Dalaran (Template Map)

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Dalaran Reforged (Template)

The great city of mages beckons!
Sound the drums of war and prepare to siege the city.

The City of Dalaran
The capital of the magocratic nation of the same name. The city has served as the focal point for magi and the study of the arcane throughout human history.
Before it's ascension to the skies and subsequent travels throughout all of Azeroth, This Map is a re-invention of its appearance when it was still firmly nested in the ground. The famous design as seen in Wrath, is evident in the map so feel free to enjoy the map in its RTS setting.


[2022-12-19] - Created and Uploaded.
[2023-03-14] - Added detailed description for proper perusal.

Insange Monster, Smegmastico(Mr.OgreMan), Ardenaso, and Barouque - Dalaran Re-Reforged Models, Animated Foliage.
Special thanks to (someone) for their support!

- I've been enticed with the City of Mages for quite some time to the point I wanted it to stay faithful in-game in WoW.
- 2 Months, due to an on and off work schedule
- Anyone can edit the map for the leisure or to use in their campaign, and feedback is appreciated.

Dalaran (Map)