[Aeon of Strife] Future of War of Argent

What do you want to see on WoA

  • Time based Random Map Event

  • Unlimited Level Cap for Heroes

  • Less Environment Fog

  • Remove 15 level heroic ability (Reduce hero usable spells to 4 from 5)

  • Talent Tree for each Heroes (3 heroes already have)

  • Super Creeps

  • Less mob spawn

  • More Heroes

  • More Items

  • Hero Quests (Each hero have special event for map)

  • Alternate hero Versions

  • Much more Lore behind Heroes

  • Teleportation (Map looks bigger for walk)

  • Far Camera

  • More players 6v6 7v7 etc.

  • Jungle Hero Option (Like League of Legends)

  • Do not Upgrade War of Argent

  • Delete War of Argent

  • Just work on your Warcraft: Collapse

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Level 13
Aug 23, 2011

Hello dear hiveworkshop members and moba lovers. I'm updating my aos War of Argent v2.21

I have many ideas on rpg based-moba map and need to take your opinion for future of the map. There are so many diffrent aos and moba and it feels every game looks same. I try to make different from them.

Please vote your opinion and ideas if you intrested.

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