[Defense / Survival] Tuskarr co-op RPG (name undecided)

Level 2
Feb 24, 2020
Current State - Alpha pre-release

"Storms are brewing. Surrounding the northern lands of the Tuskarr tribes, an ancient enemy stirs in the deep. Fallen crews and crashed merchant ships litter the rocky shorelines. It would seem ancient magic has guided them to a watery demise. Now, undead armies rise every night and come to kill off our colonies! You and your surviving colony are the few remaining Tuskarr capable of fighting off this new threat, the rest have either fled to safer regions or perished in the endless raids. It's up to you now, take the region back and return this threat to the icy deep whence it came." -Generic Storyteller

I've been a big fan of WC3 for over 10 years but never made a solid map for the community. I've also played a lot of Custom Castle Defense recently but eventually this map got really boring and repetitive. This is ultimately what inspired me to finally create my own map that draws on a bunch of popular inspirations: CCD, WoW, OSRS, MOBA's, Minecraft. One thing that always bothered me about CCD (and many other game modes for WC3) was the lack of co-operative play.

The Tuskarr map starts off with hero selection, there are 7 classes to choose from (and one secret class). After choosing a class, your next task is to survive the first night. After that, you can hunt, fish, loot, and explore for goods to sell to the shops found scattered around the map. Gold can be used to purchase powerful gear, replenishing items, or powerful animals/warriors with specialized capabilities.

The game rewards both micro and macro strategy. Gameplay is designed around co-op but eventually it will be able to be played solo as well. To win the game, the final "world boss" must be defeated. You must also defeat three minor world bosses before the final boss is accessible. There are some alternate bosses found in dungeons as well, defeating them rewards you with powerful gear and resources but is not required.

There are a lot of early-game, mid-game, and end-game aspects found here. Early game focuses around leveling up, hunting/gathering for gold, and survival. Mid-game centers around expansionism, obtaining powerful gear, and repeatable dungeons. End-game caters to boss fights and finishing the game. I'm aiming playtime around 40 minutes to an hour for an average game, and as low as 10-20 minutes for a speedrun.

Hero Classes:
Tuskarr Warrior - Effective on the frontline. Thick armor, lots of EHP, hard-hitting abilities, crowd-control
Tuskarr Spearman - Effective at kiting. The fastest, highest single-target DPS, best at fishing
Tuskarr Sorcerer - Effective at AoE damage/healing. Frost spells, dispel and heal allies, summoner
Tuskarr Chieftan - Effective in various ways. Places totems, biggest inventory space, chaos damage
Tuskarr Trapper - Effective at peeling. Self-healing, hard-hitting, strong single-target crowd control
Tuskarr Alchemist - Effective in combat. Hybrid (dps/tank/heal), loses mana over time, infinite mana
Tuskarr Builder - Effective at various tasks. Builds camps, harvests resources, scaling food/supply

The eighth and secret class is... a secret (tip: it's not a Tuskarr).

Food Stuff:
The game features a cooking system. Firepits can be built and raw meat/fish can be added to the inventory and cooked by pressing the button. After some time, the cooking process will complete and cooked meat will drop from the fire, available to be picked up.

Many northern animals can be found on the map, the bigger the animal, the more meat it will drop. Fishing spots can also be found dotted along the ocean shorelines and can be fished by any ranged unit. Both raw meat and cooked meat can be sold to vendors, but processing into cooked meat first will yield more gold.

Freshwater and other beverages must be found or purchased. Cooked meat/fish replenishes your health when eaten, and beverages recover mana when you drink them.

There are multiple ways to generate gold: monsters and animals drop vendor junk, undead forces give a bit of gold to their killer, Tuskarr builders and laborers can harvest gold from mines. And more.

There is another unique way to generate gold for the whole team and the Tuskarr Builder excels at it. Trees can be harvested for lumber. Lumber can be processed at one of the three sawmills on the map, returning sawed wood to the team. Sawed wood is for transporting to the Lumber Mill and can be processed into trade goods. Once the sawed wood is processed into trade goods, the whole team begins receiving an income. Each time the income is paid out, the next income is lowered until no more income is paid out. More wood can be processed between income payouts to increase the next income payout and create a continuous income stream for the team.

Various service animals and mercenaries can be purchased from stores. Each purchasable unit has a unique presence in the game; owls can see invisible units, pack horses can carry goods, mercenaries can supplement the Tuskarr forces, and more!

Each minor boss has a unique mechanic to understand that helps you defeat them. The final boss uses more powerful versions of all three mechanics. Dungeon bosses are generally just a more powerful regular enemy and are simple to fight. So far:

Cook - Regenerates health - consumes destructible corpses scattered around the arena

Sharkbait - Teleports - attacks all Tuskarr within the arena from anywhere in the arena

Chef - Disease cloud - Poisons attackers, greatly poisons melee targets, leaves a poison trail

When night time comes, a minimum of seven undead raiding forces are released from the shipwrecks. Each force targets a specific player, the more players there are, the more forces will spawn. The forces become stronger over time so it's important to destroy the three minor bosses quickly. The undead forces seek out the players until daylight breaks, when they are instantly destroyed until the next night.

Normally the Tuskarr don't regenerate health or mana, this is why it's important to hunt and fish to recover from battle. With the optional "Survival Mode" activated, the Tuskarr lose health and mana over time as well.

I will be posting screenshots/gifs/video and the map at some point. There is a lot of work left on what I've started but I've mostly outlined above what is already complete or near completion.