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[Aeon of Strife] (MOBA) Standoff of Heroes

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Aug 18, 2013
*This Post will be further updated in the Future*

Hi everyone, as a side project for many of my gaming friends, I create maps for us to play together.

We play many MOBA's: HON, SMITE, DOTA + DOTA 2, and sometimes LOL. I suppose we Fantasize a bit about custom heroes that we would enjoy playing so I began creating a MOBA myself. After some collab with friends, I've decided to put out a Notification to the hive community.

I plan on releasing my MOBA to the community but would like some feedback.

Standoff of Heroes
By FlacidTurtle
Below is the current map description given
Moba Variant. 5 Lanes. Custom Heroes, Custom Abilities
Modes: Normal, "-War" (3 Lane, +Gold),
Mods: "-rich #"(+ # Gold), "-poor"(-400 Gold), "-2xp" (Double Experience), "-sc" (Super Creeps), "-bc" (Bonus Creeps)

Current Loading Screen Description:
Action Moba Styled Gameplay
Soldiers from Le Light and Soldiers from Le Dark fight it out on a remote desert island. Each side sends waves of soldiers at each other indefinitley. The soldiers are divided into 5 lanes, each with its benefits and concerns. 5 Heroes have been chosen by each team to help turn the tides of battle. Who will win? Le Light or Le Dark?

Game Types:
Classic - Classic 5v5, each lane spawns troops evenly, and heroes start with 603 Gold.
War - Troops fight in a much more dramatic way, battles turn and sway in favor of the team with more kills. Heroes start with a determined amount.

The setup of the map is quite different from a typical moba, for instance; In DOTA, the map has even 3 lanes where minions fight back and forth indefinitely;
In SOH there are 5 lanes; These lanes are symmetric but in reverse; The Top Lane is stronger for the Light Side while the Bottom Lane is Stronger for the Dark Side. The Middle Lane is even, while its adjacent lanes are stronger for one team then the other respectively.
Here is an image of the map with a Key

LEFT SIDE = "Light Team"
RIGHT SIDE = "Dark Team"

Pink Line - Top Lane; Strong Creeps for Light Side
Red Line - Dark Side Assault Lane; Extra Creeps for Dark Side
Green Line - Even Lane; In the Center is a Neutral Shop
Blue Line - Light Side Assault Lane; Extra Creeps for Light Side
Yellow Line - Bottom Lane; Strong Creeps for Dark Side

White Line - convergence lane for other lanes
Black Line - Impassible Cliff / Other


The uniqueness of the map radiates from the fact that every single hero could technically have their own lane. The Size of the map ensures that team cooperation is required. My current Hero roles are listed below.

Hero Roles:
Carries, like in most MOBAs, are responsible with killing the enemies and eventually winning the game

Tanks are responsible for absorbing damage, initiating team fights, and supporting others

Lane Pusher
Lane Pushers are responsible for killing minions and pushing towers.

Support heroes are not responsible for getting kills as much as a carry. Support heroes are designed to help others get kills, buff others, or provide Crowd Control

Crowd Control
Crowd control is a more specific role, they are endowed with abilities such as stuns, slows, and other disables. Crowd Control role may overlap other roles.

Healers have abilities designed to heal or supply mana to others. Overlaps with other roles often.

I've made Slight Changes to Gameplay constants and stats

- Each point increases attack speed by 0.02
- Each point increases movement speed by 0.05
- Every 5 points increases armor by 1

- Each point increases mana by 12
- Each point increases mana regeneration by 0.05

- Each point increases hit points by 20
- Each point increases hit point regeneration by 0.05

Primary Attribute
- Each point increase damage by 1

I have also changed several damage types and what they affect.
Below is a Screen shot of these new Values.

I have also raised the Max Hero Level to 50 compared to many Max levels of 20 and 25 in competing games.

Below are in game screenshot with Notes explaining some changes to the interface (Small Changes but needed)


The Taverns are color coded
Red = Strength
Green = Agility
Blue = Intelligence


1. This Area is the spawn, where your hero will heal rapidly and can buy items.
2. This icon is your heroes quick selection icon, there may be two as some heroes have multiple "Sub-Heroes" at their disposal.
3. This is your displayed current move speed for your main hero, Highlighted in Yellow in this picture
4. This is the zoom out feature in use. There will be several other features similar to this available.


1. A Hero moving towards a group of sleeping neutral creeps.
2. Top Right: This is current movement speed.
3. Bottom Right: This is an ultimate ability(Max level of 3, compared to 4 of a typical ability).
4. This is a multitude of custom items




These are one of many different possible neutral creep spawns possible. Creep camps work similar to other Mobas; The creeps spawn every 60 seconds assuming that there is no creeps in the camp now(Stacking is Possible) and No creep corpses are in the Camp. Camps are not blocked by player presence but this may be changed in the future.


Ancient Creeps are super powerful creeps that should only be fought with more than one hero or until your hero is better suited to kill them. These creeps also give more gold bounty and XP than normal creeps.

Main Features:
-Currently I have 23 Custom and Unique Heroes
-Currently has over 68 fully functional custom items; There is a Recipe System with 23 recipes and more to come.
-Currently has over 90 abilities with nearly 35 customized and triggered abilities.
-Way more to come

Please send me a message if you're interested in being in the Alpha Testing Group
Asides from that, I will continue to work on this map for my friends. Thank you
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