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  1. manoelgomes

    [Defense / Survival] BATTLESCAPE - BETA

  2. bloodmoonlink.png


    https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/blood-moon-v1.340696/ Join us on discord! = https://discord.gg/YvchYdSFFd
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    https://discord.gg/3DkxhqTxnG - Join us on Discord https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/blood-moon-v1.340696/ - download here
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    https://discord.gg/3DkxhqTxnG - Join us on Discord https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/blood-moon-v1.340696/ - download here
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    https://discord.gg/3DkxhqTxnG - Join us on Discord https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/blood-moon-v1.340696/ - download here
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  16. The Well.png

    The Well.png

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    Minimap info.png

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  22. Edaryion

    🔍 Looking for 'Life of a Peasant' Maps

    👋🏻 Hello! I am looking for LOAP maps. 😁 LOAP is a niche genre of interesting roleplay maps, The first 'Life of a Peasant' maps are limited to a pre-built city, where you start off as a single hero unit & you choose how you play. However, what I am interested in is a sub-genre. You could...
  23. Victory Cinematic - Our Last Stand (WarCraft III Map Project)

    Victory Cinematic - Our Last Stand (WarCraft III Map Project)

    A break from The Darkening of Tristram. Here's a victory cinematic for my another project. A RTS-Survival map based on Age of Darkness, Reignfall, Be-Castled and alike.
  24. LovG

    [Defense / Survival] Village Fall

    Gameplay Information Main Quest: - Defend the Castle from 50 waves of upcomming monsters! - The three brave heroes must survive. Gameplay features: Two specializations & talents for each heroes. Secret buffs and hidden optional quests. Up to three players. Cooperative...
  25. Mirage1

    [Defense / Survival] Nightfall in Hampstead

    Nightfall in Hampstead A survival map with strategic orientation. The main goal is to form a group of creep-heroes picked from theme-based but yet slightly modified vanilla creeps from warcraft 3 and venture into a decrepit neighbourhood while facing horrors at every corner. Inspirations The...
  26. Nemesis DSGB

    [General] Rusty looking for help with AI Spawning

    Hi guys. im looking to make a defense mode that can go for long periods without crashes (little leaking) So im just starting to set up my variables, im using Ints and bools to keep it simple for now Recommendations on best framework for the system to be clean and smooth? plan so far: -Wave...
  27. Jampacked11

    [Defense / Survival] DC Save The Day

    Posting this at the suggestion of others, and for your convenience. Hey, if anyone's interested in some DC Hero Models, I made a map a few months back that's unprotected so anyone can check out the models and spells in the map. It's not that I've completely discontinued the project, I'm just...
  28. Stoevchy

    [Defense / Survival] Asahi's Adventure

    Type: Tower/Hero Defence, Survival Chapter 1: [The Awakening] Single player (this chapter only) Playtime: 60-80 minutes. Version: Reforged (for now) Choose between normal and hard mode! Build towers and equip them with items! Train defenders and equip them with items! Take advantage on...
  29. ravellani

    Looking for an Item modeler

    I am creating a zombie survival arcade game, and I would like to replace all the chest item pick ups with models of the item icon. After scouring the model section of this forum, I still need models. I plan to add more models in the future so I am looking for a modeler that would take my...
  30. Mark Mocher

    Darechom survival game

    Darechom on Source 2 (2020 - Present) Darechom is an upcoming survival simulator re-make of my old mod Darechom (Warcraft 3 [Defense / Survival] - Darechom 2012-2013 y.) on Source 2, that combines best of survival, rpg elements, character customization, crafting, events and realistic world...
  31. Hana_Aoka

    Any good survival map?

    Hi, everyone! I want to know if you have a good survival map to share with me. I usually play MineralZ and I like that base building, coop (sometimes) aspect of the map. Do you have any recommendations for me? Thanks!
  32. Lord_Earthfire

    Developing ideas for semi-active "surviveability/dodge" abilities

    Hello there, Before i start with throwing around a discussion round, i would go forward and talk about the project the ideas will likely be incorporated: Link: [Defense / Survival] - Invasion on Az'kar, a dodging based hero survival The game revolves around very fast paced fights in an area...
  33. Dallas1153

    aCoA's Team Defense

    Summary: This is a 1-4 player team defense map where players build (mostly) standard melee units and defend against waves of enemies. Detailed Explanation: This map was inspired by various Art of Defense style maps from classic WC3. While I have dabbled with the editor in the past this is by...
  34. ValenPLAY

    [Defense / Survival] Arena of Ancient - Warcraft III Edition

    About Arena of Ancient is a recreation of StarCraft 2 map with the same name made by totemhokem. The main idea of the map is to pick a hero and defend yourself against hordes of infested enemies while upgrading your hero the way you find most fitting. Warcraft 3 version of the map is pretty...
  35. Conjurus Rex

