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Revolutionary AoS Ideas

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Level 17
Jun 17, 2007
I'm currently developing an AoS, and I have a huge lack of ideas that would separate this map from maps such as DotA or AotZ. I'm looking for something that these maps lack. Be it a new gameplay mode, or a new spin on the AoS genre entirely, I need an idea. Thanks.
Level 1
Dec 7, 2008
Something the AoS maps lack?
1An active participation by the neutral creeps introducing an element of surprise for both sides. Otherwise they have the elements of surprise only due to the other sides. If the creeps start interfering randomly then it will be a game against three sides with one being playing randomly.
2Variation in the creeps. Meaning that many maps do have unit upgrades but they do not have any means by which I can completely change my creep tree. Working on variable tech trees for the sides is needed.
3AI for heroes. Most AoS do not have AI for heroes making them boring for single player.

An idea
Trying to ally with the neutral creeps giving advantage over other players.

Came up with this much presently.
Level 6
Sep 13, 2008
A few suggestions. /agree with zelda neutral creeps should play a bigger role.

1. Neutral creeps should maybe drop some minor loot.
2. Neutral creep boss in very middle of map that drops loot and has scripted abilities.
3. Ability to buy units or items that turn into towers or structures you could place them where you want.
4. Something awesome to spend gold on like giant one time units.
5. Ability to play as a builder hero.
You could try something risky like this:
It's a kind of 'realism'

  • Units do not share line of sight with their allies
  • Whenever a player types something in the chat, erase the chat and display a floating text above his hero.
  • If you want all players to hear your message, you can shout, but so enemies will hear.
  • The lack of mana gives a miss chance, like full mana = 0%, empty mana = 50% (this represents fatigue in the heroes)
  • Footprints are placed on the ground for every hero
  • Blood pools are placed on the ground when the hero takes damage
  • Every attack from your enemies on your back will be 2 times harder to miss.
  • Movespeed and attack speed can have small penalties when the life is low.
  • Big damages from abilities, but every ability requires a bit of accuracy from the user (at least the most of them)
  • Never forget to avoid crazy recipes and nothing-to-do-with-each-other heroes, like dota, I hate it. Do really simple and obvious items, without much trick, so the game knowledge isn't that important, but the player's skill.
Playing a map like this would be just awesome. :thumbs_up:
Level 4
Apr 1, 2009
yea i agree if you could put all that into and aos that would be amazing
along with you chat idea though
maybe hae it when they yell ping there position to all players on the minimap
so its kind of like being able to actually hear and tell where there coming from
Level 12
Feb 23, 2007
An AoS where when you kill a tower, you gain control of it (another one appears in its place under your control). Controlling towers give you gold and experience. An AoS where you can build towers.

Here's something that's never been done before as well. A good balancing job (DotA comes close but many heroes are still lacking). Don't balance the game at all until you have vastly different heroes in the pool. Then slowly make tweaks and changes, otherwise your game will lean in one direction of balancing. Be sure to provide tools for all different tactics to be viable.
Level 8
Apr 30, 2009
Mix AOS and ORPG.

Start off with the standard computer-controlled allied creeps/towers that are weak. Players can purchase a builder unit to make really good creeps/towers (maybe a little bit like PRESCHOOL WARS)

An AOS that is about player skill and not item cheesing

More than 2 teams

Ability to break alliances and even try to win the whole game solo, or backstab your team

Phase out the economy mini-game. "Denying" is stupid and breaks the whole concept of an epic battle. Maybe have alternate ways of making gold, such as controlling the map rather than farming kills.

An AOS where the power of creeps doesn't become so trivial late game. Entire armys of multiple creep waves shouldn't fall to one hero with 3 battlefuries who probably spent all game killing kobolds in the woods.

The final objective is to kill a BOSS UNIT rather than a building. Like Kil'jaedan or Mannoroth or something, not a ziggurat with a creepy name.

Have a morale system. For example, if all the heroes on one team are dead, then give that side's creeps a "leaderless - low morale" debuff. Have army-wide morale buffs based on the progress of the "war" like "last stand" when defending the main objective or "FOR NARNIA, AND FOR ASLAAAAN" if you just killed a tower.

Be very careful about cheesing attributes, such as movespeed easily getting stacked to 522 and attack speed stacking to 500%. Acquiring very high levels of one thing should severely gimp others (or just be impossible). Many (all?) AOS maps reward players for just pumping one stat; I think this is dumb.

Examples of this:

DOTA: very easy to get ridiculous attack speed, without gimping anything else.
HOSK: Regen aura + endurance aura + a dozen kinds of boots that all stack means obtaining maximum movespeed is trivial at best.
Level 3
Dec 9, 2008
I believe Mages Magic and Mayhem has already fused the ORPG and AoS :p.

Anyways, those are some awesome ideas Happy! I think it might be a bit too risky and all since most are obsessed over DotA and will /wrists over drastic yet awesome changes like that. Good luck with your AoS anyways buster!
Level 4
Apr 24, 2009
Customized tech trees for units is a great idea, but I would go further. Let players choose initial starting towers, then upgrade from there. Also create slots where teams can add new towers for different types of creeps.
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