1. Hec-Thor

    Azeroth Reborn

    What do you think about this: A W3 SC2
  2. malakhim

    Hello! I Need Help, Is There Any Tutorial to Install Mods and Maps From the Site?

    Hello! How's it going? Can you help me? I am new here at Hiveworkshop and new to installing maps or mods in Warcraft 3, I would like to play with custom races and custom campaigns. For example, I discovered that the Ultimate Battle mod exists but I don't know how to install it to make it work...
  3. Screenshot (645).png

    Screenshot (645).png

    Stormwind entrance
  4. W

    What is your current favourite WC3R custom maps atm?

    What is your favourite WarCraft 3: Reforged custom maps at the moment?
  5. WC1 Orc Catapult

    WC1 Orc Catapult

    Should I upload this? It's a simple edit of RoC catapult.
  6. Momolightrue

    How do I sell off my 5 years old Warcraft III Demon / Corrupted / Naga / Draenei Text Project to Blizzard-Microsoft for money?

    How do I sell off my 5 years old Warcraft III Demon / Corrupted / Naga / Draenei Text Project to Blizzard-Microsoft for money? I got the ideas all set for the Demon, Naga, and Corrupted races in text schematic forms, while I am still working on the Draenei race to complete it... These ideas are...
  7. crafo

    Patch 1.31.1 Spanish

    Here patch 1.31.1 spanish backup files Replace folder in: Warcraft III\Data\data with this folder and apply log file I don't know if it can cause errors but it has worked for me
  8. Lordliw


    Hello, one year ago I started using JassCraft to make my own AI scripts. But I've encountered a few problems that were easily fixed. During that time I learned (heard) that JassCraft has two types of programming. The easy one and the hard one. Now, I've learned the easy side of JassCraft, but...
  9. Demon Hunter

    Demon Hunter

    Re-ripping him, polishing details
  10. Kruthuss

    Aren't multiple WC3 versions required to play maps and campains causing you a headache?

    Good day. To be honest, I wouldn't make it much of an issue though I feel a little confused with it. Reforged, 1.31 (Pre-Reforged) and 1.27b... or some more. When I want to look for some good maps and campaigns to play, looking up which version it requires to play feels a bit problematic as I...
  11. Update_CrusaderUnitFootman_ForPack


  12. Mrosing

    Map Xhero V3.43b

    xin chào, tôi cần giúp đỡ với Map Xhero Siege v3.43b. Ai đó có thể giúp tôi với tôi không, tôi thấy một người chơi có thể làm được và tôi cũng muốn làm như vậy
  13. CrusaderPackForXGM


  14. Nomad unmounted

    Nomad unmounted

  15. Loramus Thalipedes Lair v2

    Loramus Thalipedes Lair v2

    Nearly completed demon hunter lair. Here you can see a corrupted grove with fel-infused fountain in center. But what's business seek demon hunter here?
  16. Xylem Tower?

    Xylem Tower?

    Don't worry - tower player color will be yellow. And yes - here player find infamous archmage Xylem
  17. Whole Map: Finished at 80%

    Whole Map: Finished at 80%

    Finished north map part and started terraining satyr & furbolg mini-zone. Also some mountains remained un-terrained, but I'll resolve that!
  18. Whole Map: South Attacks!

    Whole Map: South Attacks!

    Completed south map corner and slightly changed others… But more ahead!
  19. Forlon Oasis

    Forlon Oasis

    Hidden oasis. Really, ingame you can't get here, but you need to get into it. Question is - How?
  20. Altruistic Anduin

    Reforged HD Maps

    I know not all of you use the Reforged HD graphics of the game, mostly Classic SD, but I was hoping if you guys could add a Reforged Maps sub-category for the Maps of HIVE. Not all maps... translate well when converted or viewed in HD, mostly the terrain's formation and doodads. This sub could...
  21. LordHatchet95

    [Altered Melee] Bandit Race (Still needs test)

    Hey guys, LordHatchet95 here, and I've finally got a bit more of motivation to make a scenario. This time, around the Bandits. A fully customized Bandit Race able to put traps, hire units instantly (yet they still must replenish), and build an almighty Lair which can garrison up to 10 brigands...
  22. HerlySQR

    How would Warcraft 3 be saved?

