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CoBrA b
Last Activity:
Oct 14, 2011
Nov 29, 2008

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CoBrA b

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Oct 14, 2011
    1. deepstrasz
    2. NightStalker
    3. fladdermasken
      Get back in here already!
    4. thedeathunterxx
      hey cobra!

      i just saw one of your musical compositions "extraction"! that was awesome man

      i make musical compositions too. inception is also one of my most favorite inspirations.
    5. tooltiperror
      Would you happen to be a violinist?
    6. Rui

      Your entry for the first music competition, "Songs of the Earth Mother", kinda inspired me to try those free music programs out there. With which ones did you produce that piece with?

      Thanks in advance!
    7. fladdermasken
      Thank you very much CoBrA, I love your entry for TC#11
    8. WherewolfTherewolf
      I love how all your work has a well thought out back story to it (music wise)
    9. PurplePoot
      I appreciate the support, but trust me, it isn't worth your (or my, or anyone else's) time.

      A few years back we actually used to be on good terms, but then a bunch of MT threads spawned which inevitably got into religion (since it was his justification for a lot of stuff). My favourite tidbit from these debates (although I think it was one which took place in the chat), was "circular logic is still logic". I had come to this site young and optimistic, and left it bitter and cynical.

      The weird part is that I'm not at all what people would call a "militant atheist" in real life, or even most places outside of THW. I guess the internet's diverse population brings out that fun side in people.
    10. WherewolfTherewolf
      Hey, did you use magos to flip those doodads for your reflections terrains, or is there a way to do that in the editor? (I've asked a few people about this and I haven't really gotten any answers)
    11. De.Facto
      I like your clear use of sources. Try to push the WE to it's limits! (;
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  • About

    Current Project:
    I'm currently involved in several WE projects. Quest for the Lich King is an epic RPG. I'm also working on my version of Warcraft IV, as well as my own version of Diablo III (yes I know Blizzard's doing that, too). I am also working on a huge (as yet unnamed) RPG that may be my greatest project yet.
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    US West
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    I've been a follower of Blizzard since I was five (yes I know all their computer games are T+) and I've been mapping with the WE for years.

    composing and playing music, writing novels, fantasy drawing, acting.


    Newest Composition: Extraction
    Newest Terrain: 2001
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