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[Aeon of Strife] Masters of Xenerrith

Level 4
May 14, 2013
It took me a while to imagine this entire idea of mine, the very thought that the Hive, or the gaming community rather, is loaded with alot of AoS/MOBA style maps/games but I just can't shake this off my head you know.

What is "Masters of Xenerrith" or "MoX"? The original name of this map was supposed to be "Masters of the Multiverse" but after seeing that there's already a map with the same name, I had to change the name.

"MoX" is an AoS/MOBA inspired by the many AoS maps here in the Hive, but mostly from Eve of the Apocalypse, and Heroes of the Storm that I desired to base and innovate from.

Game Mechanics:
- It's a 5v5 format where 2 teams must fight through enemy units and structures in order to destroy The Key Structure in order to win.

What characteristics "MoX" would have from other AoS/MOBAs?
- The First, Second, and Third Abilities are already given like in Heroes of the Storm.
- Special In-Game Objectives like in EotA, HotS, and etc.
- Consistent amount of In-Game action and Hero Clashes

Other Implementations:
- An easy to understand yet eye-pleasing Hero Selection UI like in IID, RoW, or EotA
- A custom UI for 9 Item Slots, Ability Upgrades, Item Shop, Scroll of Town Portal, Hero Stats, and Special Progressions that replace the Inventory Slots.
- Item Shop can be accessed anytime, anywhere with a press of a button
- Unique triggered and stat based abilities and effects like in EotA, Duel of Gods, and etc.
- In-Game achievements that earn you Gold and Shards, aside from killing enemies
- You earn XP by healing your allies.
- An interesting but not unique creep spawning system
- There could be more as I delve on this...

Now, with all this ideas loaded in my head about to be maybe turned into a map. The simple question is, "Can I make it happen?" the answer is "Fuck NO". I don't know the basics of triggers, Jass, vJass, and all that advanced crap that can make this map happen. I hate myself... I need help...