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[Role Playing Game] World of Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game

Level 2
Dec 7, 2019
World of Warcraft: The roleplaying game

WoW the RPG is a large set of maps where you control a team of heroes to defeat monsters and complete quests. It is meant to be a fun, complex and challenging map. Whether you explore the world on your own or have large battles with your friends, this map is sure to get you playing.

Build the team you want

Choose from 15 races and 15 classes! You can play as a Human Knight or Dwarf Pirate or a Tauren Sorcerer too. You can also choose your background which can give you bonusos on the start.

A world to explore

This isn't just a generic map. It is Azeroth itself. It is filled with secrets, characters, adventures and treasures. You are totally free to explore every location. Want to climb the mountains of Khaz Modan? Want to explore the Undercity just looking around? Want to see the Kobolds' underground city? Go ahead!

Fun and engaging combat

Tired of tanking and or healing all the time? WoW the RPGs combat system is different. You won't be able to spam a powerful spell with your OP buffed up character. Use your skills! Use the environment! Learn new spells and tactics! Try to find out how to make your Assassin more powerful without some epic gear!

An interesting story

Instead of just reading/skipping a quest to kill some mob and get your reward, you are about to embark on an adventure. In order to accomplish something you have to use your wits and pay attention. You have to find out secrets and gain information. Meet interesting old characters and new ones! Get into a story of honor, friendship, mystery and danger!

List of classes:

Knight (meant to fight large monsters and save civilians)

Barbarian (unstoppable warrior)

Pirate (uses swords and guns mostly for fun)

Warlord (brutish warrior who uses blunt melee weapons and kills anyone)

Assassin (avoids battles and strikes from behind)

Hunter (uses ranged weapons, traps and pets)

Mage - focuses on massive spells and defense

Sorcerer - similar to the Mage but more focused on offensive spells

Druid - uses moon magic, nature magic and turns into beasts

Shaman - master of the elements and supporting allies

Paladin - holy warrior who heals people and prays to the Light

Priest - heals allies, uses mind magic. Can mind control lower creatures.



Loremaster - avoids combat mostly uses various spells. Can teach allies new spells and find hidden magic scrolls.
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