1. R

    [Trigger] Melee/Ranged Isnt Working

    Hello Community that has helped me understand so many things in the WE! #MuchAppreciation! I am having trouble with yet another situation here as i have googled and searched through here for answers on switching from Melee -> Ranged and keeping spells and all of that is cool. The problem is...
  2. D

    need idea for ability

    Hi I work on my map and I try to make some hero it's like DotA, but some abilities are not good for my map and I need an idea. now I working on Bounty Hunter and spell Track isn't good for my map and I don't have any idea. pls help to make a good ability for this hero and match to my map and...
  3. LordHatchet95

    [IDEA] Custom Warcraft cooperative maps featuring "Commanders"

    I've been thinking of something quite similar to Starcraft 2 Coop commanders feature, but made in warcraft 3: CLANS/RACES Customized races and clans (parentheses: the leader): Human: -Kul Tiras (Admiral Proudmoore) -Lordaeron Survivors (Jaina Proudmoore) -Azeroth (Anduin) -Sin'dorei (Kael...
  4. For the Nathrezim!

    For the Nathrezim!

    Is it possible for anyone to make a Classic Graphic Dreadlord model like this casual hand drawn of mine specially with the Book and for the spell animation use something like the paladin spell animation to look like he is casting the spells from the book. We don't have many Dreadlord models.
  5. HerlySQR

    Variations of the ability "hardened skin" (if this is the name in english)

    I made a map, but various heros has the ability "hardened skin" and I wanna more variety, any ideas?
  6. Zucth

    Melee Map 7 Players Maps Ideas with picture(problem help!)

    (I didn't finish the half right yet and it's not a duplicate of half left) Detail: Mid of right side are tavern, near mid are GM and near player will be merc As you can see, right now I designs of new 7 players maps and try to not make it round... so problem for now is that the Teal and Green...
  7. M

    Spell ideas

    Hello guys, u guys can call me REDrage-, i need some spells idea Any spells idea! Passive, 1 level Normal abilities, 4 levels Ultimate, 3 levels
  8. CeyhunRyZ

    [Campaign] Need Storyline for my campaign

    Hello guys. I want to make a campaign but i can't find true storyline. Give me some good stories thank you :) Maybe alternative storyline or a classic warcraft saga?
  9. E

    [Tower Defense] TD with to many concepts

    So I've almost finished my TD, Octagon TD, but I feel like there are too many concepts put into it clouding out each other. 1. Random map generation; the map is generated with a random number of waypoints, obstacles, portels, and positive/negative buff runes for each player. 2. Mazing; the...
  10. BrazilEmperor

    Ideas to my spellcaster unit

    i was creating a spellcaster using this model Generic Wizards, but i need some ideas: say to me 4 abilities that you would choose / create for him?
  11. SgtWinter

    Orc & Human Subfaction Ideas?

    So I found my abandoned 4 years old map based on the idea of combining aspects of Warcraft 1, 2 and 3 into an ultimate hybrid with some of my own neat concepts such as Captureable Structures, Dynamic Naval Combat, and Bleeding in a WC2-esque themed era. It had the idea of adding sub-factions...
  12. GrevinGadal

    [Campaign] Night Elf-Worgen Custom Race (Brainstorming)

    Hi Everyone, I've been lurking about the Hive Workshop for years. I've loved the work of your assets creators and map makers and, now that I'm dipping my toes back into map creation, I decided to get a bit more interactive. Perhaps at some point I'll even be able to give something back. For...
  13. BotLoot

    Help with new spell/ability Ideas for (Spellcraft Remastered)

    Hi we have got a map that allows 1 hero to pick among 170 spells and swap them in game on the run. Im asking for advice and ideas for new spells/abilities based on following criteria: Spell 1 Single Target Damage: Combo: Energy, Energy, X-Materia (Consider it even more energy) Additional...
  14. B

    [Tower Defense] Burbenog TD - Idea for 24 Players

    Changing map from 4 corners to 24 corners. 6 times more enemies at each spawn location. 6 times more HP for all enemies except Siege/Attackers. 6 times longer Buffs on enemies. 6 times longer path for enemies. 6 times more lives each difficulty level. Option for new difficulty at 1 Live. Most...
  15. DropTheGhouls

    [Aeon of Strife] Suggestions for a Dota/AoS Map

    Hello!, I'm a random 15-16 years old newb. I'm trying to make an AOS-DotA map So, i need your suggestions :D
  16. Y

    [Miscellanous / Other] Horror map idea

    So i'm making a campaign and other various maps as Custom Arena maps. But im interested in recreating a horror map. This map is huge for the map ediot. I plan on recreating a 1st person SCP horror map. Simple Idea as any other SCP Game, get the end while exploring the facility SCPS ONCE THE MAP...
  17. SgtWinter

    [Altered Melee] Hybrid RTS [Idea & Concept]

    I've been taking a break from continuing my original project - Age of Chaos - and was working on a little idea that popped in my head a while back. After playing a few melee matches in Starcraft 2 and CnC3 Tiberium Wars, I wondered what would happen if the GDI and the Protoss fought? Or what if...
  18. F

    [Tower Defense] Ideas for a TD

    So i'm looking into making a TD map and i was wondering if any of you have any ideas for a map? Theme, location, creeps to use, worlds? Anything that could get me an idea of where to get started would be much appreciated. I was maybe looking into taking some inspirations from the popular...
  19. Maks Lion Of Orcs

    Map Idea

    (Ill revise this later) Im looking for some people experinced or versalite with world edtior to collab,coach,teach me or possibly just finish this project if they want to i got the map semi terrained out and a general idea of all the zones and their levels and the storyline but i just need...
  20. N'zoth

    [Campaign] Warcraft III: Reversed Stories

    I am thinking of revamping Wacraft III campaigns but this time, you play as the enemies you fought in the classic game. Like for example, Human Mission 01 - You played as Arthas and started with him plus groups of footmen. Then when we revamp this into reversed story, you now play as either the...
  21. N'zoth


    MODELS IN MY NIGHTMARISH IMAGINATION Welcome to my mind, do not be horrified or enraptured. Fear of the unknown is the primal weakness of many, do not be one of the many. These are some ideas to model crafters and artisans might want to create. You may want to make one of these things that...
  22. Grimhollow

    Contest Ideas Pack

    Achtung! This thread updates frequently. Disclaimer: Terms and Conditions Okay, I do not know how to start this but I have many ideas to share to add up the contests we have here. Criticism and responses are allowed. The concepts will be listed below. :) IDEA 01: Mounted Modeling...
  23. Kragez

    Will Blizzard extend the maximum size of map terrain?

    Cause we can't create Azeroth with Pandaria and with other dimensions in present conditions, will Blizzard increase the maximum size of terrain?
  24. xDeathKnightx


    Hi all, so I've recently made the decision (after 5 years) to come back into WC3 map making (Cinematics/Terraining) - however I am lacking with Inspiration and Ideas, granted its only been 1 day if that, but I am looking into starting a new project, something that can distract me and hopefully...
  25. Krakenn99

    [Hero Arena] Krakena's Project

    Hello everyone this is my project that I'll be wroking on. I have just started it and I still have no idea in which direction I want to move to. For now I am only making heroes but I don't know what the actual map type will be in the end of the making of this. I hope that people who bother...
  26. ShadowBladeX

    Do You Have An Idea For A Hero?? Drop It Here

    Do you have an idea for a hero? But you don't know any forums to for map makers to use it? Think again in my map TGE:TQO is a theme-based Rpg (well mostly any who) that has differenf kinds of anime characters (for creativity) and im needing your ideas of a hero to make it a Npc (it will be part...