    Everybody knows what happened with Warcraft 3 with Reforged and the comunity is not in its better moment, and thats sad, because the now in Warcraft 3 are more possible things than before, is not like Minecraft that still alive and the people continue to take advantage of the new things it...
  23. Troll Voodoo Golem

    Troll Voodoo Golem

    Aka troll archon
  24. WidescreeN

    [Trigger] Neutral Hostile Units gain health if unengaged

    I've done my best and I can't get it to work, I need that every 30 seconds it checks if any neutral hostile units are attacking or being attacked and if they are not, they gain an ability that recovers them to full health, and if they are, the ability is removed. This is what I have, i dont know...
  25. Maldiran

    Broken mdx converting

    Hey, I have recently ripped a model from WoW. It is winterqueen model from latest expansion. And there is some weird bug, when I try to convert it to .mdx. In .mdl everything works fine (some animations are not as precise as they should be, but that is very often with wow models). The problem...
  26. Altruistic Anduin

    Warcraft III: Retrospect

    Though it's only been more than a year since its release, I hope to discuss about the Reforged. Has it grown on you despite forcibly wanting you to play the Reforged and not The Frozen Throne? How many players toggle the HD textures? Was the implementation of a female counterpart for certain...
  27. Sxar

    Help with a skill

    I have a hero that gives some skills to units when he's in the unit's cargo only via triggers. Now I have a unit that use "ethereal form" skill. The skill replace my unit with anotherone without the skills (it still has the hero in cargo) however, I need that the added skills being pass to the...
  28. Med. MapGuy

    [Campaign] Mathias Chronicles II: Reckoning [Released]

    Hello! I'm currently working on the sequel to the Mathias Chronicles! Based on Savage Potato's Mathias Part II released way back in 2007, this is the next big single-player campaign by me, Med. MapGuy! This campaign concludes the rivalry between the steadfast Prince Mathias and the crafty...
  29. Daily Warcraft Reforged

    Re-Reforged - My comparison series

    Throm'ka, warriors! Well met. It's been a pleasure and an honor to host the Re-Reforged CC on my channel and show just how epic this project really is. Re-Reforged takes you back into a familiar place but there's always something fresh about it, it almost invokes that feeling of playing the...
  30. Amigoltu

    History repeats itself (D2)

    I sometimes wonder if it's like humanity's destiny, or whatever else you'd like to call it - to endlessly repeat the same mistakes. The wars, the tyranny and the failed REmasters. I remember the 2018 when my beloved game was getting updates, like wide-screen support that finally fixed...
  31. Assassin - Garona (Testing) Female Orc

    Assassin - Garona (Testing) Female Orc

    In reality this model would become a semi orc - garona (assassin)
  32. Altruistic Anduin

    [Import] Can't Give Imported Assets Custom Paths

    I'm no longer able to give assets I've imported custom paths. Double-clicking the Full Path doesn't allow me to edit the field. However, I can edit File Name, Mode, Teen and Locale by double-clicking their columns. I tried to edit the path with 'Modify File Properties...' option but it just...
  33. Altruistic Anduin

    [HD/Modeling] [Model Help] Anduin Wrynn (Reforged)

    I kindly request assistance with this Anduin model I'm working on. I have his M3 model file as well as his DDS texture--enhanced by me. I also have his M3A animation file, and I don't know how to attach it to his model. I can use either Blender or 3ds Max with the right add-on/plugin to import...
  34. Altruistic Anduin

    [Sound Set] Anduin Wrynn

    I have ported sound files of Anduin from Heroes of the Storm and I intend to use them for a custom sound set in Warcraft III: Reforged. I intend to bring Anduin Wrynn to the game unofficially, not following the game's lore but just for fun. They are mastered and enhanced by yours truly. This is...
  35. BrothForMyPeople

    I need Space Arthas model.

    I once saw Arthas model with Marine skin but I can't find it now. Does it still exist in HWS database?
  36. HERON


    Hii guys, I finished the Undead/Forsaken campaign, and I need someone that can test it for me and find bugs for improvement the campaign. If you know someone so tell me please. Have a nice day :) By the way, my English isn't good enough, sorry...
  37. ZeroGravity

    Only Host disconnects from my map

    During loading screen, the one that hosts my map got disconnected for unknown reason and this happen 9 out of 10 times. I don't know why. I load in the singleplayer just fine but when trying on multiplayer, I myself also got disconnect (even when loading in alone for testing). If we host a full...
  38. ZeroGravity

    Need help with resurrect all dead ally heroes trigger?

