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So, I made a game called monster master, in the game you either play as the heroes or the monster master.

Story: In a land of chaos, caused of a brutal tyrant called kalavarzarthas or otherwise bitterly known as the monster master. He and his lieutenants enforce a cruel and evil power over the land. The monster master plans to rule the entire world perhaps. He already controls a very large area. But 9 heroes band together to stop him. With help from a fleet and woefully outnumbered resisance:thumbs_up:

Heroes: You're nine against a lot more than 9. Your only advantage is that you have ankhs of reincarnation and super powerful hero moves. So yes you've got a slight advantage over these creepy creeps serving the monster master. Of course the monster master has heroes that serve him too so you might not have much of an advantage after all. However, it's still entirely possible to kill the monster even against such odds. This is because while one hero is incredibly powerful, nine heroes even more incredibly powerful.

Monster Master: The monster master is quite likely the most powerful tyrant ever to have existed in this universe. The lich has the control of an array of devastating creatures. Hundreds serve him whether willingly or unwillingly and they make it near impossible for the heroes to win. Even 3 heroes can triumph near the end. But with kalavarzarthas's array of minion most time even 5 won't stand a chance. This doesn't mean that 5 organized heroes can win with at least one healer and a nice array of items as well as a damage sponge or two, but the monster master is for those who like control and are good at micromanagement. But you suck at controlling lots of little guys rather than one powerful guy, heroes would be a better choice for you.

Neutral help: At this point this might seem a little unbalanced but the heroes have help. The little thing known as the resistance. Up until a few weeks ago when the prophecy of the heroes would fulfill itself, the resistance were doing only small deeds because they had to do all they could to get a slight foothold if any. But as the heroes were said to arise soon the resistance had to plan to help them. Setting up measures to prevent anyone who had recent contact with the monster master or tagged lieutenant's life patterns to enter their camps, they began researching ways to undermine the monster master.

Give feedback on the idea, not like I'll give up working on if you say it's stupid but give ways to improve it a little. Like adding Ideas for bosses. My bosses implemented into the map so far is the mastermind which is a bandit leader with fan of knives and shadow strike. The telemage which is a caster hero based on teleportation it's moves are blink, fire burst which does a blink then causes fire damage in the area the telemage was before the blink for 10 seconds, and mass teleport which teleports it to one of the teleportation stations at the 4 corners of the room(if u try to teleport out of the room you get put right back in) and the arena team. Containing an anti caster called an arkanos soldier, a healer known as a combat medic whose abilities don't cost mana they just have long cooldowns and a fire creature which just does dps and spawns mini fire creatures every 30 seconds of the game. You can also suggest regular monster master minions and hero choices for the heroes. I need 2 more hero types so I need a lot of suggestion to see which one is the best.

Thanks in Advance!:thumbs_up:


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May 3, 2007
So... It's basically Illidian's "nine" (I don't remember the actual number, was it 7?), with a difference in that another player is controling the creep waves.

Well... Story does a lot for a game if it is used correctly, however your story is in all honesty fairly weak. That is to say that you're basically just playing into the classical 12 year old fantasy of two "unimaginably" powerful humans/beings duking it out. i.e. DBZ, Naruto, Bleach, (any action anime).

With your gameplay setup that isnt necessarily a bad thing, because realisticly you don't have a lot of room for gameplay elements. However, I would advise you to try and input some suspense in there . . . somewhere. . .

Your greatest challenge for this map is obviously balance, making both sides ridiculously rigged is not balancing them. There are multiple ways of going about "balancing", the most complex are usually too intricite and detract from making the game fun, so I would stick with something simple, like limiting damage output per-level. i.e. A level one hero can only put out 400 maximum damage at his peak. Such stagnant and consistent limits will bring you to a very simplistic balance, but it'll work out better then choosing random values and random increments.

Well regardless, I hope you complete and host it sometime, god knows the most fatal flaw of map makers is that they never finish anything. >Real life example<
Finally, someone who understands my predicament. Unfortunately, I need a dev team to help me out along the way, if only because I have trouble focusing. It's like ooh monster master I...hey look path to hell, lemme work on that! Maybe once I have my weekends off I'll have more incentive to work on my maps. But it's kind of annoying

I guess what I need is someone who knows coding well. I know a bit but god I only know the basics of integers not even the basics of the language just numbers.
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May 13, 2009
For starters Kalavarzarthas is not a good name, I have no idea how to say it. Use instead something like Dreek (don't use this, only an example).

Post a little more about the heros, what are their abilities? And how large is this project?

A boss you can add is a crypt lord with web that immobalizes the target and lower it's attack speed. He also has a lethal poison that needs to be cured within a minute or all the heros will die.

I think you will succeed with this project and I will check back on it. And everything I say is my personal opinon and you don't have to listen. :)
Nice idea on the crypt lord only not they all die, the game is hard enough as it is. The heroes have 3 ankhs of reincarnation and get another every few bosses(2 or 3) and I like Kalavarzarthas because it sounds ancient and magical(and cool!) I think I'll try to devote some time every week to working on it. I'm working on it at the moment. It's hard to do it alone anyone wanna join the dev team?