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[Aeon of Strife] map game mode idea

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Level 7
Sep 19, 2020
I try to make a map and I thinking to use this map or this, to make a 5v5 game mode.

but for more detail, I don't have any idea to make an interesting game mode map

pls, help me to find a good idea for the game mode and gameplay 5v5 ( or 3v3v3v3 - with change map template) it's like popular map dota and lod but not the same, different
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Level 21
Dec 4, 2007
I'd say find some inspiration from fellow mapmakers who succeeded in creating said genre maps.
Frostcraft v2.00a
I also suggest to try something creative and engaging, like 3v3v3v3 has not been covered as much as 5v5.
Level 28
Apr 6, 2010
One SC2 map had an interesting concept with 3+ teams where the base you send units against isn't the one you defend against, i.e. Player 1's spawned waves attack Player 2 but can only build defenses against Player 3.

You could also have two AI players hostile to all others sending waves of units to the center of the map to attack each other, making combat in the center more chaotic.
Level 10
May 7, 2006
You could draw 2 or 3 diverging lines (representing lanes) out of each base toward the middle of the map, then where the lines intersect other teams lines add in some objective to contest and end the line. Midway thru the line add in objectives to contest also.

Each lane will produce units to fight or defend objectives on the lane, either using an alternating offence/defence type system or some rule like "if tower is less than 80% health defend it, otherwise attack".

Some gameplay feature could be human players attacking towers behind front lines, causing the lane mob ai to prioritise defending behind lines objectives leaving the intended target undefended.

Maybe add in an extra ai mob group which are free to go to any lane and choose the lane which is currently being lost the most.
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