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Last Activity:
Feb 18, 2020
Aug 21, 2009


Im but a Bee in the Hive

Superz_Ze_Man was last seen:
Feb 18, 2020
    1. Crett
      Are you still working on Upgrades? I'm interested in seeing what direction it's taken since I last played, it's a cool game mode!
      1. Superz_Ze_Man
        Hey Crett, I tried adding you on wc3 but had no luck, we must be on different regions.

        Perhaps you could join my Upgraders! discord channel? its how I communicate with other people who enjoy the game! The link is https://discord.gg/S4F2uvB!

        Otherwise I can maybe send you the map directly in some way for you to try online. Let me know!
        Jun 13, 2019
    2. L2love
      It is up to that person but attempting to sway them by telling them to switch games isn't helpful! To encourage them is very helpful it can make a lot of progress.

      No triggers won't resolve themselves by themselves nothing will, but someone could come along and help him or he could figure it out. You never know in time and saying to start over on a new game will have the same problems. You will problems in everything, why get rid of new problems because of old problems.
    3. L2love
      So I am instigating a flame war between you and I in that thread and you choose to replay?? Really that's you're best decision.

      And just for the record helping doesn't require mad crazy trigger skills. At the least you could encourage him instead of asking him to switch to a complete different game.
    4. Silverfish423
      Hey! My computer got a virus and I havent been able to get on in a few days!!
      So, when do you think you could help me with the trigger?
    5. Silverfish423
      Hey dude, could you meet me in chat? I am having trouble finding the triggers in the WE Trigger Editor that you descirbed in our thread regarding my capital trigger.
      Thanks a lot!
    6. Silverfish423
      Ooh okay, no worries! Just checking :)
      Thanks a bunch!
    7. Silverfish423
      Hello Superz_Ze_Man! I was wondering if you would be able to make that trigger I was asking you about, regarding the capitals and marketplaces n all.
    8. GhostThruster
      Hey, dude, are you still around?
    9. nickel510
      Yoyo, I'll try to be on tomorrow night.
    10. nickel510
      aight buddy, Ghost might be getting impatient lol, when do you think we could hook up and test his newest version? I'm pretty much free all day.
    11. nickel510
      yoyo, I am online! east name is nickel510, I added superz_ze but I don't see you online
    12. rcshaggy
      Are you being sarcastic or do you think its a good story wise for the project?
    13. Levdragon
      Thanks, and Merry Christmas :)
    14. Levdragon
    15. Levdragon
      Hey, I've seen your work on Halo UTM, and I was wondering what tutorial you used to learn to model :) I wish I could model myself but I'm terrible D:
    16. GhostThruster
      It's all right. The UTM is nearly finished.
    17. GhostThruster
      Sorry you had to leave. Good luck :)
    18. GhostThruster
      K, cool. Good luck, remember to attach WIPs in the UTM thread!
    19. GhostThruster
      Yeah, man, how's it going?
    20. Hevenblood
      Haven't heard from you in a while. Whats up?
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