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Antika 0.1

This bundle is marked as lacking. It fails to meet the standard requirements and may only have minor use.
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Congratulations, you have now reached the first version of the map. It came out, say, rather cumbersome and not entirely diverse in diplomacy, and therefore there is an opportunity to play the FFFA mode. ... At the moment, they have their own architecture, the peculiarities of the extraction of certain resources.

With the development of activity in this post, I promise that there will be more diversity, and then - further rethinking on a global scale. The maximum amount of units of its own authorship will be used, with the exception of buildings by Fingolfin (they are really gorgeous).
Thank you for your approval of this project. If it's not difficult, then you can always help in the development of the project through feedback or support with a ruble.

Antika 0.1 (Map)

No updates or proper credits list in such a long time, Lacking.


Map Reviewer
Level 24
Nov 2, 2013
This is clearly not a "melee" map, but rather and "altered melee" map (I suppose?). Therefore I'm changing the tags so that the intended audience will see it when looking for new maps. "Melee" should be used exclusively for maps that have unaltered, original wc3 gameplay.

Also, 167MB? Wow. I dont think I've ever seen such a large map file.


Map Reviewer
Level 70
Jun 4, 2009
A credits list in the map description with the names of the authors whose resources you've used is mandatory. That includes models, skins, icons, custom spells, systems. Also, sounds, music and everything outside this site.
This helps you with the models, skins and icons from Hiveworkshop: Resources in use by Antika 0.1

Please provide a proper description of the gameplay. Read the guides below.

Awaiting Update.

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  • A credits list in the map thread description is required where the names of the resource (models, skins, icons, spells, sound etc.) authors are mentioned along with the specific resource. It would be a luxury to have links leading to the used resources. Credits in the Quest Log would be appreciated too.
  • A detailed changelog in the first post would be helpful to reviewers and notify fans about the newest implementations to your map.
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