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  • Whoa! Crazy! I was going to ask you about using your open-source for 11th Vampire but I found it via recent thread postings. Thanks for sharing it to the public!!! I've always been wanting to revamp 11th again, though it's hard to start from the total originals.
    Hope it comes to fruition and you realize your ambitions! Good luck revamping it. If you need an older version I also have those.
    Yup. Making my Desert variation of the map now.

    God Barrens terrain is so ugly. And Sunken Ruins may not be Desert-y enough.
    My terrain was changed to Village. Can you send the impassible file and tell me which in Village would be impassable? Probably the stone?
    I'm not sure, from what I've noticed the pointer must NOT be moving to prevent this error. In older versions of Vuen the pointer could accidentally be clicked to teleport around the Palette, and by doing that will start spamming E000. However, in your version the pointer can actually "move" , not by teleporting but by moving, so the pointer in your version will start moving and freak out, giving the error. When I played, if the pointer was sitting still and you hit ESC to reset the selection you have, it stops the error.

    That's currently what I told people to do in my map.
    I never touched the pallette, so it means your version has this issue too (as does my old Crystal template). I've never seen this until recently.
    Don't take this the wrong way or anything but I've been more than a bit curious to see your work so far on Myths of Dianmorr (and also to see the unprotected Myths - Dianmorr), would you mind sending me an unprotected copy of either?
    If you don't want to/have trashed them/ or have good reasons not to give me them, then don't. I'm just very curious about the maps and the triggering and what you've accomplished and stuff, as well as possibly balancing some stuff and fixing bugs in the original Myths - Dianmorr. (Being an avid Myths player, I know some bugs, such as the Ogre Stonethrower accidently summoning the Lightning Lizard, and Ham not really working.)
    I've never seen the Demon Turtle. Is that the one for level 300 or 500?
    I've caught all the others in games.
    (I can actually solo a behemoth with my level 228. I'm pretty imba.)
    I actually just did grinding to get my level. I did very few competitive matches out of niceness (who wants to get destroyed by a level 100?). I was very curious about the extra creeps (level 150, 300, 500), the tougher difficulties, as well as the max level. I just put in a fakeplayer in game lobby to get rid of the no singleplayer part then started. Since I was over level 5, I could buy level ups from the special store. I got the money to buy level ups from the constantly respawning pigs, which dropped ham. Since you apparently have an unprotected version of Myths, do you mind telling me what the level 300 and 500 creeps are? I really want to know badly. :(
    Hey Titanhex, I was browsing the Hive and I saw that you had a project thread about Myths Of Dianmorr. I am a big fan of Deathclownz's map and have a level 220 something. From your description of Myths of Dianmorr it looked like Myths: Dianmorr was really going to get improved. But the thread was closed and I guess that means that Myths of Dianmorr won't be completed?
    I've gotten back into terraining and was wondering if you'd be okay with me doing some terraining on your map(s)? Since the one I used to use are far outdated.
    I actually found out that if you use esc it postpones it. When I don't use esc after finishing something such as. If I just finished using grove I can't just select another thing. It glitches the tools, but if I use esc it doesn't glitch.
    Another bug is I play as gray, and my tools will break randomly. It happens after a while of playing randomly, I cannot remove trees or spawn them
    I played your vuens dND TE. I try and give my units a custom class with custom gear sheet. I type cgear2Wands, Staffs, Cloth Armors, Books They can't equip any of it, help?
    Yeah I'm making a project based on my own lore in fact using D&D components, originally I was continuing Steel's but it got corrupted and I hadn't made a backup (stupidly). Also I much prefer roll fighting at the moment, which is why I'm going to create a non-combat RP map, mainly for my clan at the moment, but hopefully other's will enjoy it once I finish testing. All help is appreciated, so I would very much like so thanks :)
    Oh god, King of the hill with havens.
    Time to gather the troops, we've got some gaming to do.
    I'd love to. I've a group of friends who I play 11th Vampire with from time to time, so I'm sure they'll jump at the opportunity to test/try/find every secret/open it up entirely in JASS (to find cheat commands) and indulge themselves in a decent map. :)
    Oh ehm, Titan?
    Did you send the forms or havent you done so yet?
    I havent recieved anything, so i'm curious.
    Titanhex that bug has to be fixed ill help you find the source of it just we need it fixed!!!
    Titanhex but when u get it fixed id like to make my own dnd.so i need the unprot vers but also How do i make it to a point where stuff is selectable????or is that trigger done for me???
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