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[Defense / Survival] Village Fall

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Level 9
Dec 31, 2008
Village Fall
Gameplay Information

Main Quest:
- Defend the Castle from 50 waves of upcomming monsters!
- The three brave heroes must survive.

Gameplay features:
  • Two specializations & talents for each heroes.
  • Secret buffs and hidden optional quests.
  • Up to three players.
  • Cooperative upgrades.
  • ~40 mins of gameplay.
  • Game difficulty options.
  • * Intended to play on Classic Graphics but I'm not gonna stop you.
  • * I'm mostly sure you have to play it with last patch.

About me:
Hi! I'm LovG and I wanted to share with you this map I've made.

I've played warcraft 3 for a long time, created uncountless maps but I never finished any one (lol) and now I've decided that it's about time I at least try to finish one. Working every now and then I've been on this map for a year, I think? I work on it whenever I have free time.

What inspired me?
At that time I was playing Overwatch Halloween's event (Junk. Revenge), Resident Evil 6 (No Hope, Mercenaries) + Heroes of the Storm. Inspired by those games I decided trying a few things and this is what I've came out with.

Do note that I'm not a coder. So please If you find some bugs, leaks or suggestion please comment me below. As I mentioned, I don't have that much free time and but I'll work on it whenever I can (and as far as my skills allow me!)

Also, worth mentioning I'm not an english native speaker so there might be some grammar mistakes, so go easy on me please.

The zombies will come in waves. You'll have to deal with them before they get into the circle of power. Everytime one of them enters the circle, the Castle will take damage. Some characters will ignore you and go straight for the castle, while some others will target you first, others will change target and go to you instead.

Each character has "critical strike" ability. Which is really useful in the early game since it can one-shot earlier zombies. The goal is to kill as much as you can so you can farm fast gold. Everyone of them also can have up to 4 item on their inventory.

If you play in "-NoHope" mode, you'll face the first mini-boss at wave 5. If not, at wave 10. Some waves have a 1 up to 3 different zombie spawns per match. Some mini-bosses can also be randomly chosen each game. (I still have to work on it).

So far I'm not sure you can win this map alone. I'm working on a game mode called "lone wolf" but it's not finished nor tested nor completed so far lol.

The idea of having players-lock character was because I wanted to mantain the colors with their spells.

Also at some point of the map you'll given a hint to go to a place to get some cool buff.

I need your help with:
So I'm posting this here on the Map Development firstly because I confused myself and thought I was posting the map already lol.

But mostly because I haven't once tried to play this with anybody. So I really don't know if the map is balanced at all! Or if the skills are good enough. (I did played it alone macroing the three characters but it's not the same).

So if you guys wanna help me out testing with me or you with friends that'd be cool! Feedback is appretiated!

Also I'm not really sure how to upload the map here? I'm I doing this right? Damn I look like an ederly not knowing how this works... lol

*Note: For testing you should be able to control / already share units with the others players.

Anyways, thank you in advance!

It was autumn when all happened. Rumour has it that the cause of this nightmare was the plague that still lingers, but nobody really knows what happened since it was in a blink of an eye. Having thought he could manage it, Captain Garreth Swordwilder went with his men to confront the source of the problem but failed to do so. He got cursed, crippled and attacked in an instant, when he turned around most of his men were dead. When he thought it was his time, he got rescued by his loyal knight and brought back to the Village.

Garreth ordered everyone to evacuate immediately but, three travelers that casually coincided on this Village, decided to stay ground and protect the Castle.

Character assigned by player
Tyroil SunchaserTank: wave clear, auto attacker, damage dealer, crow control.
Player 2
Anya EagleyeRanger: wave clear, burst single target damage, movility, long range attack.
Player 3
Peril SpellbinderPriest: heal, burst healing, auto-attacker, damage over time.
Player 4

Each character has their own spells and abilities + two specializations to choose from.

Choosing one will lock you out of the other one. Both spec are meant to give you new spells / upgrade already existing spells. Picking one spec doesn't mean you loose your current abilities, on the contrary you can pick and play with whatever spell you wish to upgrade and play with (as long as the spec lets you do it).
VF_Vaults and Specs.jpg

New Units - Vaults
In order to upgrade your powers and specializations, you'll need to do so by using your Vault (F8).
are meant to upgrade your spells / specializations and heal you when needed. It also has the Give Gold function: automatically gives all your gold to the Castle.

Castle's Vault:
The castle's owner is a neutral player that needs gold for it to upgrade stats: attack, defense and new spells.

Upgrades are inside the Castle's Vault needed for your hero to improve their stats and their spells. It also offers researching a bonus in defense, attack and increased mana regeneration auras to all the heroes.

Garreth Stash:
Only sells early items.

