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  • Happy Birthday! (Happy Birthday!)

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    Now I had time to test the latest version of Arcadia with the new hardware. W7 Pro/32-Bit and WarCraft 3 v1.26.0.6401. Everything worked properly and fine.
    If you get it running on an other machine - one thing: please turn of the music-channel because the soundtrack is running on the soundeffect-channel. I didn't fixed that, but I will. (;
    Tomorrow I'll get new hardware, including W7. We will see if I get the same problem when everything is working again. You should try to run WarCraft III as Administrator to run programs properly.
    Well I was joking, but if you want you can check my RoH II, I uploaded new version! But I want to fix some things and add items so if you want you can wait few days more and check it then :D
    Well it is actually the one you find at my user resources, that's the true one! :)

    Haha no problem if it will be in the next few days, going off on vacation during this weekend so I will probably respond at sunday :D
    If you have the time I would kind of request a review from you (you have made some great reviewss) if possible. Of couse + rep will be added if done. You have probably seen it, it's Master Arena, check my resources and you will find it :)
    Hey I don't want to bother but I added that incoming (I am working on) part of text to map description!]
    Thanks for Idea! I already give rep so you will wait for next one, here is hug :ahug:
    Hey friend, I uploaded new map, yes it is Rise of Heroes II :xxd:
    I hope you will like it! I still need to make video, add more screenshots to description etc but it looks good right now, at least to me!
    You will find custom camera, you can create game mode well many things :D
    Glad you like it. :)
    It says "Lag Reveiws not compatible with Delay Reducer."
    And the Un-Readableness is on purpose. ;)
    Allright! I've mixed you up a signature! :)
    Sorry for the delay, but i've been kind of busy. :S
    Anyways, here's a beta! If you'd like anything changed, do tell.
    Ey Lag?
    I like how you reveiw things, and i were wondering if you wanted me to spice up your signature with some photoshop?
    Here's some examples of my latest works:
    Hostile Wars, this is the AOS map that you reviewed the previous time, now I added some changes and an epic storyline ;)

    Tell me how you feel in the comments, no need for another review, I think it's not ready for it yet ;P
    Hi again man I come just to write something on your wall :p

    EDIT: I was joking, hey I was working a lot on my map below I can see that Vampires are here :xxd: I will soon finish Early Beta Version 4 (Below 2 :xxd: lol long time ago ) , I was thinking to add game modes to Early Beta Version 5 and then upload BETA version, but it seams that with quest comes modes :xxd: So I will bother you again to check my project and maybe give few tips, comments or ideas (As always :razz:)

    You can now see how will project go, for now in EB5 I will only improve and upgrade everything, check all triggers, terrain, add 'Magic' and 'Unique' items in one word make BETA.
    Hi man, would you maybe be able to take look at this map: Vampire Clan Wars
    Map isn't finish but you can dl and try Early Beta Version 2.0 for now only. You will see all about progres there!

    P.S. I asking you because I know that you can give me nice ideas and comments: How to make it better, what to fix, what to improve, or maybe even idea for quest or somethig!
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