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  • Happy Birthday! (Happy Birthday!)

    <span style="font-size: 12px">Here is a cake.</span>

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    <span style="font-size: 12px">Here is your present.</span>

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    Thanks :)

    I don't have Skype but how about just post them at pastebin? you can now upload stuff there permanently.
    Yeah I got promoted back at November 2012, The staff needed stronger soldiers now lol :D

    If you would start or any else with the map, I'll gladly see the WIP
    Man my last year comment is still shown, so yeah Happy Birthday your majesty
    Don´t worry, I perfectly understand. Hehe sorry for the delayed answer.

    I will also leave the hive (stop doing projects here) in about a year and a half away. (When I finish my mayor in engineering and start working in the company were I am doing my practices). So I will do just one more serious try this summer of creating a worthy map.

    I wish you the very best of luck and success in your life. Hopefully I will see you at DeviantART as a famous artist in a couple of years.
    Oh, well I was just sending messages to all people who were posting in the thread, so, sorry :)

    How are you these days? You don't come to Hive that often anymore...
    They're from the second season so the episodes have yet to be released. However Hasbro's facebook posts 1 image a day until the second season and that one kinda of got leaked beforehand in here.

    I also posted a newer image there.
    I'm leaving in an hour for a short vacation and I'll be back on Monday. I'll try to find some time then :)
    wait, so u baby-sit them, and get paid alot, and feed them like steroids and crack and weed everyday???????????
    Archangel678's DeviantArt account name is Zarutal2. He rarely logs onto DA... it could be why he didn't give the account name to you, so that he wouldn't disapoint you...
    Yes, create arrays for the damage values. If I recall correctly you were not using hashtables.
    My reaction described below:

    That makes me sad.....

    You're a great friend - I'll try to get on DeviantArt, perhaps actually talk... hope to see you soon ^^
    Hello everyone and goodbye too... I fully quit WC3 and anything that is related to it. I guess i found a better hobby and when i do it i receive more pleasure from it then making spells/systems. But some good news is that the WC3 isn't the only thing i quit, i don't play anymore! I only do what i always liked to: party with friends, take photos of nature and make pictures!
    If you want a vector image then i'm the right person for you... I make only MLP: FiM vectors!!! =)
    Just find me on DA by nickname NightmareMoonS.
    And to those who use my icons, spells and systems i have to say "Thanks!", you inspired me to do that... And thanks everyone who helped with everything! I will always remember you guys, this was a great experience being here with you, cuz this is one of the best communities ever created!
    If you're still will be using my resources - no credits needed!!!
    Note: Might be online sometimes to know when my resources will be needed to be updated...
    I do have a DeviantArt account... However, it's only used to talk with one of my old friends, I rarely ever get on it.
    i,m just learning stuff, trying to make maps, but they always fail. i learned alot from the fail ones, now i think im ready
    only problem is triggering, i only know BASICS :(

    i want to do modelling but i don't have the tools (most are so complicated) or skins, :)
    I'll try to find a few funny pictures - I'll send them to you/Tell you the idea.

    By the way - Your pictures are extremely high quality ^^ I've browsed through your DeviantArt page multiple times.
    Thanks ^^

    Your the one who influenced me into watching the show - and I really thank you for doing that. Yet... I don't know what I can do in return, as you've done so much for me.
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