Can anyone give me a tutorial on the very basics and main features of modeling?

So, I've been looking across hive, scouring for a basic tutorial on how to start modeling and how to create textures and animate customly made models and such. But all I'm finding is things like how to open/fetch models or how to edit excisting textures and mainly focus on excisting units and not the creation of custom doodads.

Now, whenever i do a request for a custom model on here, i either get very little attention and not what im asking for or I get no replies at all and I'm sick of it!

Now, I have plenty of modeling programs installed and I'm a week free from school and want to learn how to start modeling myself so i dont have to rely on here so much anymore.

My main objectives are to be able to put the texture of a golem over a Furbolg and to create a Lordaeron Fall/Village Fall tree without it looking like a cristmas tree and only good from one side.

If anyone would reply on where to find a good tutorial covering the very basics and main features of modeling, please send them.

If anyone wants to help/chat personally to learn me on how to model, please do.

And if anyone actually wants to create either of these models for me, you are a divine person and I will credit you within my project and give you reputation and stuff.
Usually, it's better to make decent progress with the project before asking for materials exclusive to your map.

About 60% of the map is finished allready... Gameplay-wise it should last you 2 and a half hours, since it's a single player vanilla/RPG styled expedission map and fun treasure hunt.

Any way, do you have a link to this tutorial?

Edit: It seems like for every minute of gameplay I add to the map, it takes me about 10 minutes to implement it... In other words, I've been spending a good amound of time on the map.

It's more of the actual publicly shown development that people care. People don't care how many hours you took to make a map. If it's crap in their eyes, even a one month work is considered a one day work :/
Hence, a request is more likely to be taken if the map has been well developed (80% or so completion) AND has decent publicity. Either that OR the request is very simple.