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  1. InkyElk#1885

    [SD/Misc] I made a 5v5moba map. Can someone help me translate it into English?

    Please leave your email address if you are interested.
  2. InkyElk#1885

    I make a Moba map name is

    [War Of Magic Island] is referred to as WOMI for short. Beta 1.0 is now available!! This is a 5v5 multiplayer hero war map. Control your hero to cooperate with his teammates on the island to defeat the enemy and destroy the enemy's base. The background story is about the battle between Naga and...
  3. frostwhisper

    Project Spotlight - Frostcraft

    The Hive's community continues its ceaseless work. Today we're looking at @Kaigar's promising new multi-player project which embraces Reforged's modernized graphics. Frostcraft is a multi-player action RTS designed to reward both tactic and skill. Enter the unforgiving lands of the north as...
  4. Cheshire

    hero arena without domino effect scaling

    Hey there, I want to create a hero arena-like map, where basically each player just controls one hero for a long time like dota (gameplay is very different then aos genre though..). I want there to be high levels available etc' so the longer the gameplay the more powerful heroes get, but at...
  5. DaneTheBeast

    Looking for an old MOBA-style map

    I made a quick picture of the layout (yes yes it's beautiful isn't it) At game start you'd choose your hero. There were 4 bases, one in each of the 4 corners, with undead being bottom-left. You could take a direct narrow path towards an enemy base or go to the center where all 4 ways...
  6. Jolamaster


    Hello Guys, it was so nice to find this community here. Since i got Wacraft Reforged i was hyped to going back to the world editor. I make maps as a hobby and the Warcraft 3 editor was always an intuitive way of having a "game creation" experience. So creating mechanics and going back and...
  7. JaydenV25

    Lf testers (gameplay vid link)

    Laptop isn't good enough to run it on reforged... Looking for testers, here's a gameplay! I just started messing around but I might go buy a new PC for this one haha. Advanced camera/movement system and intricate playstyle heroes with 12 abilities each.
  8. A Rather Wily Beaver

    [Role Playing Game] Need abilities for 2 custom heroes: a Lich and a Poison Treant

    Hello all, I'm making a MOBA for myself and my friends and I'm working on custom heroes. Two of them are a Lich and a Treant. Each Hero has 4 abilities: 3 basic abilities (Q, W, and E), and an ultimate (R). Here are their current abilities, including their placeholder abilities that I would...
  9. albertdos

    Looking for a Warcraft 3 MOBA map

    Hey there, Looking for a map i played way back when, it had the following: - +- 6 yo 10 years ago. - Auto attack only - Purchasable hero units (upgrades essentially)to replace your own.(Can only control one hero unit) - Mainly flying ship heroes, one or two ground based vehicle heroes. -...
  10. Recklessness

    Make Spacebar center on Hero

    Good morning, I have been looking around for a trigger or maybe someone knows a simpler way of making it so when u press spacebar the camera centers on your hero 1 similarly to what F1 does. Is that possible? I am in the middle of finishing a MOBA and that is one of the last things I want for it.
  11. AesirJenssen

    [Altered Melee] Frontier Defense, finished beta.[2vs2 Melee/MOBA].

    INTRODUCTION Hi mates!:peasant-cheers-back: The last week i'm was working in my first custom map. Not is nothing new, cuz i'm a beginner in this. This is (I think) a finalized version, but I upload it as a beta so that the comments obtained help me to improve it in case there is still an error...
  12. Eraston

    [Altered Melee] Tree of Life Defend

    General: PvP 1-6 vs 1-6 Stage beta The scenario of the map: Straightforward. The forces of Darkness want to destroy the Tree of Life in order to break the forces of Light. Parties: Each side has 3 armies and 3 heroes. Possible playing 1x1, 2x2, …, 5x5 at this version but it may be imbalanced...
  13. Oljin

    [Aeon of Strife] Black Clans War

    Black Clans War Created by Oljin Map Info: VERSION 1.2.2 The Blackrock Clan and The Black Tooth Grin Clan are at war! Choose one of 24 epic heroes from the Warcraft World and fight with your clan to destroy the enemy's Fortress! Features: 1vs1 to 4vs4 24 different Heroes to play: Assassins...
  14. volka25

    Looking for testers and coders. Gameplay Video

    If anyone is interested in working or testing this message my email - [email protected]. There's currently 7 heroes to choose and the main object of the game is complete.
  15. Lord_Marrowgrath

    [Aeon of Strife] Future of War of Argent

    Hello dear hiveworkshop members and moba lovers. I'm updating my aos War of Argent v2.21 I have many ideas on rpg based-moba map and need to take your opinion for future of the map. There are so many diffrent aos and moba and it feels every game looks same. I try to make different from them...
  16. BotLoot

    Spellcraft Remastered 6.07 - Looking for Final Build Testers, Quality Assurance, Player Opinions

    EDIT2: Topic is mostly obsolete now. (1.Nov.2018) Hi, looking for people that would play and write something about (what you like or don´t like), This (clicky) map. Its a very unique project and it should be finally completed. I want to hear about bugs (if there are any left) balance, opinions...
  17. Velmarshal

    [Aeon of Strife] Endless Tussle

    Endless Tussle And yes this was the inspiration for the name: Revengers: Endless tussle Last test: 28th July Currently working on: Primary Fixing the respawn system (seems to work properly atm) Hero selection messaging Secondary Making items "less shit" Nerfing speed abilities (they are a bit...
  18. Stefanni

    How to create a melee unit that deals area damage?

