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  1. Luashine

    [Mapping] Explaining Warcraft's lockstep architecture for mapping (avoid desyncs)

    I haven't seen Warcraft 3's concepts explained anywhere in a condensed manner, let me try it here. Who is this tutorial for? The beggin beginners in War3 modding, though the explanation will probably require some prior programming knowledge or a little experience with World Editor. Lockstep...
  2. Komkozavr_a12

    Converting models from Morrowind

    Converting models from Morrowind Difficulty:medium Working time:10-60 minutes Hi all. Today I will tell you how to convert models from The Elder Scrolls III:Morrowind. For work, we need the following tools and resources: The game itself War3 Model Editor Mdlvis 1.41 BLP Lab v0.5.0...
  3. Luashine

    How to contribute to jassdoc for dummies

    What is jassdoc? Jassdoc (lep's explanation, source & viewer; moyack's) is the community's collaborative attempt to do something a multi-billion (or smol million?) corporation couldn't afford a budget for: documentation for the part of the game, the part that made it live on for almost a decade...
  4. Lordliw


    Hello, one year ago I started using JassCraft to make my own AI scripts. But I've encountered a few problems that were easily fixed. During that time I learned (heard) that JassCraft has two types of programming. The easy one and the hard one. Now, I've learned the easy side of JassCraft, but...
  5. newstone.png


    A simple diagram: how I made a new stone icon.
  6. MrModify

    Rig & Animate Models w/ Blender

    How To Rig & Animate Models for use in Warcraft III This tutorial will show you how to rig and animate models for use in Warcraft 3 with Blender 2.79 using bones and keyframes. Necessary Files: Necessary Files Textures: youtu.be/3tkgLBCbitA?t=122 (@2:00) Animation Names Warcraft 3...
  7. HerlySQR

    Can you explain me how works Lua?

    I'm getting started in Lua after 4 months of learning Jass and vJass, I know some basics things like I can't use the words "call", "set", "takes" or "returns", for code functions I can do it inside of the current function, the IDs needs FourCC and all the variables can have any type of value, I...
  8. Nemesis DSGB

    [General] Request Tutorial "World Edit Update Roadmap"

    Hi guys, I'm requesting a tutorial or "guide" for everything that changed mod-wise in world editor since I was a teen. (if i can get enough info maybe ill make this guide) Examples: Core Differences -WC3 TFT- -12 Players - 255x255 Map dimensions -Object Names -Ability Model/icon -No Hero Skins...
  9. LittleBoy

    [Trigger] Set Ability Field nothing happened

    Hello everyone, sorry in advance if my english is not good, because I can not speak english (currently I use google translate). I am a new member here, I just want to ask, why when I change the ability field in the trigger editor nothing happens or am I wrong? what I make now is : Ability - Set...
  10. tytarjunior20

    [General] How to Make Dynamic Weather

    Hey everyone, It's TytarJunior again. I'm back with another video from my new video series called, "Let's Make a Game". This video highlights a feature I'm adding to my project, "Hero Quest" (working title). I figured I show you all how to make it while I'm at it. I searched the internet for...
  11. Warcraft III editor project - YouTube

    Warcraft III editor project - YouTube

    Just felt like sharing a new project that I was working on, and how the characters will learn and grow in their ability's Via the Elemental Slate. It's in the very early stages of development, so it's looking a little rough, but much will be changed in the future..Skip to 3:12 for the tutorial bit.
  12. InsaneMonster

    How to: Warcraft 3 Reforged Animated Portraits

    WARNING: This tutorial can be applied only to Warcraft 3 Reforged! GOAL To animate the portraits of any character, in any map, for any dialogue (consisting of a certain sound, a certain "spoken" text and a certain "speaker" name). Note that making a custom dialogue means to link togheter all...
  13. tytarjunior20

    [General] How-To Series on YouTube

    Hey all, My name is TytarJunior and I've been a map maker for 13 years. My maps are very advanced and with reforged out now, I'm going to start posting about it and sharing what I know. For starters, I want to help the map making community, so I started making a how to series and would love...
  14. Rykon-V73

