Dark Forest

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Welcome to the Dark Forest! This magical forest contains dark secrets that you can explore with your friends! (This map was created for classic Warcraft 3 graphics.)

- This map has 17 new heroes:
- Wizard (New Human Hero)
- Axemaster (New Orc Hero)
- Dragon Maiden (New Night Elf Hero)
- Arachnomancer (New Undead Hero)
- Enchantress
- Centurion
- Wind Ranger
- Twilight Ranger
- High Priestess
- Doom Lady
- Shadow Assassin
- Blood Rogue
- Naga Siren
- Gyrocopter
- Earth Spirit
- Ember Spirit
- Storm Spirit

- The heroes Tinker and Pandaren Brewmaster, have been modified.

- The heroes Dreadlord, Paladin and Priestess of the Moon, had their look changed.

- The new Queiras Bar tavern has been added.

- The map has secret items that drop from bosses when they are defeated.

- If the map does not have all 10 players or bots in the match, the players spawn location will have a hard boss, which will be protecting the gold mine.

- The Siege Machine unit, now deals damage to units on the ground.

- The Undead race now has a new unit called the Flesh Golem, it has normal damage and a secondary siege damage.

- The new item Necronomicon has been added to the Tomb of Relics shop.

- The Goblin Sapper has been modified and the new Automaton unit has been added to the Goblin Laboratory.

Dark Forest (Map)