1. KitsuneTailsPrower

    Unfinished JRPG protagonist model by KitsuneTailsPrower

    The attached model is an early prototype of my attempts at AI model generation. Kaedim doesn't auto-generate textures well enough at this time and I don't know how to texture well enough for an official release to the ported models section. Thus I thought I'd release it as unfinished in case...
  2. Wazzz


    Battleforge is an RTS mod inspired by many sources with gameplay stylized with Starcraft Brood War in mind. There are elements of Heroes of Might and Magic, Warlords Battlecry and Age of Wonders to name but a few. For each faction, a great deal of emphasis in the individual unit design is the...
  3. MoLAoS

    [Development] Axioms Of Dominion: Now With Awesome Multi-Threading

    Axioms Of Dominion is a project I got about 40% through and then had to let go for life stuff. Now I have roughly a year where I shouldn't have anything else to do so I'm hoping to release in late 2022 or very early 2023 if I run into serious issues. I'd advise reading the wiki for a broad...
  4. Nomad unmounted

    Nomad unmounted

  5. Daily Warcraft Reforged

    Re-Reforged - My comparison series

    Throm'ka, warriors! Well met. It's been a pleasure and an honor to host the Re-Reforged CC on my channel and show just how epic this project really is. Re-Reforged takes you back into a familiar place but there's always something fresh about it, it almost invokes that feeling of playing the...
  6. JMitchy

    [Campaign] The Menune Project: Wrath of the Dragon (Classic Edition) REDUNDANT

    (Deleted due to redundancy)
  7. Knight of Arsford

    [Life of a Peasant] Real Life Reloaded: Heroes [ALPHA]

    Real Life Reloaded: Heroes by Arsford INTRODUCTION Real Life Reloaded: Heroes (Name subject to change) is a single player Life of a Peasant/RPG hybrid that hopes to incorporate the best features of both genres into one massive map centered around the fictional Magistrates City. FEATURES -...
  8. InsaneMonster

    Thimas Symphony

    Hey there, I'm sharing on YouTube a compilation of tracks composed by my father for a Pen and Paper RPG I've been playing with my friends for... years. All the tracks are original, made specifically for that game but I think some of you may like it. It's the best we could do without actually...
  9. Infernohunt

    [Tower Defense] Warhammer Medieval TD

    Warhammer TD Map Details Up to 9 Players: 8 base defenders, 1 final defender (Grey temporarily disabled due to desync issues) 35 Waves: 5 air, 4 mech, 5 boss 10 playable races, with each having around 17-19 towers (~94 different towers) Interest and Tower Relocation systems Tower Synergies...
  10. catlover47

    LF Help Making a Fantasy RPG

    I already have a good portion of the map made, but I'm running out of steam. Looking for creative people to exchange ideas or help build landscapes for the map. I'm looking to create a new Fantasy RPG like Fantasy Life, so if you like that game but want new features or wish something were...
  11. Bain_Rebirth

    RPG Campaign - Inspired by The Chosen Ones - Looking for Coder/Mentor

    I have begun working on a project which most closely resembles, and is inspired by, the Chosen Ones by Aeroblyctos. It is an Eastern-Themed story loosely pulling inspiration from Japanese Folklore. The goal of the Campaign is to create a replayable RPG campaign with new features, customizability...
  12. Yogi-Sothoth

    First WC3 Community-driven Reforged RPG

    With the announcement of the beta of the World Editor for reforged this project can finally start rolling. Here is the official discord for the project where some of the project design has been done server: Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers some pics of concepts of maps...
  13. Veronnis

    [Role Playing Game] The Lands of Arkeya

    Welcome to The Lands of Arkeya homepage. I'll hopefully be filling this up more soon, but with the release of Reforged anticipated this year much of this game is only being worked on in regard to systems, other features such as terrain and world design are still on hold until the new editor is...
  14. NightKnight

    Fantasy Life: needing a terrainer

    We are looking for a terrainer to help in making a whole new map for the RP/RPG map Fantasy Life: Fantasy Life v3.2b (4) The map has a unique style of terraining and HD tiles. All information and introduction about the map is included in the link. There are also many screenshots in that link to...
  15. Fang

    My Terrain Album

    [NEWEST TERRAIN] Description I put my terrain screenshots here, I'm not a good terrainer myself but you can see my progress of becoming a pro as time pass. I will upload more screenshots soon enough 3 months after knowing Warcraft Kyrul Kindom After 5 years hiatus on modding. So that'll be...
  16. ZethHolyblade

    Setting up Stuff

    Long first post incoming, in short... I'll be glad to read any ideas that can benefit the story I'm making. So... I'm currently changing, fixing, and defining several aspects of my not-so-little fantasy story, the one where all the artworks and videos from my Fantasy Fun | HIVE and Mapping Fun...
  17. Fantasy Egyptian dudes

    Fantasy Egyptian dudes

  18. Tutorial test run

    Tutorial test run

    Trying a few things in the tutorial segment of the main map. No, I have not included the boss' new abilities yet.
  19. Pebble

    [Aeon of Strife] Stones of Magic (BETA)

    Stones of Magic by Pebble Stones of Magic is a 3-Player Custom Map for Warcraft III that I've been working on for a few months now. It's finally at a point where I feel I can release it and hopefully get some feedback. Up until now, only myself and a few of my friends have played the map...
  20. deepstrasz

    Esoterism, philosophy, science-fiction, mythology, symbolism and more in media

    I'll start with The Matrix series. (So far, we've seen a lot of themes like: -a possible exploitation of the human race by a sovereign higher/advanced entity; -questions whether the world we live in today is real or not; -perception of people and the world in general, if it has an influence...
  21. tyci

    [Cinematic] Throne of Azora: The Beginning

    -Tyci Presents- Map Info: In the kingdom of Azora there lived Ethan Longdarion, a boy whose dream was to join the army and win wars. Shortly after signing up, his dreams are ratified by the true horrors of war. All is not dark however, as Ethan finds a few companions with whom...
  22. johannesr

    johannesr's art showcase

    So i suddenly remembered this place exists and got hit with dem nostalgias. My love for landscapes started with the terrain board after all. Thought i'd show you some of my latest art. More stuff seen here JKRoots on DeviantArt
  23. pyf

    Famous legendary Swords (and other kinds of weapons)

    Please post your pictures and videos of famous mythical/legendary swords/blades (or other hand-wielded weapons). Starting with the Atlantean Sword, from the fantasy adventure films Conan the Barbarian and Conan the Destroyer:
  24. The1GreyFox

    [Role Playing Game] Input on a "Fantasy Life" Spin-Off ???

    What do you guys think about a "Fantasy Life" spin-off? It would have some similar elements to create familiarity in the helpful sense, but obviously not be a duplicate or too confusingly different. I'm mostly trying to get a pool of how many people might be interested in this kinda thing...
  25. Sxar

    [Poem] Glaisting

    While riding my noble horse And wielding my shiny sword I walked in the darkest forest In adventure looking for. The sound of hooting owls shrouded by heavy mist And cry of howling wolves To whisper alerts to me. The coldest feel Ascends my back When I heard a child Laughing in the dark...
  26. Svetli

    [Campaign] AGERRON

    AGERRON ByMighty invited me to work with him on something big and I agreed. It's a campaign that will take place in a new kingdom, alternative to Lordaeron. It will change the world of Azeroth to a different shape. The new campaign name is ''AGERRON''. I created this thread, so I can show...
  27. Elenai

    -Elenai's Comic Gallery-

    -Elenai's Epic Productions- A more fitting place for my works to flourish.
  28. Xalterax

    Final Fantasy Forever release 1c