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Last Activity:
Jan 16, 2019 at 5:19 PM
Sep 14, 2012


Annatar, Male, from Russia/Italy

War in Middle Earth Jun 12, 2016

Valandil was last seen:
Viewing repository Maps, Jan 16, 2019 at 5:19 PM
    1. SeedinAethyr
      Happy birthday!
    2. Adamus
      Morgoth has arrived!!!
    3. TheFrenchLeprechaun
    4. SeedinAethyr
      Happy birthday!
    5. Hebert09
      Good keeping busy! How about yourself?
    6. Anarionnn
      Hello Valandil, it is me Anarion. :)
    7. deepstrasz
    8. TheFrenchLeprechaun
      Hi! Yes, I still have it! Do you need it?

      And if interested, I'm back on the Peoples of Middle Earth project ;)!
    9. Hebert09
      The irl is handled, will get back into it soon. Adding a random uruk spawn, the waves coming at you should never be the same. Trying to get a reaver in. need to talk to fin about this. what do you want to see in the gameplay?
    10. King Katanova
      King Katanova
      Even if you were focusing on just the races seen in the movie and book you still need atleast
      -Breeland Milita
      -Dunedain Rangers
      -Moria Goblins
      -Lothlorien Elves
      -Dominion of Isengard
      -Kingdom of Rohan
      -Ithillian Rangers
      -Mordor Orcs
      -Easterling Warband
      -Haradrim oliphant warband
      -Corsairs of Umbar
      -Minus Morgul orcs
      -Kingdom of Gondor
    11. King Katanova
      King Katanova
      Next Question
      How much of your map focuses on the minor races, those that were not seen that much in both LoTr and the Hobbit
    12. King Katanova
      King Katanova
      For my map i do not work in quests, as the players or the titan make up the quests for the others in the game to play out. Whenever i try to make set quests such as item quests and location quests they just end up getting abused and mistreated. Problems of having to much freedom.
    13. Valandil
      War in Middle Earth
    14. King Katanova
      King Katanova
      Lets start with a simple question,
      What timeline you think this project should be set around. I had already set it to be third age between "The Hobbit" & "The Lord of the Rings" so that 60 year window, but i know i've been requested for things from the second age that were not present in the third age. your thoughts?
    15. King Katanova
      King Katanova
      So i noticed your post on my rp map's idea and your friend request, i took the liberty of viewing your own map and i like what i see, we should speak together in conversation sometime.

      Cause im pretty stuck with my own idea
    16. Hebert09
      will work on that. its almost done just been busy had some irl life shit come up had to deal with.
    17. GolluM_KoMe
      Thanks ! If you have any suggestion, tell me !
    18. GIMLI_2
      Thanks :)
      I will take a look a it
    19. Hebert09
      Soon, trying to make it as optimal as possible without cutting back to much on gameplay. The intro cinematic is now gone, cut back on a lot of triggers. Player count has been cut in half from a possible 10 to 5 players, should help online lag. All the systems had to be reworked to do some of this. Still in the process of optimizing the AI, making them funner to fight as well as hopefully placing less computations. Unit count is being cut back slightly. Hoping to make something cool for middle of keep as it is too baren at the moment. Each player now gets 2 heroes which should be less boring in multiplayer. Then finally the last attempt will be to try and get some uruk reavers in as well as spruce up gameplay. Not much more to go, less than a month. Sorry just been really busy.
    20. Hebert09
      Working on those helms optimizations. A lot of triggers to rework.
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    War In Middle Earth
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