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Feb 25, 2021
Hello Guys, it was so nice to find this community here. Since i got Wacraft Reforged i was hyped to going back to the world editor.
I make maps as a hobby and the Warcraft 3 editor was always an intuitive way of having a "game creation" experience.

So creating mechanics and going back and forward testing triggers and commands always felt a very good exercise for my brain.
But for me at least, that is nothing more frustating then getting stuck in a mind loop for hours trying to come up with a solution to implemet my ideais into the game mechanics.

Im creating a moba like Map with the ideia of keeping all the original lore as a direction. So you would have all the original heroes, with all the default spells, etc.
its 4 teams, wich one representing each race ( orc, elves, undead and humans)

So in fact each team has 5 players. 4 Actual players and 1 AI Player to spawn creeps and have the actual structures just like in dota

so its like a moba with 4 teams instead of 2. So you have Orcs and undeads VS humans and elves. But each one with their own base and conditions.
For example The orcs can lose the game if their Cristal is destroyed but that wont end the game. The undeads can continue the game against Elves and humans.

I created a cool starting point with an old school hero select mode. Like 4 Wisps one for each player to select from the original 4 heroes of each race. So the wisp just go to the circle corresponding to the hero the wantr to select and after that the wisp is out of the game and it summons the selected hero.
No problem with that, very simple trigger commands to do.

The thing is since i want to test the map properly i did want to make some "AI" for the computer to play, select a hero just like any other MOBA game.
I dont intend to make a very complex AI, im just triggering the Hero to atack the Cristal of the enemy player and keep doing that. Since is all default i intent to use the meele AI script to run so the heroes learn habilites and stuff without myself having to do all the work triggering stuff manually.

So i got stuck in this situatiom in the hero selection:
i would like to come up with a way to tell the AI to only choose a Hero not yet choosen by another player.
For example i would like the the trigger to wait for the actual Real players to choose first and then the AI chooses a hero not yet choosen.

Another practical example.

I am "player 1", and the AI is playing "player 2" in the same team as i am.

The game starts, and we have 1Min to choose before the match starts and then gates are open and creeps starts to spawn.

So lets suposse in this case there are only Player 1 and Player 2 in the Team, and the other 2 players in the team are not playable.

So as player 1 i go ahead and choose the Archmage. So now that i selected the Archmage i dont want this hero to be choosen anymore.

So based on this condition the AI player 2 would choose one of the 3 remaining not yer choose heroes.

If i can figure this out, it would solve yet another problem! i don't want ANY players to be able to choose the same hero if that hero is already been choosen.

So one condition would solve both problems here.

Sorry if i cant express things in a very clear and understandable way. im just looking forward to get out of this LOOP i am and keep going forward with the project.

Any help would be very aprecciated.
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