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[Miscellanous / Other] Horror map idea

Discussion in 'Idea Factory' started by Yusuf123, May 29, 2018.


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  1. Yusuf123


    Apr 17, 2018
    So i'm making a campaign and other various maps as Custom Arena maps. But im interested in recreating a horror map. This map is huge for the map ediot. I plan on recreating a 1st person SCP horror map. Simple Idea as any other SCP Game, get the end while exploring the facility

    The following SCPs will be ingame, (Hopefully) fully functioning. Some are dangerous, some are just there, some are just cute, some will kill you, Mostly kill you
    1. Animated Ducks
    2. SCP 420J (Health)
    3. All variants of SCP 1048
    4. SCP 049 (Plague Doctor)
    5. SCP 970 (Forever looping hallways)
    6. SCP 966 (Entities only appearing with goggles)
    7. SCP 939 (SCP with human voices)
    8. SCP 682 (Indestructible Lizard)
    9. SCP 500 (Another healing)
    10. SCP 106
    11. SCP 096
    12. SCP 73 (Cain)
    13. SCP 76 (Abel)
    14. SCP 343 (God)

    SCPs in guture updates, however, the next updates if Im ok with this map will be the ff.
    1. SCP 173
    2. SCP 847
    3. SCP 231
    4. others

    The following are gameplay features.
    The SCP is simple, escape the facility and survive. This map will emphasize saving alot.
    Hostile SCPs have designated areas where they spawn over a span of # of minutes within game. Some SCPS only spawn in desginated area, while others will "Randomly Spawn" in some area. Some will likely require you to run from them or stare at them as you move. The game will be pitch black and what can be vissible is through your torch. If your character drops the torch, you have 15 seconds before death.

    At the moment, Im thinking of the player using the standard right click to move, however as I update the map, Arrow keys will be used to move. Shift will be to run (Adenaline Skill); I'm debating to add a blinking ability, but maybe im too lazy on that.

    Like in SCP containment Breach and Amnesia, the use of items to unlock doors and rooms will be emphasized. Documents which can be picked up will be accessible through the Hero Inventory. Its highly recommended to throw out documents you don't need. Keycards will be used to unlock doors and some key codes found on some documents. Health packs or SCP ### will be used if the player is infected or injured. Unit has no Regen. Documents will have lore on various SCPs and Personnel. Items will not look like the standard chests but will look like papers, keycards, etc. so it's encourage to scan table with your mouse hoping *Item name* will appear.

    You play as a female D-Class personnel, after a system failure of the facility, you must use this incident to escape. The player will automatically be given a torce in it's first inventory slot rendering 5 inventory slots for usage. Use them wisely. Cheats can be used. "Iseedeadpeople" will not help but "Whosyourdaddy" prevents you from dying so theres no fun, "Thereisnospoon" is recommended as Adrnaline uses alot of mana.

    I will be using the sounds from SCP Games, horror music for various situations

    Like in the campaigns and other maps that are WIPs, I make sure Easter eggs are hidden throughtout them in the form of Heroes, items, level design, etc. Not that's important

    Through my understanding of certain features of the world editor, this is probably possible, I don't know. Map and level desgin, certain triggers, and unit design I can do so it'll take me a year or two for the released version is out. I don't know what i can do via JASS and Im now really getting into it. But in the span of a year I plan to master it so Future versions of the game will maybe seem good. Im just a one man team so making these maps, campaigns take long.

    If you have no clue what SCPs are, I highly recommend going into the Wikim the games are amazing and stories behind each SCP is mazing, from time to time creepy and other times unsettlingly cheerful.
  2. nedio95


    Mar 24, 2011
    You are overly-using "SCP" and I have a feeling that you are abbreviating something that should not be abbreviated like this to avoid confusion. I don't see how sending files securely fits any horror... mind elaborating ?