Game Modes:
  • -Normal (no upgrades, no new spells, normal HP & MP)
  • -Hard (enemies have their armour and attack increased +1, also enemies mini bosses will have +1 new spell, +Hp +Mp)
  • -Nightmare (enemies have their armour and attack increased +2, also enemies mini bosses will have +2 new spell, +Hp +Mp)
  • -NoHope (enemies have their armour and attack increased +3, also enemies mini bosses will have +3 new spell, +Hp +Mp + a new line of minions spawn)
  • -nd (No deaths disables the "Defeat by heroes fallen" contidion defeat)
If no game mode's selected the game will set itself automatically in -Normal.

Note: Only for testing in "-NoHope" the "Defeat by fallen" is disabled so you can play and test it to your hearts content. Or at least the Castle's destroyed.

Camera modes:
  • -cam 2 (set the distance camera to 2000)
  • -cam 3 (set the distance camera to 3000)
In-game help and information about the character you can check on "Quests" (F9) or by typing:
  • -help

Gold is shared equally across all players but Castle gets half of it so that's why you must cooperate with your teammates and plan how to spend your gold. Slain bosses will give a (no shared) little bounty to the one last hitting them.

The whole concept of the map was using units not heroes, but since it was so annoying not selecting your hero with F1 I decided to change them to heroes just because. Stats and levels aren't relevant on this map. Or at least not for now.

As mentioned before, in the early game you can buy items at Garreth Stash. He himself will start selling items as the game goes by (middle and late game).

You may or may not encounter some items across the map or by triggering certain events. (There are chances that nothing drops/happens).

Each character has intentionally 4 slots at their inventory. This is done so that you think carefully what do you want equipped on.

VF_Items Sold by Garreth.jpg





Thanks to all of you this map was possible. The following is the list of credits.

[Credit List]
Blizzard Entertaiment and www.hiveworkshop.com

"Flesh Giant" (Monster) > Halo
"Human Mage" (Priest) > x-omg-x
"Chaplain" (icon) > (Blizzard Entertainment), Pyraeus
"Spell Breaker" (Warrior) > CloudWolf
"Golden Light Archer" (Ranger) > -Nightmare
"Multishot" icon > Mr.Goblin
"Holy Armor" icon > PeeKay
"Waves of healing" icon > Blizzard Entertaiment)
Death Grip > Azsure
KnockBack System > Palagon
Bow Enchantment > Mythic
Sacred Storm > Vinz
Castle Devotion Aura Icon > (Blizzard Entertainment), Darkfang
DreadLord > Darkfang
Icons retochs and stuff > "Button Manager" by Shadow Daemon

Note: If by any chance I used any of your resource and didn't credit you/wrotte bad your name please comment and I'll add you ASAP.

Patch notes

Fixed mayor bug where things didn't go as planned on Final Boss.
Added new Achivement.
Fixed some tooltips.

16/02/22 Balance Update

*Glaive Throw upgrade's cooldoon increased from 3s to 4s.
*Glaive Throw upgrade's range decreased from 2000 to 1200.
*Glaive Throw upgrade's mana increased from 20 to 35.
*Mana Infusion upgrade's cooldown increased from 45s to 50s.
*Mana Infusion upgrade's duration decreased from 60s to 45s.
*Mana pool upgrade's damage per second increased from 10 to 40.
*Mana pool upgrade's AoE damage per second increased from 500 to 550.
*Holy Armor upgrade's increased defense from 20 to 25.
*Holy Armor upgrade's cooldown incresed from 20s to 30s.
*Reduced Fumi's upgrade cooldown from 70s. to 60s.
*Reflection upgrade changed funcionality: No longer replaces Jump spell for Mirror Image spell. Now it improves Jump ability.
Reflexion: Increases Jump range, plus everytime you jump you'll leave a 10 second image that will take 50% increased damage and deal 100% of your current damage. Removes roots and slows.
*Nerfed secret buffs for the three heroes.

*Added new item to Garreth Stash: Dark Mask: +250Mp +10 armor.
*Added item bonification to Talisman: +100 manapoints.

*Fixed some icons and tooltips.

*Added advantages on some highgrounds.
*Now reforged friendly (i'm not sure tho)


22/02/2022 Updates
*Some minimal terrain changes.

*Added some random variety on the creep spawns.
*Added new command "-nd ("No Deaths" no loss when 3 heroes slain)
*Added secret quest "Forbidden Lovers". Reward on completting: 1 of 2 possible items. 1) Delicate ring: +300 HP. 2) Branch: +8 damage.
*Added some variety to dropped items.
*Fixed and improved some dialogues and grammar.

*Fixed Fumi's mana points: now has 1000 mp + 2 manapoints regeneration.



*Added new upgrade for Ranger. "Weakness": Has a 15% chance to reduce armour by 10 on her basic attack target for 4 seconds. Cooldown: 10 seconds.
*Added new upgrade spell for Priest. "Unstoppable" Everytime he cast "Healing shock", removes roots, slows and death grip.

*Added "Mana Burst" upgrade at the castle vaults: Inceases the heroe's mana points by 200.

*Added new achivement: No deaths while outnumbered. No one died on your party during the siege of undead.
*Fixed some command modes.
*Fixed some tooltips and dialogue lines.
*Fixed cinematics.
*Added/Fixed sounds.


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