Spellcraft Remastered 6.07 - Looking for Final Build Testers, Quality Assurance, Player Opinions

What is your favorite game mode?

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Jul 11, 2010
EDIT2: Topic is mostly obsolete now. (1.Nov.2018)

Hi, looking for people that would play and write something about (what you like or don´t like), This (clicky) map.
Its a very unique project and it should be finally completed. I want to hear about bugs (if there are any left) balance, opinions. Or if this map is playable at all. :D (If it´s not too complicated.)

Particularly interested how the new MOBA game mode plays out. Consider this a Quality Assurance or a Final Build Testers.

All your opinions will be read and considered and it will be decided if this map needs more development or not.

Hero selection: select your wisp and right click on a hero to select it.
Player teams (in multiplayer modes = MOBA):
Player slots 0-5 = team 1
Player slots 6-10 = team 2

EDIT: 6.09 was a small (mostly tooltips and hints) update.
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