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  • Hey there. Thanks for the kind words and all that :)
    Nowadays i freelance compose music for television/movies!
    You can't actually find my music anywhere currently, but I'm working on an online portfolio, which should be up soon. I also compose some 'chillstep/liquid drum & bass' on my free time. :) Good times mate. I might log in randomly sometime again, just as i did now. :) Have fun you!
    Well its long gone =/
    Was dead anyway really.

    But thanks for your worries, its nice =)
    I'm fine, esspecially since I have internet and not so much of real life stuff...
    Orcish buildings? Hm... try making a Farm using Stanakin Skywalker's mag'har building skin. You can also make an orcish altar.
    Its been quiet but lats week we found a new awesome modeller - Sellenisko and he already made some awesome models. Also now we have a music maker who is really quiet lately...

    What do you feel like doing buildings or units? If units you should make orcs(Spearman, Grunt, Wolfrider, Shaman, Pyremaster e.t.c.)
    Yes we do. Zadelim and Dentothor are, however zadelim is working on the contest now and Dentothor deals with his own stuff and makes Velen skin for us.
    Soon, FoD shall rise! Roflcopter dog, you shall feel our might!
    Takakenji is creating ogre buildings, JokeMaster is improving, orc UI is being made and you returned! SUpertoinkz is working on orc building, e.t.c.
    Pretty nice. I like what you did with the shield.

    Oh, thats one of my favorite trailers! :D
    But what unit ideas could we probably get from there? Except inspiration for unit outlook.

    Well orcs will have a small pathing mechanic. At first you can build a shaman building. You can create pyremasters and shamans. After you created shaman place you are able to create a Warlock Shrine. Thne your shamans become warlocks and pyremasters become necrolytes. You cannot do anything at shamans place anymore and thats permanent. I think of making similar pathing systems for other races as well.
    Actually it is a very nice idea, however to hard for melee game.

    Yet, you need to make ideas for FoD more oftne, they are original and what we need.
    No, I thought and now all melee units are brown orcs.
    Green ones will only be in the camapign.

    Awesome news by the way!
    Could you post something in FoD thread? I need ro post some stuff I found, and you know how I feel abour double-posting.
    Well right now thats it. Nothing fancy.
    However I am thinking that perhaps we should make ranged siege units.
    It is simple. Intead of ranged siege units, we will have melee siege units(like mountain giant).
    YES! Nerzhul lives! Plus he will probably become a powerful shamanistic spirit who will hlp calm the elementals when the Old Gods will rise!
    i am not sure. look how they did the ribbon in the graveyard model. those are ribbons and copying them would be your best chance
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