    I am creating a Hero and i have the desire to be a Melee Unit that deals Area Damage but i do not know what to do because i am new to the world editor. Can someone help me?
  19. DropTheGhouls

    [Aeon of Strife] Suggestions for a Dota/AoS Map

    Hello!, I'm a random 15-16 years old newb. I'm trying to make an AOS-DotA map So, i need your suggestions :D
  20. gore23

    Help Finding a older Moba/AOS style map please?

    There is a particular map I remember very few things about but I remember liking it a good bit. The few things I believe I remember are as follows. - It had plenty of custom skins & even abilities. - One hero controlled gravity or space magic or something like that, as one of his abilities...
  21. CodeBlack

    [Miscellanous / Other] CodeBlack´s WIP Corner

    Hey guys, Since i am working on multiple projects at once, i decided to reduce it all down to one thread. Some of those maps are in very early stages some are mostly finished; anyways... i hope you like my Ideas and have fun trying them out. Feedback, ideas, comments etc. are very appreciated...
  22. SpoopyShade

    King's Rule - 12 Player MOBA - Macro/Micro

    I had an idea that I'm still working the details out for. Essentially just like any moba you'll have 5v5 heroes doing battle in lanes with minions and a jungle. The 6th player on each team is the king and will not be in control of a hero unit, but instead will have control over research and...
  23. Krakenn99

    [Miscellanous / Other] Natural Selection

    Natural Selection Created by Krakena with the help of Persuasive and Soylent Download: Natural Selection v0.5b - Warcraft 3 Maps - Epic War.com Map Info: Natural Selection is a map inspired by the game "Natural Selection". You have 2 teams: The Force(Humans) and The Plague(Aliens). Player...
  24. Pebble

    [Aeon of Strife] Stones of Magic (BETA)

    Stones of Magic by Pebble Stones of Magic is a 3-Player Custom Map for Warcraft III that I've been working on for a few months now. It's finally at a point where I feel I can release it and hopefully get some feedback. Up until now, only myself and a few of my friends have played the map...
  25. Lord_Marrowgrath

    [Aeon of Strife] WARCRAFT: Collapse

    By Lord Marrowgrath TOWERS When Void and Light collapse, Towers becomes unstable and out of control. It turns to Broken Keeper and deals damage to nearby units. Forces needs to capture or destroy Broken Keeper. If players destroy Broken Keeper, it will remove...
  26. yeyoxcore

    Skyfall Crown - Moba & CTP - Teasters & More

    Hi :thumbs_up: I'm looking users like you for help me finish Skyfall Crown (Now on Alpha - 3.5) The map on more that 70% made, so soon it will have the Open Beta. I would like to asking for your help if you are: Teaster (Closed Beta) Modeler (Helpme improve the visual art) Terrainer (let's...
  27. Atirak

    Anyone to play new moba? (Dominion Raid)

    Currently hosting at ENT Gaming
  28. Stachu

    [Hero Arena] The Witcher - MOBA

    'I play chess to reveal the game secret. Blood thumps inside these chessmen. You need only listen - and you will hear. Dub-dub, dub-dub, dub-dub... A hearth pumping with life. I take a pawn - and hear flesh being rent. I win a peace - and hear screams from the depths of its bowels. I want to...
  29. Warcraft 3 -  LeBlanc Distortion WIP - YouTube

    Warcraft 3 - LeBlanc Distortion WIP - YouTube

    I'm really motivated building leblanc abilities in warcraft since I really like this champion, I mean.... I love LeBlanc! ^^
  30. Krakenn99

    [Hero Arena] Krakena's Project

    Hello everyone this is my project that I'll be wroking on. I have just started it and I still have no idea in which direction I want to move to. For now I am only making heroes but I don't know what the actual map type will be in the end of the making of this. I hope that people who bother...
  31. Trigger.edge

    [Aeon of Strife] Anime League Project - A Moba map

    Anime League Project A Multiplayer online battle arena map full map and minimap preview. Development Team: RoleUserDescriptionSkillsDirectorTrigger.edgeMonitoring the entire map design.Jass, vJass, Basic TerrainerHero asistantNigamanProvides information about characters..----Spell assistant...