done with the music, but i need a good audio program to do drums and record it, anyone know a good audio program (not FL studios)?

Check the first page - a whole list of programs.

Well I guess it's safe to say that I'm in. I will user Guitar Pro to create drums (or use the sounds in my guitar amplifier), PowerTab Editor to create the bass and record the Guitar on my own.

Hammerhead drum station should sound better then the MIDI Guitar Pro (also more reliable then the sometimes skippy RSE). In the end it's up to you but I've noticed many people have missed the list of free programs that was added to the first post. You could also use the RSE Bass for the Bass parts - sounds pretty realistic in some cases.

Edit: btw this theme rating is dumb in my opinion.
An human theme can also be an high elf theme for example.

Too late now then - the contest has been approved as is - and that argument doesn't work for all - an Orc theme should definitely sound different then a Human theme.

Also, nice work so far Happy Tauren

Still wips while I dont know which one to chose.
Am I able to add multiple pieces to a post on hive and see what most people seem to like so I know which one to submit?:)

No thats not fair to the others
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Nov 29, 2008
My WIP, guess race.
FL Studio.

Wow. That sounds awesome. I love the storm and everything. I have no idea which race it is, however.

At any rate, I managed to get something written down last night: the introduction and main theme. This is still very much a WIP, so criticism is welcome, and comments much appreciated.

The composition begins with a slow, gentle Adagio, as, fifty years before the arrival of the Orcs on the shores of Kalimdor, the sun gently peeks over the horizon, sending out its first rays over the vast plains of Mulgore. The gentle silence is broken by the sweet sound of a flute, played by a Tauren atop a hill, awakening his brothers and sisters.

P.S. The volume's kinda low, so you might want to turn your computer's volume up a bit before listening.


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