    Curious help about auras

    I've been checking hive workshop, but I'm not sure if I can find Aura tutorials, as in how to make/create custom auras. Does anyone know if there's a tutorial like this?
  15. Ryan820

    Warcraft 3 Reforged Editor Inquiry

    Hi guys, I've recently purchased wc3 reforged and been trying to get into modding for about two days now. I was planning on making custom races. Been fiddling with the obejct editor and was able to make myself custom high elf units based off the human tech tree. I've tested each of the units...
  16. Barorque

    Full Icon Tutorial (Reforged) + ¨tool¨

    Note My method works but is partially inefficient for file size, @Prometheus3375 suggests the following: Introduction As with many things, Reforged has changed some aspects of icons, so an updated guide is necessary. I'd like this guide to be useful for both veteran and new icon-creators...
  17. Volid

    Walking unit like in Reforged cinematics

    Hello. I need help. I have no idea how to make unit walk like for example Arthas or Uther on cutscenes from W3 Reforged even using Arthas model. Even footman can move like that. I try with unit move speed and with walk animation but nothing helps and that walk on cinematics is very nice. You can...
  18. Kazeon

    UI Utils Manual

    Introduction UI Utils is a library written in vJass which aims to assist user in using the new UI natives introduced since patch 1.31. Without this library, user is required to learn and understand a lot things before being able to actually deal with '"the interface" itself, things like toc &...
  19. Ujimasa Hojo

    Ujimasa Hojo's Tutorials

    Table of Contents AI: Melee AI - Orc Map: Using Custom Models Model: Minor Edits Creating Custom Model - Texture Rewrapping Creating Custom Model - Texture Swapping Tool: Magos Model Editor Author's Notes and Trivia: You can download stuff useful to the Magos Model Editor and...
  20. dennis herrmann

    How to Create a normal IK Bone Rig in 3ds max 2016 for warcraft 3

    Hey guys, my tutorial how to create a IK Rig for a character with 3ds Max 2016. I used the Tutorial from blinky boy and translated it for 2016 with many tests. Soon i will release another tutorial, how to skin the model. for any questions, you can join my discord group Join the Warcraft 3...
  21. Krakenn99

    [Trigger] MUI not working properly with this spell

    Spell idea: Channel spell - when channeled the hero shoots out projectiles at the direction of a target enemy, each projectile deals damage to all enemies on it's path once. Bullets also poison the enemies by giving them slowing aura ability. Bugs so far: 1. When one hero stops casting the...
  22. Darklycan51

    Making music/sounds work in newer patches

    Hello fellow wc3 modders, today I will bring you a tutorial for something that is very widely used and has been changed as of recently. Making music and sounds work in your map, yes, as of recently Blizzard has changed which sounds and music work in Warcraft 3, due to that, you are now required...
  23. ₩OLF

    Removing flag from Blademaster.

    Hi, I'm creating now a rpg map and can you show me what i must do to remove flag and stick from blademaster? I want a tutorial, not ready model, because i use this for some other models. Ps. If you can show me what i must do to add defend animation. Pps. Can be links.
  24. Power

    WoW Ripping Tutorial - Creature/

    World of Warcraft Creature Ripping. By Warcraft Underground Staff Team. Difficulty: Easy to Medium. Tools Required : BLP Lab : BLP Lab v0.5.0 Mdlvis : Mdlvis: model edition/creation, animation and UV Mapping Magos : War3 Model Editor Casc Explorer : WoW-Tools/CASCExplorer jm2converter ...
  25. Sapprine

    Can anyone give me a tutorial on the very basics and main features of modeling?

    So, I've been looking across hive, scouring for a basic tutorial on how to start modeling and how to create textures and animate customly made models and such. But all I'm finding is things like how to open/fetch models or how to edit excisting textures and mainly focus on excisting units and...
  26. Maks Lion Of Orcs

    HELP :(

    By any chance could someone possibly work with me collab or just give me a couple of pointers on making like a rpg map with triggers and making enterable houses,dungeons,caves guard AI balanced leveling and xp system the whole general idea behind it is that all the franchise characters from...
  27. Verdun

    Building Birth Animation ?!?

