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Lorderon Summer

Map Description:
You will not suffer from lack of wood because trees are everywhere but among them are hidden and forest trolls and other enemies.



Change Log
• Uploaded


• Creep Camps
- 4 Green Camps
- 12 Orange Camps
- 1 Red Camps
• Neutral Buildings
- 8 Gold Mines
- 2 Taverns
- 2 Goblin Merchant
- 2 Mercenary Camps
- 1 Marketplaces
- 1 Goblin Laboratories


Forest (Map)

10:39, 24th Mar 2013 Orcnet:
Level 30
Jul 31, 2010
after my testing, its somehow lacking and the game play itself is imploding, the map is too wide and lacks any ground level to reduce space and give a few ways to strategy instead it becomes a straight forward game where you can just push your army on the enemy and win quickly, another is that it does not have any doodads and any much design layout to produce a good view in-game more of just trees and grass tile set is giving the map detail

the creep levels are a quite complicated mainly the green camps must be many, while the orange ones are few this way players can coup up more gold and exp when it comes to big fights like 6v6 and more, taverns does not need any creep camps its the only neutral building that lets you go patron a neutral hero without tackling any creeps

and lastly the biggest problem of the map is the middle portion of the game, you could just block them with cliffs or simply move each other some space instead of keeping them two lock in the middle, remember the player's location is always randomize so this ends up very messy if your playing with people

if you wish to continue on this by improving you could go here in the Map Development thread and get feed back and help, good luck then