    [Defense / Survival] Tuskarr co-op RPG (name undecided)

    Current State - Alpha pre-release "Storms are brewing. Surrounding the northern lands of the Tuskarr tribes, an ancient enemy stirs in the deep. Fallen crews and crashed merchant ships litter the rocky shorelines. It would seem ancient magic has guided them to a watery demise. Now, undead...
  36. ivanbakavan

    [Defense / Survival] Dream TAG

    What's Dream TAG? It's a TAG (touch and go) map Tick, chasey or touch and go — is a playground game involving two or more players' chasing other players in an attempt to "tag" and mark them out of play. Dream TAG — is a rethinking of projects such as Vampirism Fire, Troll and Elves or Cat and...
  37. Oliver

    [Defense / Survival] Unused Idea - Emu Wars 2.0

    One sentence description: Defend Australia against waves of mecha emus coming from portals. The map will be Australia. Around the map there are several cities, defended by a couple of npc soldiers. honestly it's a bit of a meme but it's an idea which keeps coming back to me, the time has come...
  38. The_Silent

    [Role Playing Game] Nuclear Winter Survival RPG

    I'm making a rpg with survival elements set in a nuclear winter apocalypse. Possibly with zombies. In the past I would have focused mainly on the survival aspect, but I've come to the conclusion is what I love about rpg is base building and progression, so I've toned it a bit down in favor of...
  39. Veray

    A Custom Map I Played Once

    Hi everyone! I was hoping someone else might remember a custom map that I use to play a lot, a long time ago. From what I remember it was some sort of survival style map. The map itself was massive, I think it was mostly tropical, but remember a giant snowy mountain in the west side of the map...
  40. wc3neverdies

    [Defense / Survival] Peasant Uprising

    A fast and fun point and click defense. Created by wc3neverdies I created the first version of the map in 2016 ([Defense / Survival] - The Paesants Uprising). It was a very simple and not well made map just for the fun. With the new patches and functions added to the editor i got some new...
  41. FiX_

    [Defense / Survival] Mythic Realm | (Team Hero defense/RPG) 1.31+

    by MiRAGE#22424 Discord Join the Mythic Realm Discord Server! [open] WIP = Updates below in post section *This map is for the reforged version 1.32 ◊◊ Map Info ◊◊ ◊ Custom team hero defense rpg map with 8 player Focus is on teamplay but you can play on your own (difficulty auto...
  42. Superz_Ze_Man

    Upgrades! A single player defense game with unlimited upgrading possibilities

    Hey everyone! Upgrades! is a single player game I've been working on for a while now and i finally think I'm happy enough with it to share with others. You must defend against waves of Orcs and Ratlings using nothing but your soldiers, your towers, and a super soldier (hero). Nearly every...
  43. Wendigo Horror Map 1

    Wendigo Horror Map 1

    Oh no!
  44. tipou4444

    Damned Survival : Looking for Contributors!

    Hello, I've been working on a Hero Defense-Survival-Like map for a bit more than a year. (I am at Uni so it is a bit rough to find lots of time to learn new triggering and Art stuff) There is already people that helped me (Qormmag, Deadreyo) with lots of stuff, but im looking towards specific...
  45. Tom_Almighty1

    Project Low Poly

    Project Low Poly You and your team will enjoy the beauty of an open world low poly game created in Warcraft III Engine. Your goal is to gather everything you need to survive in a game full of both peaceful and dangerous wild creatures that lurk everywhere. This game was heavily inspired by a...
  46. pyf

    SOMA free on GOG.com (limited time offer)

    SOMA on GOG.COM (free until December 30, 11:00 AM UTC) Soma (video game) - Wikipedia
  47. Lake

    [Defense / Survival] Gladiator (Alpha)

    A Hero survival focused on fast paced combat, where "right click and wait", is not going to get you through. Download Map Version 0.1.2 Alpha Last updated February 2, 2019 Status: Currently working on implementing an entire new attack system, and developing a new round. - - - - - - -...
  48. Acutesharpness

    [Role Playing Game] DARK DESTINY Alpha

    DARK DESTINY is a multiplayer role playing game where two teams of 6 fight and survive in the wilderness to defeat the other team. Destroy the enemy fountain to win the game. Choose your DESTINY, you can pick either Thunder King, Faceless Fighter or Shadow Mage. More characters will be added...
  49. KaszankaSzatanka

    Jason Voorhees

    The game mode will be similar to Maniac With Saw. Screenshots Game: Screenshots Editor:
  50. The_Spellweaver

    [Hero Survival, AI, Demon] The Exiled Ones

    I started working on this recently, after posting a rough idea in Idea Factory forum. There's a lot of relevant data in users' comments so I will post the summary of the map below. The map will be heavy on AI, and is mostly about few-11 players doing their best against such AI which will react...