[Hero Survival, AI, Demon] The Exiled Ones

I started working on this recently, after posting a rough idea in Idea Factory forum. There's a lot of relevant data in users' comments so I will post the summary of the map below. The map will be heavy on AI, and is mostly about few-11 players doing their best against such AI which will react to the players' actions. Concept and content are all ideas for now, they could easily change, depending on suggestions and criticism.

I am looking for someone from any of these categories with current level of need:
  1. llllllllll - Has experience in terraining/is generally good in design, I suck at large maps and will lose lots of time.
  2. llllllllll - Organization. I need help with making a plan or an order of making content for the map.
  3. llllllllll - Interested in collaboration on the concept and content level.
  4. llllllllll - Possible help in coding, but is required to accept/be familiar with vJass as it will probably make up 90% of map's code. I can do it alone I think, but there's a ton to code. VJass is coming to default World Editor soon, so this makes it even more reasonable.
  5. llllllllll - Balancing. I have problems with this and need help, but project is at it's very early stage and would be useless/impossible at the moment.
  6. Constructive criticism is always welcome :)

Before you ask, I am using vJass because it provides me with very nice OOP approach with which I am designing the map's ai. Oh, and please don't go look at the triggers. I haven't encountered any problem yet, but I haven't tested it for more than 15 minutes. After I'm done with MVP, I will start resolving any stray leaks.


A group of evil demons has been exiled from their home plane and found themselves right between 3 towns who would threaten their survival. Their plan is to establish a base, to discover a way to return to their home, through exploring and excavating old ruins and performing magical research.

These are crucial goals the demons must meet to successfully reach their goals.
  • To avoid being spotted as long as necessary as to avoid conflict and casualties while setting up base and teching up.
  • To claim nearby natural and other resources necessary for development and magical research.
  • To spy on nearby towns as to gain info of their planned attacks or to foil their plans.
  • To collect innocent souls as a resource in any of the towns by killing civillians.
  • To defend against towns' invasions.
  • To acquire a few different artifacts and to assemble the abyss portal, which finishes the game.
The game mainly features two types of classes, namely "crafting" and "combat" type classes. Combat classes include "minion" classes, a "Boss" class etc., crafter examples would be "Magical Researcher", "Prospector" and "Blacksmith"...
A unique class type would be a "Master of Shadows" rogue type class. There will generally be one. Their role is to spend their time within towns in disguise and interacting with the citizens and eavesdropping. They have limited interactions every day, and they might include bribes, threats and similar. Their goal is to avert town's eyes and find out about their invasion plans and their financial and population statistics.


They are required to perform their roles, vital to their survival. It is not possible to battle all three towns as they will quickly realize the threat and put all their might into exterminating the demons. A town operates based on 3 mechanics which are: Economy, Threat and Intimidation. More on these mechanics in the idea thread. They are currently fixed and won't change any time soon, or hopefully at all.

The goal to finishing the game is balancing these three stats of each town with various interactions that can include murdering stray woodcutters, fishermen, attacking the towns directly, planting false data to towns' officials and sending them to a time wasting expedition, defending against their attacks or using suggestion magic to turn them away.
The towns will try to interact with each other e.g. sending messengers/caravans, and sometimes it might be wise to sever these connections.


is a map with AI in development. It contains male and female villagers that get up, wander town, "do their job", wander town again and go to sleep, depending on what time of day it is. Currently existing within are BasicCitizen and Woodcutter behaviors and they are showcased inside the example map. They also run to hide in their house if an enemy comes too close to them.


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