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[Idea] Mercenary AoS

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Level 4
Jul 25, 2008
You are a Mercenary-Hero employed by 1 of 2 kingdoms, your job is to make sure the other King lies in a pool of his own blood. The kings forces is just a peasant-army, so he has need of you. Based upon your performance [e.g. HK and UK] you get gold, which will be used to buy the typical AoS gear [Yasha + Sange, for example].

The problem is, i haven't made a DotA/AoS map in 2 years, and i know for a fact that AoS maps now contain JASS/vJASS scripting, require item recipes, and a decent Map layout. My question is, where can i find a newby tutorial for JASS/vJASS scripting AND later on Advanced JASS/vJASS.

There was one AoS map that i want this map to be based off of [Siege AoS], basically you will aid the King by finding "Strategic-Points" throughout the map which will spawn better troops for him, also, i was thinking of adding more gold to each of the mercenaries for each strategic point the king owns.

If anyone wishes to help me with ideas, a good place to find JASS tutorials [the ones i've read basically confused me...], etc. Post of send me an /w online.
Level 8
Dec 7, 2008
When I think of kingdoms, I think of traditional medival things like knights, advisors and scholars...

Level 1 Military Advisor
Int = Str > Agi

Skill 1 - Tactical Point
Garath can mark a tactical point on the map, allowing all of his allies to warp to it as long as it is active. The amount of points increase with level.

Skill 2 - Place Bounty
Garath can mark a target enemy with a bounty, reducing its defence, increasing its speed, and giving its killer extra gold when it is dead.

Skill 3 - Battle Tactics
Garath knows the tactics of battle, so he and his fellow allies gain a slight evasion and critical strike.

Ultimate - Standard of Victory
Once Garath has killed a unit, he may place a standard of victory, causing nearby allies to become immune to damage for 2 seconds.
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