    This must be one of these things that are self-evident to everyone else, but with all the tutorials I have seen so far and every model I have looked at in the model editor I simply cannot figure out how to create "birth" animations (specifically, for buidlings). I have tried making birth...
  28. hypsandar

    Corrupted Sounds

    Hey there, for some unknown reason the voice acted tutorial scenario will not play at the beginning of the map startup. I checked everything there is, i don't see the issue and its rather irritating. Something like this should be obvious but its not, at least not to me. Here's a link to the...
  29. stonneash

    Live Stream Icon creation

    So, while I'm working on my Icons' who wore it better (link in my signature), I decided that it would be fun to get a stream of me making those icons. I'm setting up OBS with my youtube channel and here is the link for the stream: Photoshop - Icon Recreation - YouTube
  30. CampScouter

    [Misc] Patch Hack: New Maps in Old Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne Version!

    PATCH HACK: NEW MAPS IN OLD WARCRAFT 3: FROZEN THRONE VERSION! -Tutorial by: CampScouter -Uploaded: October 17,2017 -How to play maps developed in patch 1.27b or higher in old Warcraft III patches from 1.20c to 1.26 This tutorial/lesson answered the following questions: (Skip down if you don't...
  31. lv99zephiroth

    Tools/methods for character model editing?

    Hey there!:) I'm looking into both resizing and reshaping part of a character model, as a learning projects of sorts. The base character will be Doom Guard, and for starters my goals are: Resizing the wing mesh(also possibly improving the overall wing shape) Adding smaller extra horns(using...
  32. SNIper of DARKness

    Making practical models

    *This guide is aimed at experienced modellers, and will not contain information about the making of models but on things that aren't always addressed and may seem insignificant. Furthermore this guide will contain information only about...
  33. Elf_Lord

    The Dynamic Game Cache

    Hey, everyone! I wasn't quite sure where to post this, but courtesy of some awesome mods, this thread is now where it belongs! Anyway, I just wanted to share some of what I've learned about game caches in my time with Chasing the Dawn and the ANA system, both of which are highly dependent on...
  34. Grimhollow

    Simple Resources Wishlist (Updated)

    Simple Resource Wishlist (Updated) Here is a list of uncreated or non-existing simple but useful models and skins that will also be for mappers and models feel glad of. This thread might serve as miniguides of those who want to create models. Cheers! BANDIT SIEGE WEAPONS
  35. Wardota2 Gamer

    How to make a Model in Milkshape

    Hello guys Wardota2 Gamer here and I actually dont know how to create models and I have one aplication to learn to Milkshape I have downloaded this earlier and registered to it and so my journey begins and still I dont know how to creat a model so that is my I am asking can someone actually...
  36. Martinez

    [Crash] custom terrain texture

    (sorry for my english) Hello, I do not know if it's the right forum, but please help, advice. I would like to ask you how it is with these custom textures, which uploads the game. I noticed that most of those that I installed, and those that I do alone, they have black bars on the sides. I...
  37. Darkfang

    Direct Size Icon Making Tutorial in PAINT.NET

    Also remember to download and use the Button Manager tool and the BLP Lab tool. Orb of the Sun
  38. Gogetakao

    How to set up Compiler for C/C++.[Tutorial]

    Hey there, This tutorial is on how to set up most famous compilers of C/C++, yep you are correct I am talking about TurboC and Codeblocks. At the end of this tutorial you will be able to create your new program using turbo c, and codeblocks. This tutorial will cover some most comman, and...
  39. Rheiko

    How To Post Your Trigger

    TopHow To Post Your Triggers I've seen many and many members around the site who need help with their triggers but don't know how to post their triggers in a thread, especially the newcomers. Posting your triggers in a thread is very important when you're asking a help from other members to fix...