    So I don't know where to start with this trigger. I do have resurrect one ally hero ability though which is this one. Hero Revive 1 Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Death Negater (Revive Ability) Actions...
  39. ShadiHD

    [Campaign] Warcraft 2 campaign (reforged)

    We aim to recreate the campaign of WarCraft II in Reforged, giving it fresh gameplay, custom assets and extended lore. The project was set in motion for years before Reforged even came out, meaning that a solid foundation is set in place. This is a tremendous task which requires a lot of skill...
  40. Xaidin


    Greetings, I am working on a massive map based on WC lore in the past. I have located (and given credits to) every skin/model I need for the map, but have found ZERO Mogu models. Surprising to me, to say the least. I tried to download a model editor and work on it myself, but with zero...
  41. Yogi-Sothoth

    WC3 Re-Reforged

    This project is to provide the campaign blizzard didn't and probably wouldn't have provided in the first place. An edited flesh WC3 campaign experience that redesigns the levels and adds some new lore to line up with World of Warcraft. What is going into project for sure Every map of the WC3...
  42. Ogre_Icon_Buttons_Unit_Roster_Tech (First_War_Memorium_WarCraft_3)

    Ogre_Icon_Buttons_Unit_Roster_Tech (First_War_Memorium_WarCraft_3)

    Some icons. The centaur icon is actually used for an Ogre unit that has a similar face and helmet. The top left & top right icons are made by me. Bottom left is an edit of Dionesiist's 'BTNButcher'. 2nd icon 2nd row by Scias, bottom right by takakenji. WIP of Ogre Faction for "First War Memorium".
  43. MrModify

    Convert your model to Warcraft 3 Format with Blender [Video]

    This tutorial is to help people take their 3D models and convert them to Warcraft 3 format. No prior experience necessary. Video Length: 5:41 Tools used: Blender v2.79: Blender_(64bit)_v2.79 By Ton Roosendaal MDL Exporter(fixed): mdl-exporter-2.79 By Kalle Halvarsson BLP Lab: BLP Lab v0.5.0...
  44. FluffyStuff

    [Campaign] Reforging Reforged

    Warcraft 3 Reforging Reforged Quick Overview [TLDR] I'm Mark, an experienced game developer, and an avid Blizzard fan. I want to take the existing WC3 reforged campaign and "reshoot" all the in-game cinematics. I want to create a similar feeling to what was shown in the original Culling of...
  45. SgtKenny94

    Making Hero Lose HP Over Time by Item

    Hello all, I have just started using the Reforged Warcraft editor and am loving it so far. I have some basic coding skills and level design skills but am very new to it. I'm trying to make an item that has a big damage increase buff, but halves the heroes max HP when they have said item. * Im...
  46. Xetanth87

    Warcraft 3 Broodwar

    After playing Broodwar Alternate, a custom campaign for Sc1 in which Terrans, Zerg and Protoss are switched with one another I thought it could be cool if there was something like that for Warcraft 3 but instead of having warcraft 3 campaigns swapped, having the Sc1 campaigns as Wc3 campaigns...
  47. maxxxus

    tutorials in WE

    i think the coming WE patches (or reforged) should include several TUTORIAL series of each window of WE ("trigger window tutorial series", "AI window tutorial series", "vjass window tutorial series", "etc") and how to use each one of their triggers/commands/etc. adding an option that let you...
  48. Reznor

    Blizzard Campaign Mash-Up

    I had this idea when I was in the shower for a mashup of all the lores of the classic Blizzard games (Starcraft, Warcraft, and Diablo). The story I brainstormed is basically that the prime evils open a portal to hell in Northrend, allowing the demon armies to come out and set sail for Lordaeron...
  49. Lord_Marrowgrath

    [Altered Melee] Lords of Azeroth

    It's is reforged version of my altered/Advanced melee map Lords of Azeroth Huge Army control, Cinetografic camera, capturing resource buildings, powerful heroes and many more. In version 1.1 many features added. More Info, trailers will come soon...
  50. Pokemanharald

    Problem with Custom abilities in new editor

    Not sure if this is the right forum for this but figured since it's related to the reforged editor i might as well try here. So i'm having a problem with custom abilities in the reforged editor. On the first screanshot here you can see the ability in the editor, it has a description, custom buff...