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  • Wow, man, you were like, hero of the THW. Accepting all that requests by the people, helping them all the time. We need someone like you now.
    Farewell, My friend. let god bless you. Have a safe place in heaven.
    Ok rynst11 thank really much for what you did so far! Wish you luck with your school stuff! ;)
    But 3dmax i actually easy if you need help find an online tutorial to help you i lost my 3dsmax and am buying a new so i cant help you until then so you can afind you self an online tut on Youtube
    Hey Rysnt11, when are you going to finish your Infested Marine and Skeletal Footman models?!
    How r u , how is you 3dmax, am pretty sure your much better :) i wish your Doing well in your studing as well as 3DMAX, i have noticed that your not getting online too much, is there any thing wrong?
    Hello There My Friend ,

    I Hear Some News That Was Shocking!
    So Im Here To Give My Best Condolence :(
    And Thanks For All Good Things That Have You Done On The Hiveworkshop.
    i would be delighted to help you and i can help you withall the progrms you mentioned .
    3dmax is so great if you learned how to use it, just try getting it and learning things from tut,and u will be a pro modeler in no time, am a good modeler but i suck at animating thing.
    if you haveproblems in photoshop i could help u alot
    if u need help am ready to help u with 3dmax and photoshop
    am not sure if i can help u woth other things
    I am glad that you are back, rysnt11's brother. I am still sorry for your older brother. He was really a nice guy.
    Nah, he just said he will show me when his omnimon is finished (his model, and my spells combined in a map!)
    Its not really a request.
    hello there. do you still remember me?

    EDIT: so it is true, right?
    my deepest condolences (even though i'm very late)
    He helped a lot of users here on his model workshop and god damn his models are beast!
    nah I believe you
    I remember those posts about him having this sickness, oh condolence about your bro, he's a good modeler
    Im here to leave a flower, Thanks a lot for the good times ;)

    Btw rynst's bro, how is the Omnimon spells i made for him?

    What happened to that and the Omnimon model?

    Was it never finished?
    dude if you can read this in heaven i swear that i will find a cure for all cancer may you rest in peace
    dude, I was about to ask some good models for you but seeing the posts in your profile, well I pray that you are in a good place now, you fought well man, my condolence.
    Rest in Peace, Rysnt. ?? ?? ???? - 27 February 2012

    I feel very bad for not contacting you at all..
    ... that's very bad... you were so young T_T
    BTW, You were a great modeller, dude..
    And..Goodbye, rysnt11, may your soul rest in peace.
    And.. you were the best friend on hive for me... Farewell...
    My biggest fear. So it is indeed a cancer, and they didn't managed to even found it. Sorry, haven't been active on hive but I want to tell you that you are one of my best friends here if you can read this.
    May you receive a better life there.
    Rest in Peace, Rysnt. ?? ?? ???? - 27 February 2012
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