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Dec 15, 2018
May 11, 2008


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Dec 15, 2018
    1. MasterHaosis
      SanKakU, :cgrin:
    2. Magtheridon96
      Because you and I are alike: we spread too much too fast, but i get lucky :P
    3. Nestharus

      running the scripts writes the necessary files to a given machine. This means that unless a person has all of the necessary Lua scripts and map specifics scripts, they won't be able to save your map =P.
    4. Nestharus
      It installs for specific machines.

      I never tested step 4, but I know steps 1-3 compile just fine : ).
    5. azlier
      Still doesn't mandate more than one dummy type.
    6. Nestharus
      What's wrong with step 4?
    7. Sannin
      Sup dude, im still waiting for your help
    8. MasterHaosis
      Better say ,,they are corrupted by Dota"... I did not know they still play that.
      Well man, I need to find somewhere Wc3 installed on my computer, I haven't do anything related to Wc3 for years hehe. Last model I made was in 2008, las map I made was in december 2007, and such.... I haven't played anything for long time.
      Real life, college and other shits are doing nasty things to me, so I have no time usualy. haha
      What about is your map anyway?
    9. MasterHaosis
      Hello man, whats up?
    10. random.guy27
      Hello there.
      I saw your Project here and also saw you promoting it in PlayDotA forum.
      Hope you look at what I said in the thread you made in PlayDotA.
      Also, my username there is night_sky95
      PS I also want to help you, more specifically with Heroes and Items.
    11. Dr Super Good
      Dr Super Good
      war3.mpq and war3x.mpq have interal listfiles. It is only the War3Patch.mpq which does not.

      The listfile is an optional file which declares all the paths of the contense of the archive to form a sort of file hirachy. This creates a relationship that allows you to give names to the files contained in an MPQ which otherwise you would only have the hash value of (and multiple names can potentially generate the same hash).
    12. Dr Super Good
      Dr Super Good
      so if find in mpq doesn't work what do i do while knowing the path i need?
      Sorry for late response...
      You will need to find a listfile for the patch mpq archive and use it when opening the archive. There are pleanty included with many MPQ editors and floating freely around the internet. Some MPQ archive viewers allow the use of a custom listfile, which will let you use the external listfile to view the patch archive. Some MPQ editors will even atuomatically use a hard-coded listfile when that archive is selected.
    13. rysnt11
      I was too busy with real life exam...
      I'll paste it in paste bin, right now..
      Wait a moment, i'll pm you when the wind, and slow orb are ready to dl
    14. PurgeandFire
      Yeah, there is no other purgeandfire. :P
    15. x3GlikE
      Ty sankaku :D I will always have your back
    16. PurgeandFire
    17. PurgeandFire
      I think they have an autolock on older tutorials. I've tried opening the thread, but I think it is to prevent necro posting and overrides unlocks. I don't think I can't do anything about it, sorry. :(
    18. PurgeandFire
      Hey SanKakU. Any tutorial questions or requests you can ask from me, since Wolverabid is currently inactive. :)

      I am not sure which item pool tutorial you are referring to. Link me to it and I can open it for discussion if you have anything to add. :)
    19. Cozythrias
      it's fine mate, get well soon
    20. Icedrake
      Figured out what was wrong with the rainbow command. I already had the text colored, so the rainbow couldn't work. Once I removed the already colored text, then the rainbow command worked perfectly fine. Thanks again!
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